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Glued with love and Stitch Witchery

With less than a week to go, I think it's safe to say that Yes, Virginia, I have once again bitten off more than I can chew when it comes to this whole Halloween costume thing. I'm too cheap to buy fancy costumes, you see, so I'm always all "Sure, I can make that!" Except that I can't. Or I can, but it ends up involving something like... oh, I don't know... sewing fifty miniature chicks onto my son's clothing. Or---not that I'm naming anything specific, like maybe THIS WEEKEND---spending half a day modifying a skirt for my daughter using scissors, lace, stitch witchery, and colorful...

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And then I dreamed I shaved my head

So, as it turns out, it's rather difficult to follow-up a deep, dark angsty post in any meaningful way, and today I'm tired enough that I'm not even inclined to try. Last night's dream notwithstanding, life has continued on exactly as before, because it turns out that the world does not have the courtesy to stop spinning whenever I'm having a spiritual crisis. Dammit. Anyway, um, the nice folks at BlogHer are doing a survey:   It would be swell if you would take a few minutes to answer a few questions, especially if you're a regular around here. You could even win a free pass to BlogHer...

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I have no idea how this got here

Folks, sit tight please. Looks like my old provider is up and running, but my nameservers have been redirected so as far as I know, this is sort of impossible. Not sure what's going on. But everybody hush up while I grab a backup and I'll see if we can't get restored for real in a jiffy. UPDATE: Okay, the good news is that I have RETRIEVED ALL MY DATA. The bad news is that you're gonna be on the rocky server-changing seas for a few more days yet. Hold on tight.

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Test (edited)

Just testing out AntiLeech, folks. I'll take this post down in a bit. Edited to add: Okay, I'm leaving it up. Bitacle is still siphoning my content and AntiLeech doesn't appear to be working properly. Whether that's because I set it up wrong or bitacle is getting around it, I'm not certain. Back to the drawing board.

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Vote early, vote often

More blog awards? Why yes, thank you! Get your tush on over to the Best of Blogs Awards site and nominate your favorites in a variety of categories. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard about the best blogs out there that perhaps not enough folks are reading. Or just to give everyone vindication over the blogs everyone already knows are fantastic. It's fun, it's free, and there are prizes! Why are you still here? Go!!

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