Hi! My name is Dumbass

By Mir
July 25, 2004

Remember that television I bought? The one that I bought because the sound was wonky on my old set? The one that came with a display weirdness, and–as it turned out–also had the same sound wonkiness? Remember how Excellent Purchase brought me a second set, with the very same problem? And then I couldn’t get them to answer my calls or figure out what to do?

Remember how I am not very smart?

On a suggestion from a friend, I replaced every piece of co-axial cable hooking up the various devices sitting on my entertainment center. Third time’s the charm! The third replacement fixed the pixelated line down the left side, and the TV is just fine. The sound is better, too.

I spent $250 on a new television and lost about four days of my life to the Excellent Purchase Television Debacle because I had a frayed piece of cable.

This entire incident has prompted me to want to fix every area of my life where I am Just Not Very Smart. Because television viewing is a metaphor for life, dontchaknow. (Well, okay, not so much, but I was in a groove for a minute there.) Next thing you know, I’ll be changing my oil every 3,000 miles and actually reading the directions that come with appliances. Scary.

Anyway. Now that I’ve bared my stupidity, and because I’m turning over a new leaf, would anyone like to tell me how to fix my stupid page display? I changed BlogSpot templates, even, in an effort to get my right-hand column back where it belongs… and even that didn’t work. Someone who understands this CSS stylesheet stuff, please, please, take pity on me and help me get my page pretty again.

Otherwise, I’m going to start sneaking into your homes and fraying your cable wires. Trust me, it’s annoying.


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