I have no idea how this got here

By Mir
November 8, 2007
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Folks, sit tight please. Looks like my old provider is up and running, but my nameservers have been redirected so as far as I know, this is sort of impossible. Not sure what’s going on. But everybody hush up while I grab a backup and I’ll see if we can’t get restored for real in a jiffy.

UPDATE: Okay, the good news is that I have RETRIEVED ALL MY DATA. The bad news is that you’re gonna be on the rocky server-changing seas for a few more days yet. Hold on tight.


  1. Andrea from Germany


    That certainly was a loooooong time to hold your breath!

  2. Eeek

    You’re back! I am such a dork, for checking as often as I did. But still I am glad that everything is up and running again.

  3. Sheila

    Whew. Glad to hear your data came back from, uh… wherever it is that stuff can fly off to. Hope your headache is over.

  4. Dawn

    Oh thank goodness. Welcome back Mir!

  5. dad

    Welcome back.
    The world has been a lonesomer, less intersting place since your cyberspace was closed.
    We missed you.

  6. ZooMom

    Welcome back! You were missed. It’s just not the same at workit mom.

  7. StephLove

    My sympathies. My blog went belly-up for technical reasons recently and even though I had all the text and pictures saved elsewhere, it’s been hard to find the time to re-post the old entries, so right now it only goes back to mid-September. Oh, and I lost all my comments for good. I am actually kind of bereft about them, few though they were.

  8. daysgoby

    I love your dad. Can we clone him and share him out?

    Squeee! Mir is back! (well, kinda.)

  9. Jenny

    Holy crap, how awesome that all your stuff was recovered! That would never happen to me in a bazillion years!

    We shall batten down the hatches and cut our jibs or whatever and ride out the rocky seas.

  10. Jan

    Hoo-ray. I’m so glad you got your stuff back.

    I’m making my angry mom face at your “service” provider for this whole ruckus. I hope they’re ashamed of themselves. Maybe they should go to their rooms and think about that for a little while.

  11. courtney

    You should get what happened into the paper. They caused you loss of revenue, and the service they provided is laughable. That company needs to compensate everyone they harmed.

  12. Jean

    Yay Mir! Holding on for the transition ride :)

  13. Kate

    I’m so glad you’re back–best wishes for a speedy server-changing, er, thingy.

  14. Caren

    Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

  15. Angie

    Whew! De-lurking for the first time ever (yes, I am just that shy) to say OMG I am so glad you’re back!!!

  16. RuthWells

    So glad you retrieved all your data! Now, seriously, how ’bout a post on how best to back up blog stuff?

  17. Beth

    YAY! Repeat comment from Want Not — so glad to hear you got your data. Everything else can be dug out of their misbegotten hides at a later date. The data, however, is vital.

  18. Karen

    Thank goodness. Back. Up. Right. Now. I had serious, serious problems when I failed to back up my business computer. I learned my lesson the hard way and I don’t wish that on anyone.

  19. Zuska

    Good to see you’re kinda’ sorta’ back up and running. Fingers crossed for you!

  20. Angela

    Yeah!!!!!!!!! It is really nice to see I’m not the only reader who’s kinda sorta dedicated to this site!

  21. Heidi


    **throws confetti**

  22. Katie

    WOOHOO! I’m glad you have your data! Backup, backup, backup!

  23. Karin

    Yay for retrieving all the data! Woot!

  24. Burgh Baby's Mom

    You can’t even imagine how lost I’ve been this month without you. What? It was only a few days? Well, it felt like YEARS!

  25. Divrchk

    Wow. Do you have any info on what went wrong? How many other sites were as down as long as you were? What was their explanation? Who was this provider? Welcome back.

  26. Leandra

    I’m with RuthWells. Can you share with us the best way to back up?

  27. Lauren

    Glad you’re back! We missed you!

  28. ChristieNY

    What a relief that you were able to get your data back!!!

    We’ll be here through the switcharoo, don’t worry a bit. Tomorrow will be wonderful, we’ll start fresh with an Amazon Fri Sale and all will be right with the world, promise. ;)

  29. joaaanna

    I’m embarrassed to admit as to how much I’ve been worried about you. And the sigh of relief that this just popped up.

  30. Libby

    So glad you are back. I missed your posts!

    And where do I sign up for a clone of you dad? He is just too sweet!

  31. Lisa

    But why would you want to change servers?

  32. Denise

    OMG I’ve been so bitchy with you gone. And just for the hell of it I clicked your feed in my reader and you’re BACK. Thank goodness.

  33. TW

    I missed you!

  34. Kati

    You should’ve seen me trying to explain to my husband just why I was so worried. “Honey, it’s Mir! She’s gone – I hope she and the kids are OK! No, she’s not in the mom’s group… No, she’s not a parent at school or on the soccer field… Um, no, I don’t know exactly what she looks like or where she lives… No, no, she hasn’t tried to have me send money to save a puppy…” Like joaaanna said, I feel a tad sheepish (and stalker-y) to ‘fess up to how important your daily entries are to me, and how much I wanted to track your phone number down just to call and check in.

    Welcome back, and I’m buckled in for the server switch.

  35. Leah

    I was going through withdrawals!!! Glad you are back.

  36. Kris

    I’m so glad you’re back – and with all your data intact!! Though you know we’d still love you even with incomplete data… :)

  37. Morgaine

    Yay! Your back…umm…sort of! I never comment, but I missed you, so I hope everything will work out. Ya know. So I can get back to the reading, and the not commenting, and the taking notes on how to interact with kids that are not furry when I get along to actually getting some!


  38. Otto

    Thank God.


  39. Meg

    Yay!!! Mir’s back!!!!!!!!

  40. Kim

    Yeah for RETRIEVAL! and even a yeah for rocky seas for a few days, as long as we know you are ok and that you are here!

  41. Kati

    Yay!! Another lurker (first bloggity comment ever!) emerging to say how happy I am you’re back here and on wantnot–you’ve been missed!

  42. Kay t

    Welcome back. Okay (enough about you), I just started a blog today. How do you back it up? Hmmm…Want Not/Woulda Coulda/Mir geek squad.

  43. Jessica

    Thank goodness…I checked to see if you were back more than was really reasonable the last few days. I’m glad to see you, even if we are on rocky server changing seas.

  44. Wendy

    I think I am getting sick from all this motion. Although, it is good to see you back for now. Did you kick their ass?

  45. Gwen

    Hi Mir,

    glad you’re back up and running again! even my hubby noticed you were missing. he calls your website the bacon website because he thinks the leaves look like bacon. thought you might get a smile out of that

  46. nubchai

    Thank God you’re back !!! I was going through Mir withdrawal, wondering what you, Otto and the kids were up to. Welcome back!!

  47. saucygrrl

    So. Glad. You’re. Back.


  48. sassymonkey

    Yay for retrieved data!!!!

  49. Kimberly

    oh thank god! Not for the rockiness. That sucks. But that you got it all. That is awesome beyond words!

  50. Amy-Go

    Hey, I’m back too! Our computer crashed. Kevin blamed me. I blamed the boys! It worked for me. So what I’m saying is, blame the kids for your recent problems. They’re handy.

  51. Radiationman

    When things like this happen on our sites, all I can do is imagine one of the server techs running around the server room at our host, laughing maniacally as they swing the power cord for our server over their head like a lasso…

    Either that or a server tech huddled in the corner, quivering, and muttering “Oh God, I didn’t mean to do it” over and over again…

  52. birchsprite

    oooooooooo back again!

  53. andi

    Woot, woot!!

  54. Lynda Hitt

    YAY!!! Mir’s mostly back!!!!!!

  55. kat

    Another lurker saying that I’m very glad you’re back!!!

  56. Vane

    Soooo good to see you here!!! And it’s so great you got it all back (now, please, back!! backup that is!!) :)

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