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By Mir
December 20, 2005
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Thanks for the eighty-two gazillion emails about the blog being broken. It’s better now.


  1. Genuine

    Congrats on your nomination for the Bob Awards!

    No it’s not for blogger most likely to show her naked butt, although I’m thinking of adding it.

  2. JayMonster

    I am so PROUD of myself for thinking, “Everybody in the world is going to inundate for MIR informing her that her comments are not working. I am NOT going to add to the mad rush” :)

  3. dad

    Two thoughts inspired by a great post:

    When you were little and I was younger, a long time ago, I also suffered from being “powerless in the wake of her (your) elfin charm”. It must be genetic.

    Your chiroquactor’s ability to cause hypermanic episodes would be an effective treatment for depression? Do you think?

  4. shannon


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