And then I dreamed I shaved my head

By Mir
March 14, 2008
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So, as it turns out, it’s rather difficult to follow-up a deep, dark angsty post in any meaningful way, and today I’m tired enough that I’m not even inclined to try. Last night’s dream notwithstanding, life has continued on exactly as before, because it turns out that the world does not have the courtesy to stop spinning whenever I’m having a spiritual crisis. Dammit.

Anyway, um, the nice folks at BlogHer are doing a survey:

This is a big survey graphic, right here

It would be swell if you would take a few minutes to answer a few questions, especially if you’re a regular around here. You could even win a free pass to BlogHer ’08, which would be cool. But more importantly, you’ll be saving the planet. Or just helping to make sure that my ads aren’t any more obnoxious than absolutely necessary. So. Thanks!


  1. Beth

    Just a little note, sending you a hug. You sound like you need one! I believe you’ll find your community. I’m sorry it’s taking time, but you will find it.

  2. All Adither

    Shaving your head: doesn’t a dream like that translate into something like shedding of an old skin. An old church perhaps?

  3. Kristi

    Done. But only because you’re swell.

  4. Bob

    dayum. did you take that survey? gawd, I thought it would never end.

    I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time finding a new spiritual home. Each church has it’s own personality, and sometimes it takes a while to find the one that fits yours.

    have you tried The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

  5. Sheila

    I hope it’s not cheating if I take it here after taking it at Want Not.

  6. Stew

    Yah, that was a long one. Also, though I was tempted to enter into the drawing, it turns out you’d have to provide your own travel and lodging. I’m too poor for that!

    Hope it helped you, though.

  7. Janis

    Yep, that survey went on and on and on… but nothing is too much trouble for YOU, Mir. Especially on company time.

  8. MsShad


  9. Amy

    I too took the long survey, on company time, and had to keep minimizing the page every time someone walked by, but to be able to meet the writers of my favorite blogs – totally worth it. I mean really, the corporate tax deadline is just a suggestion right?

  10. DR

    Mir, I attempted to take the survey for you but my non-conformity and/or adversopm to bias rared up. On my question 7 only one answer was given for selection and it was not a true answer for me. So I tried to advance to the next question but it kept me in the “select an answer” loop on question 7. I don’t know how to pass this along to whoever designed the survey but it is definitely skewed and whatever results they obtain connected to such a question will not necessarily give true statistical data. My junior high students would have known better than to write a survey question with such a bias. Please forward this on to “whoever.” Sorry I couldn’t take it for you because yours is one of my two favorite blogs to read. (You may share my email address with the survey writers, too, if needed.)

  11. DR

    I have no idea what happened to the word “aversion” as it traveled through cyberspace!

  12. Dani

    DR – If you’re referring to the question about the online community thing… I just put “none” in the spot to name another and it worked for me.

    Mir – You look very pretty today. ;)

  13. Heather

    I couldn’t afford the travel and lodging but entered it anyway :P

  14. Kate

    Thought I might come out of lurking. I really enjoy your blog. Long survey! Hope it helps. You keep me giggling (well, not today, but you know…hehe). Hope everything works out!

  15. Flea

    A survey! What fun! Thank you!

  16. Brigitte

    It wouldn’t even let me take the survey – unless I lie about the fact that my sister has her own teeny tiny independent ad agency with about 5 clients out in Old Bisbee, AZ!

  17. CS

    Dearest Mir-delurking to give you a hug. And to say the world is a bitch for not stopping the whole spinning thing when we need it to just slow down sometimes. :)

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