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Now let’s get back to me, please

Dudes. DUDES. Your affection for my dad warms the cockles of my shriveled, blackened heart. And I'm not the only one. Why, first Otto weighed in with boundless love: Geez, your dad's more popular than our wedding.... [Ed. note: Nope, the posts about our wedding still have more comments, but not by much!] And then, of course, my father wasn't kidding about sending the post out to everyone he knows. He emailed the link far and wide, which resulted in the entry being visited by people who normally never read me, like my brother. Who then suggested that what Dad really wants is a chicken,...

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Try the dip, and I may have inhaled

Would you like to come to my cocktail party? It is only virtual, which is why you should totally come. An ACTUAL party at my actual HOUSE would involve me being so stressed out that I would need to be serving ativan canapes in order to enjoy myself at all, and I hear that drugging yourself discreetly is okay but that drugging your guests is somewhat uncouth. So. See, Liz tagged me for this party meme thing, and I've been cooped up all day with TWO sick children (now with twice the mind-numbing boredom!), so it seemed like a good time to acquiesce. The alternative is an entire entry along the...

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Because I’m too tired to tell it tonight

In a fitting return to the east coast and my life, I got to take my children with me to the gynecologist this morning. Because nothing says welcome home like the nurse practitioner trying to ask about your sex life in a way that the kids won't understand. Hooboy, that was fun. Will definitely fill you in tomorrow. Anyway, while I try to get back on eastern time, you can go read about me over here if you're a new reader. Or an old reader. Or really just anyone who maybe needs more hobbies. Whatever.

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I will do anything to put off wrapping

... including, apparently, participating in a meme. I'm thinking I'm really not looking forward to wrapping. Sheyna tagged me with the Seven Sevens meme, and I've been trying to wash it off ever since. However, the bleach is starting to burn a bit, so I figured just doing it might be the best course of action. (For those of you playing along at home in the "Chiropractor: Love or Hate?" game, updated tales of my progress in Whiplash Land will return tomorrow. Try to contain yourselves until then.) Without further ado... Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die 1) Spoil my grandchildren (see how...

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Let’s try this again

And this time, everybody play nice, and don't crash the server. The sucking up as well as the hard-hitting interview are both live for your perusal. Apparently I'm writing over there tomorrow, too. Maybe I should think of a topic....

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Don’t. Stop. No, really–don’t stop!

I am being shamelessly flattered by the Mommy Bloggers today. I don't know how much they had to pay all of those pretty, pretty people to say such lovely things, but I'm in favor of it. There will be an interview with me posted there later today, in which I attempt to not sound too much like the self-conscious, blurting nitwit that I am. Should be fun. EDITED TO ADD: As of 4:53 Eastern, Jenn informs me that I've crashed the Mommy Bloggers server. Well, not ME, personally, but it's down due to too many people eager to see me make a fool of myself, apparently. It will be back as soon as they...

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God, I wish I’d shaved my pits today

Have you ever had one of those sorts of days when you're just feeling kinda blah, and you certainly don't look your best, and you kind of just want to hole up with a good book and some ice cream, and then it turns out that you have to, like, entertain company? When I was eight months pregnant with Chickadee, I woke up one Sunday morning and burst into tears. I was too fat, too uncomfortable, and the very idea of hauling myself to church was TOO MUCH. I told my husband to go without me. He insisted I would feel better if I just got up and out. I pulled the covers over my head. He continued...

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Toot toot!

You should click to see the whole thing. I suppose it may not make you laugh as hard as it did me, but this made my day. I love it when people get me. And I love it when I can laugh at myself. Go give Cathy at Domestic Psychology some love for passing it along.

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Please leave a message at the beep

Greetings, readers of Blogging Baby! Thanks for stopping by. I'm either away from my desk or on another blog right now, but I'm sorry to have missed your visit. Just in case you need to know more about me, please read this entire message. I'm a happy homeowner. Sometimes, I do my own repairs. Which is part of why I decided to found a Mommune, complete with specific rules. Last summer I had a hysterectomy, and was a cranky convalescent. This was followed by ongoing hormone hell. I don't really talk about my job, but I was out of work for a long time. After revising my resume, I had some...

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