Don’t. Stop. No, really–don’t stop!

By Mir
November 14, 2005
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I am being shamelessly flattered by the Mommy Bloggers today. I don’t know how much they had to pay all of those pretty, pretty people to say such lovely things, but I’m in favor of it.

There will be an interview with me posted there later today, in which I attempt to not sound too much like the self-conscious, blurting nitwit that I am. Should be fun.

EDITED TO ADD: As of 4:53 Eastern, Jenn informs me that I’ve crashed the Mommy Bloggers server. Well, not ME, personally, but it’s down due to too many people eager to see me make a fool of myself, apparently. It will be back as soon as they can fix it!

UPDATE, 7:05 Eastern: Temporary mirror site is up here. And I’m starting to take the server crash personally. Was it something I said??

UPDATE, 9:00 Eastern: My head continues to swell, OR bad karma bites me in the butt–you choose. The mirror crashed. Jenn says I’m grounded. Damn.


  1. DebR

    I’ve tried and tried and TRIED and for some reason can’t connect to Mommy Bloggers, so for now I’ll just have to believe that they’re saying you’re pretty and a good writer and have great boots.

    I’ll try again later. Sigh.

  2. Amy-GO

    The link won’t come up for me, either, but I bet it goes something like this: Mir is PRETTY! And has GREAT hair! And is amazingly intelligent! And entertaining! And should be hired for all your professional-writer needs!
    Sounds about right. But WE already knew. ;)

  3. bob

    I read what you paid your friends to say about you over on mommybloggers. Where’s the dirt? Where’s the hard-hitting expose? Not once did I read anything about bodily functions or flashing the congregation or CPS visits. Someone call 60 minutes.

    (told ‘ja you’d be famous one day – or was that infamous?)

  4. Jenny

    Oy! We’re still working on it. We’ll let you and your fans know as soon as our hard-hitting interview is online.

    We love you, even if you do crash our server!

  5. Chookooloonks

    Dude, did you see what your dad wrote over at Mommybloggers? I HEART him! Tell him to adopt me!

  6. margalit

    As of 10 pm eastern you’ve completely wiped out MommyBloggers. Congrats! You’re a scourge!

  7. DebR

    Checking in at just after 11PM Eastern, the Mommy Bloggers site was still down but the mirror site was working. Knock wood.

    Cool stuff! When are they posting the interview?

  8. Jenn

    Mir, we still love you. You are, however, still in time out. Get comfy, you may be there a while. You killed that server GOOD! ;-)

  9. sleepingmommy

    Wow, I’m impressed–with the crashing of the sites mostly. I already knew you were pretty wonderful, I didn’t need mommybloggers to tell me that. ;)

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