God, I wish I’d shaved my pits today

By Mir
June 30, 2005
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Have you ever had one of those sorts of days when you’re just feeling kinda blah, and you certainly don’t look your best, and you kind of just want to hole up with a good book and some ice cream, and then it turns out that you have to, like, entertain company?

When I was eight months pregnant with Chickadee, I woke up one Sunday morning and burst into tears. I was too fat, too uncomfortable, and the very idea of hauling myself to church was TOO MUCH. I told my husband to go without me. He insisted I would feel better if I just got up and out. I pulled the covers over my head. He continued cajoling me until I put on one of his shirts and some stretch pants, threw my hair into a ponytail, and accompanied him to church (sans shower). When we came home? All of my friends were at our house, throwing me a baby shower. Oops!

And so it is today–the first day that my children are away on their trip–that I have worked late, grocery shopped, come home and considered going straight to bed. Well, maybe I’ll poke around online a bit, first. While I have some ice cream.

Imagine my shock and surprise to discover than Woulda Coulda Shoulda is today’s Yahoo! Pick. Here I am with thousands of new visitors and unsightly stubble. I’m so embarrassed.

Thank you, Yahoo!, for taking notice of my little corner of the world. I am humbled to be recognized. But, uh, a heads up would’ve given me time to shave… and maybe bump those posts prominently featuring my vagina off of the top page. Just sayin’.


  1. Shannon

    Found you link at the pond :) Congrats on your recognition…you’re so talented!

  2. alektra

    Hooray for Mir! Y’all who stop by? Keep coming back, it’s totally worth it.

  3. Dawn

    Congratulations! This is no surprise to your regular readers at all.

    At least you can’t say, “I shaved my pits for this?”

  4. Sara

    Blogs are wonderful! Yours is fantastic! I came by way of Yahoo!

  5. Leanne

    You mean, there are people who didn’t know about you?!

    I’m so excited not to be the last to know something! Finally!

    Congrats on the recognition. :)

  6. ben

    Ahem. Please allow me to be politically correct and say Holy Shit, I know somebody famous!

    (see, it all comes back to me)

    And from here, your pits look lovely, and your gutters look like they’ve been recently cleaned, and by god ice cream is sounding good right now.

    Thanks for being you, Mir.

  7. Thumper

    Awesome! You totally deserve the recognition!

  8. Jenny

    Good for you! Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed reading you for many months now. I don’t remember how I got here originally, but once I got here, I come by every day. I think you are the only non-knitting blog on my list, haha!

  9. Greg

    New reader here. Congrats on being a pick! I look forward to reading alot more. I’ll try to post some embarassing stuff on my blog to balance everything out

  10. chris

    I almost had a similar baby shower experience. My mother invited me over to help clean out her basement, but surprise it was a baby shower. How bad did she want me to look at this??? Luckily my husband let me in on the party before hand and I wore decent clothes.

  11. Sheryl


  12. Zee

    Congrats, Mir – you totally deserve this! I’ve been a (mostly lurking) reader for some time but always enjoy reading your posts. Enjoy your fame!’

  13. Busy Mom

    Very cool! Remember all of us when you go to accept your award. Wait, what? There’s no ceremony?! I’d sue or something.

  14. dad

    Fame is just around the corner.

    I’ve already notified all our family and my friends. I hope you will still have time to write to me.

  15. christina

    Way to go! You look OK to me!

  16. Mom

    My daughter! The famous person! Recognized once again as the terrifically talented person she is. Now geez, honey – go shave those pits!

  17. Jules

    Just think…in a few short weeks I won’t have to shave anything!

    I’ll send you all my razors ;)

  18. Evilchristian

    At least you have thousands of visitors who come to read interesting things. I have hundreds of visitors who come to see exotic dancers. Damn Google referencing!

  19. Chris Puehler

    I think i’m in love!

  20. DeEldor

    Long time lurker, first-time poster. You richly deserve your ‘ten minutes’ of fame (or was that fifteen?…nevermind). When I need a good laugh I always end up here. All of us knew you’d hit the ‘big time’ someday. Remember all us little people.

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