I will do anything to put off wrapping

By Mir
December 19, 2005
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… including, apparently, participating in a meme. I’m thinking I’m really not looking forward to wrapping.

Sheyna tagged me with the Seven Sevens meme, and I’ve been trying to wash it off ever since. However, the bleach is starting to burn a bit, so I figured just doing it might be the best course of action.

(For those of you playing along at home in the “Chiropractor: Love or Hate?” game, updated tales of my progress in Whiplash Land will return tomorrow. Try to contain yourselves until then.)

Without further ado…

Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1) Spoil my grandchildren (see how handy this one is; it presupposes the happy and healthy and successful growing up of my own children, even to fruitful adulthood and that they are still speaking to me by the time they spawn!)
2) See the world (vague, yes… but as I’ve seen so little of the world, the possibilities are pretty endless)
3) Love myself (do you hear the violins in the background? I think I hear them)
4) Believe in true love again (yes, there are definitely violins… and a mournful flute or two in there, too)
5) Fulfill my potential (or accept that what I’ve always accepted as my potential was a big fat lie, and make peace with being average….)
6) Go on a mission trip and make a difference (oh hell, there’s an OBOE in the background music, now)
7) Take a completely extravagant, decadent trip with someone I love (gosh, that almost sounds like a honeymoon… I wonder what that’s like)

Seven Things I Cannot Do
1) Make pie crust (or any other kind of pastry)
2) Keep my emotions out of it (or under control, or manageable)
3) Look natural in a photograph (and if that’s because I never actually look natural in real life, I don’t want to know)
4) Stop eating when there’s food in front of me
5) Dye my hair properly
6) Dance
7) Shut up already

Seven Things I Admire In My Spouse/Best Friend
Actually just 7 things I admire in people in general, since I have neither a spouse nor a single best friend.
1) Honesty
2) Sense of humor
3) Ability to spend more than 15 minutes with me without thinking I’m a complete loon
4) Courage of convictions
5) Love of children (and no, that doesn’t mean happy sunshiney rainbow butterflies 24/7, but a genuine appreciation of the good things about innocent little creatures in spite of the fact that they’re often annoying)
6) Loyalty
7) Compassion

Seven Things I Say Most Often
1) Hey, long time no talk! (most often said to someone I just spoke to an hour or two ago but am calling again)
2) Hi, I’m a moron (good preface to almost any sort of explanation)
3) What did I just ask you to do? (standard Mom-speak)
4) Excuse me, what are you doing? (ditto)
5) Apparently (good filler word for those of us with overadverbitis)
6) Is it very difficult, being you? (did I mention the smartassitis?)
7) How old are you? Two? (very insulting to older children, but does tend to cut the whining short)

Seven Books or Series I Love
1) A Prayer for Owen Meany
2) The Secret History
3) The Poisonwood Bible
4) Little House on the Prairie
5) It
6) Sula
7) Lizzie

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again
1) A Christmas Story (you’ll shoot your eye out, kid)
2) The Princess Bride (as you wish)
3) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (it’s only a flesh wound)
4) Monsters, Inc. (Mike Wazowski!)
5) Alien (you BITCH)
6) The Big Chill (that’s what I love about nature… it’s all one big toilet)
7) Raising Arizona (I’ll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash you’ve got)

Seven Songs I Can’t Get Enough Of
1) Suite Judy Blue Eyes
2) When You Say Nothing At All
3) Love and Happiness
4) February
5) It’s the End of the World As We Know It
6) King of Pain
7) Only

Seven People I Tag With This Neverending Meme Which Is Really Only Seven Sevens But Seems To Take Several Hours Or Maybe I’m Just Retarded
1) Jenn, because she asked.
2) Marvo, just because I don’t think he will.
3) Sheryl, who I think is away for the holidays.
4) Karen, because she’s always good for some thoughtful meme answers.
5) Fraulein N, because, seriously, you owe us a post already.
6) Kira, because lord knows she doesn’t have enough to do.
7) You. Yes, YOU. Because I said so.


  1. DebR

    Just about the time I was going to ask if you meant the Alison Kraus or the Keith Whitley version of “When You Say Nothing at All”, I realized it was a link. D’oh! And I agree. Keith did it first, but I like Alison’s version better.:-)

    You are such a smartypants to include so very many links that “I faaarrrttt in your general direction”. Ahem.

  2. minnie

    stephen king AND monty python? it’s no wonder i enjoy reading you so much!

    hope things are getting better on the whiplash track. see if you can get your chiro to prescribe massage too. that’s what mine did when i got rear ended in june. helped tremendously.

  3. Eulallia

    Little House on the Prairie was on my list too! I love that Laura.

  4. Amy-GO

    We were possibly seperated at birth. ;)

  5. Michele

    Here’s my seven things list. CLICK ME! I did it a while ago. Does it still count?

  6. Snow

    Things my children have learned about Christmas over the years:

    1) Wrapped presents come from family members.
    2) Santa doesn’t have time to wrap presents he brings. He’s a busy man.
    3) Santa brings the best presents to kids who leave SCOTCH and cookies, not milk. Yuck.

  7. Sheyna

    ROFL! Thoroughly enjoyed that, Mir! Sorry about the bleach burns. I read more of your blog and the car crash; how awful! You definitely got hit worse than I did and man, I hurt. I can only imagine what you and your kids are going through. Your sense of humor through it all is an inspiration, and I look forward to getting to know you better!

  8. buffi

    Suite Judy Blue Eyes has been my favorite song since forever. When I was pregnant with Bear, my dad found the CSN cd with it on it for me for Christmas. After Bear was born, that song calmed him down when nothing else would. In our house, its known as the “Doo doo doo doo doo” song.

  9. Angela

    Dearest Mirest,

    I always knew I loved and adored you, but you have just sealed the deal with mentions of The Princess Bride, Monty Python and The Holy Grail and Raising Arizona.

    You truely ARE pretty…and smart…and possessed of MARVELOUS comedic taste!


  10. Jenn

    I didn’t ask. I told. And only because I have nothing in the brain blogworthy. I’m just sayin’! ;-)

    And the answers? Too brilliant to follow.

  11. Fraulein N

    I’ve done mine! (Finally.) This one was harrrrd.

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