Toot toot!

By Mir
April 22, 2005
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I only wish I'd drawn it myselfYou should click to see the whole thing. I suppose it may not make you laugh as hard as it did me, but this made my day. I love it when people get me. And I love it when I can laugh at myself. Go give Cathy at Domestic Psychology some love for passing it along.


  1. Nancy

    Oh, I think you should give that a permanent home on your site!

  2. lu

    How perfect is *that*? : )

  3. Jenny

    Ha! Hahahaha!

    (oh, and remember your Ben Folds Five Q&A with Chickadee? Well, I’ll be your bunkmate in hell, because yesterday, my two year old demanded I return her bottle of water by saying “I want my water back, gimme my water back, you b*tch” in perfect BFF cadence.)

    Doh! I’m so busted.

  4. poopie

    Man…that’s hilarious!

  5. carson

    Thank you so much for that! My dad is a LETC freak, and I’m going to send that to him and make lots of points.

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