Now let’s get back to me, please

By Mir
January 15, 2008

Dudes. DUDES. Your affection for my dad warms the cockles of my shriveled, blackened heart. And I’m not the only one. Why, first Otto weighed in with boundless love:

Geez, your dad’s more popular than our wedding….

[Ed. note: Nope, the posts about our wedding still have more comments, but not by much!]

And then, of course, my father wasn’t kidding about sending the post out to everyone he knows. He emailed the link far and wide, which resulted in the entry being visited by people who normally never read me, like my brother. Who then suggested that what Dad really wants is a chicken, because they poop less.

Dad himself wanted to thank you all, too:

Could you please extend my sincere appreciation to all your readers for their warm birthday wishes.

I loved being the center of attention for a day. That hasn’t happened since I won the Pulitzer… ok it wasn’t “the” Pulitzer but my little league team did win the championship.

So… I’m hoping that makes up for the fact that I told him I’d call him yesterday afternoon and then I hadn’t called because I got caught up in a different call, so then he called me, and the kids and I were on our way out the door, and so my end of the conversation pretty much sounded like “OKAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU BUT WE HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW CUZ I’M LATE GO OUT TO DINNER AND HAVE FUN TALK SOON BYE!”

Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that Dad had a happy birthday. Thank you all for your help!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled narcissist channel: Young Matthew (who reminds me very much of the best characteristics of Monkey and Chickadee, blended together) has posted an interview with me over at his blog, In the Air. This is part of a very special homeschool project Matthew is working on, and I’m in esteemed company amongst his previous interviewees. It’d be cool if you left him a comment.


  1. Leandra

    Great interview! And another insight into the world o’ Mir. Some of those questions were definitely boy questions, though!

  2. Flea

    I don’t think chickens poop less, just smaller. And runnier. And stinkier. In a smaller space. Don’t do it, Mir.

    Cool interview. Maybe you should get Matthew a pony?

  3. Andrea from Germany

    In Germany there is a saying which is stated when you are gathering everyone together to leave:

    Sattle the chickens!

    Takes on a whole new meaning…

  4. Megan

    Augh! I take a day off work (TOTALLY deserved natch) and I miss the MirDad love! Can’t believe the luck. MY father would never play Pretty Pretty Princess (well… that’s just because I wouldn’t buy the thing but that’s not the POINT). However he did, after months of nagging by my mother, agree to read Ivanhoe aloud to my sister and me and totally rocked our world by pronouncing the name RoWEEEEEEna every time it came up (ruined Ivanhoe as a serious work of literature, but totally made up for it in excellent memories and a lot of suppressed giggles in lit class). Dads are pretty cool after all. Yours is fantastic. Now I’ll go check out the interview so I can return to regular programming.

  5. Amy-Go

    Chickens poop LESS? Methinks your brother has not spent much time around chickens.

  6. Heather

    That’s great. I’m really liking the interview, too!

  7. Jules

    Hi daddy!!! I can totally do the chicken thing! How many? I can even throw in a rooster.

  8. All Adither

    That interview was cool. And your tone was just perfect.

  9. Rachel May

    I think chickens just poop in smaller pieces, but not necessarily LESS. Yuck.

  10. Rachel May

    BTW, Mir, have you seen the pic at the top of the lolcats page? I SO thought of you and your family when I saw it. :)

  11. Moondreamer

    Fab interview!

    And I love your blog, I have added you to the links on mine (newly started, about being a mum and a student) I hope you won’t mind? (I’m not entirely sure of blogging etiquette yet!)

    I think reading your lovely, humourous posts will really help parents under pressure, and definitely make them smile!

    I certainly look forward to reading more, keep up the good work! Belated Happy Birthday to your Dad! :o)

    (Pony Poop is great for gardens though!)

  12. jennielynn

    Very good interview. And yes, I left a comment there. But not my web address, bacuase I used VERY bad language in my post today. I’m a little pissy yet about not going to Vegas.

  13. MomCat

    Your hitherto undisclosed talents are astounding! Thanks for the link, belated Hippo Birdie to Mir’s Dear Dad!

  14. Contrary

    Just whatever you do, don’t get him a guinea pig. they don’t poop so much, but they pee incessantly.

    And then you have to clean the box they live in every 7 minutes.

    I remember with fondness the one and only guinea pig the kids have had. Somehow it became my responsibility to clean up after and then somehow, I became allergic to guinea pigs (specifically, ya know) and the poor little guinea pig had to go live elsewhere.

    I do like chickens though. Fried. Baked. Roasted. I’m not picky.

  15. Andrea

    Loved the interview and I soooooooooooo miss The Office too! :(

  16. Sheila

    heh-heh… she said masticate…heh-heh…

  17. Karate Mom

    OK, you DO realize that now we need to see a picture of your tongue as a clover, right?

  18. mel from freak parade

    Mir: Thanks for letting Matthew interview you….and for the link. I turned on the computer today to have over 30 comments from your very sweet (very pretty) readers. Matthew will be reading them all tonight. And I agree with Karate Mom….I think a picture of the tongue thing is in order. :)

    I haven’t been reading blogs for a few days and missed your Dad’s birthday. Happy belated birthday, Mir’s Dad!

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