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Apparently the wedding took a little longer to recover from than I'd planned. Ooops! So, uh, hi! Still alive! Mostly! And only a few things have happened since I was last here. I'm HILARIOUS. Surely I will forget some stuff, but I will do my darndest to cover the highlights as best I can. Maybe later my husband will come home and say "But what about [insert that super important thing I totally neglected to mention]??" and I'll say "Oh, yeah!" and actually come back sooner than six months from now. Who knows! Stranger things have happened. If you'd rather not waste your time, the Spark Notes...

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Insanity (a love story)

A person might think---had they, say, never met me---that after the saga of the cupcake stands I might have, I don't know, learned my lesson about "simple" DIY projects. In the end, did I really save any money? (Maybe just a little.) Did I really save any money if we put even the bare minimum value on my time as a factor? (Definitely not.) Was the hassle worth the outcome? (Ask me after the wedding, I guess.) Did I learn that making things myself is always going to take more materials, time, and know-how than I probably have on hand? (Listen, I am starting to feel personally attacked, and I...

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Look at me, writing again before a hundred days have passed! I don't know what has come over me! I think it might be that someone reminded me that I used to write endlessly about the dumb stuff I used to do. And I was all "HA! Used to?? I still do a lot of dumb stuff!" And now---after decades of earnestly training myself to pay LESS attention to the stupid things I do---I find myself reviewing the past day or week and thinking, "Wow, I am really just not getting any smarter. How unfortunate for those around me." So here I am, ready to tell you a story because I believe if you can't be a good...

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My great and terrible summer

Hello! The other day someone came to the blog's Facebook page and yelled at me. Well, that's not exactly true; they left a very concerned message asking for an update and if I'm okay, and it happened to be in all caps. So when I responded, I said "Please don't yell at me!" (I am delicate and have tender, easily-hurt feelings) and the commenter hastened to apologize for the accidental caps lock. This of course prompted me to check when I'd last updated, because surely it hadn't been that long, and.... yes it was. Months. I left you hanging for the entire summer. Whoops! Sorry about that. The...

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All of the updates you didn’t ask for

I did not mean to leave things on such a down note, last time, but you know how it goes. Life has a way of barreling forward whether you're ready for it or not. So now it's---*checking calendar*---nearly December, and there is so very much news to share! That's a lie. I mean, very little of it is actual news, but I will share it anyway, because ye olde blog here is now old enough to vote, so why stop now? As Otto says, I always have many words, and it's simply for his safety that I spew some of them somewhere other than directly at him. (True story: last night when he arrived home from work...

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As I am wont to do, I started noodling over the inevitable blog post several weeks ago. Where to start, how to do it? I couldn’t quite hit the ignition, and so it simmered in the back of my brain along with the rest of… everything… like how I should probably go get an oil change in my car and Chickadee asked me to look for something in her room and how I ordered groceries and asked for one of the pork shoulders that was on sale, “average weight: 4 lbs,” and I thought “Hmm, that’s a lot, but it’s so cheap, and I can freeze leftovers” and then they picked me one that was almost 9 pounds and...

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You still need groceries in a dystopian hellscape

Well, then. We've come to the portion of the program where I turn on the news, listen for a few minutes, and turn it off again in a fit of rage and despair. Fun! I am so tired of old white men making all the rules. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love and adore quite a few old white men, individually, but as a collective, I'm still waiting for anything good to come out of their scheming. I will not be holding my breath. In the meantime, the banalities of life continue, and I am trying to do my best impression of a Functional Adult Who Still Cares. This is a testament to my acting skills, as my...

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More dog content? If you insist!

It's been... oh, nearly a couple of months. I would love to tell you that I was extremely busy living life to the fullest during this time, but that would be a lie. Mostly I was busy 1) being cold (yes, Georgia winters are short, but I am a delicate flower and our brief very cold portions of the year always kind of sneak up on me), 2) baking things, because why not, 3) cutting my own hair (this started during the pandemic and as I am nothing if not lazy, I am slooooowly perfecting my technique, which mostly consists of a lot of swearing and getting hair all over my bathroom), and 4) dealing...

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Shih Tzu Nation

Good news: I'm back again, in under a month! With the words, and stuff! Bad news: Nothing interesting ever happens here except as it pertains to the dogs. If you aren't interested in dogs, first of all, what is wrong with you, and second, this is not going to be very interesting. When we last left off, everything was broken and/or deeply annoyed. Goose was in a cone and battling her mortal enemy, thrice-daily eye drops, and our house was presumably about to burst into flames due to faulty wiring, which would've been sad but also most of our electronics were already fried so, eh. We are now...

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