Not jinxing it

By Mir
February 18, 2011

Y’all, I am bursting with maybe-good-news. I am positively OVERCOME with actual hope that young master Monkeypants is finally—FINALLY!—feeling better. This week at school has been… well, it’s unprecedented. That’s not to say that there haven’t been any challenges, but said challenges are fewer and haven’t turned into crises. And when Otto asked Monkey if he could describe what he was feeling, he sort of fluttered his hands around the way he does when there’s more than he can force out of his mouth and said, “I don’t know. I just feel a lot calmer.”

But we’re not going to talk about it, because it still feels fragile. I want it to be real and permanent and while LOGICALLY I know saying something isn’t going to affect matters one way or the other, the superstition is strong with this one.

This leaves me with little of note to discuss, save for the fact that Chickadee’s misadventures of late had Otto suggesting, “Why not write about how she’s going to have to quit all of her after-school stuff soon to accommodate her 4:00 p.m. bedtime?” Yep, the bedtime keeps getting shoved back. It’s not changing anything, yet, but who doesn’t love a good power struggle? (Oh, right. Me.)

So—as is my wont when I have nothing to say—I thought I’d check in with my referrer logs to see what folks have been searching for here, lately. These are actual search keywords that brought people to my humble corner of the Intertubes.

wedding dress boobs falling out
You have no idea how proud my parents must be of me right now. Also, I’d be happy to share my boob tape with you.

boobs squezed [sic]
Uh. Yeah. That sounds like a personal problem. Sorry!

Look, I get it, but I am starting to worry about the sheer volume of boob-related content here.

mom jerk
Right here! (Do we really need to search the ‘net for this? According to my daughter, there are tons of us mom jerks! Everywhere!)

what makes me itch
Listen, I’m as big a fan of Google as the next nerd, but I just don’t know that that one’s going to work. I mean, it could be anything. Ragweed! Cats! Sarah Palin! I really don’t think Google is going to know for sure, and I certainly don’t, either.

do dop dippity kia

son took ballet shoes
Still trying to figure out how that landed anyone here. Pretty sure Monkey can barely find his own sneakers, and would have no use for ballet shoes.

my daughter loves her hair short
Good for her! And for you! My daughter loved her hair short, too, right up until she decided to grow it out.

southern lady
That someone searching on that would find ME is a testament to the randomness of Google. Here, let me help: I’m just a yankee mom jerk tarnishing the south! The real southern ladies are pretending not to know me.

wii fit chickadee cheat
Uhhhh… Chickadee is not cheating on the Fit. Or with the Fit. Or… this conversation is making me itch. (Hey!)

little petshop of horror
Well, that’s an oldie but a goodie. (For the record? They still freak me out.)

yes we have no bananas
Not actually about bananas at all. I feel like I should apologize.

i feel pretty oh so pretty
And you should. Are those new shoes? And look how shiny your hair is!

Now let us resume secretly, quietly fist-bumping that thing we are not going to talk about. Because—crazy searches or not—this was a really good week.


  1. Damsel

    Yaaaay!!! for a good week for Monkey! And these searches just crack me UP.

  2. Jamie


  3. Carolyn

    I totally get the not wanting to acknowledge the change in behavior. My husband and I often just nod/wink at each other too scared to say the words outloud for fear the irrational act will return.


  4. Scottsdale Girl

    I would give my left boob (it’s the slightly larger one you know, wait, you wouldn’t know that, I digress) for the 14 yr old to once. JUST ONCE, take his evening meds without prompt. ONE TIME.
    This has nothing to do with your post.

    YAY for that thing that we aren’t talking about!

  5. Rachel

    Yeah! So happy for a good week. May this be the beginning of many good weeks to come! =) Happy Friday!

  6. Momsy

    Happy to hear the positive news.

  7. Aimee

    I know we’re not talking about, but I am just doing a tiny little chair dance here. No talking, though. Nope. Not a word.

  8. midj

    very, teeny, tiny lettered– yay! — shhhhh…. i didn’t say anything……

  9. Lucinda

    Smiling,smiling, and not saying a word. Hope this continues.

  10. midj

    PS Not what brought me to your page, but one of the first posts I read had to do with recycling or not recycling peanut butter jars, I believe…. I searched something to that effect one time, to see how long ago I started reading your blog… You are nothing if not eclectic. :-)

  11. Headless Mom

    Thank goodness for good weeks.

    (slinking away now, lest I say too much to jinx anything)

  12. Casdok

    Cross fingers you didnt jinx anything!

  13. Karen P

    Woo Hoo!

  14. Megan


    And when Chickadee is mourning the fact that you’re The Meanest Mom Ever and straggling off to bed at some ungodly hour, you can cheer her up by letter her know that for my entire high school career my bedtime was eight. EIGHT!! And my father would answer the phone – you know, That Call? From That Boy? at 8:01 with ‘she’s in BED.’ *

    *note, my insane bedtime was due to my insane religious early morning class that was insanely taught by my mother (who is not insane. Much). My father reasoned that as everyone else had to be at church at 5:30 a.m. every week day he might as well hold personal meetings with ward members at the same time. So we all went to bed at 8 to get up at 5. Scars. I gots em.

  15. Karen R.

    Yay for Monkey!

  16. Billie

    I was not a blog reader (at all!) until I stumbled upon your blog while using Google for information about 6 year old boys having a sleepover. I was looking for information about whether it was good to have an even or odd number of kids over and what kinds of things I should expect. I read a ton of blogs now so, THANKS Mir!!

  17. RuthWells

    A very quiet, tip-toe-y fist bump to you!

  18. elswhere

    Very quietly happy for you all.

    Also still weirded out by teh Petshops, over here. Every once in a while the kid drags them all out and has some kind of Petshop mass rally, and I am newly stunned by their bizarro big heads..

  19. Jen

    Yeah! Congrats on the good week! Can’t wait to hear the good news.

    I am part of the mom jerk club too, and if my son has anything to say about it, I will soon be the head of that club (or maybe the queen? I think queen mom jerk is a good title.) I was on the tamer end of the teen spectrum, but jeez, parenting a tween constantly makes me feel like I need to apologize to my parents.

  20. Laura

    We’ve had great weather here this week too. A few showers but no major thunderstorms (if you know what I mean, wink wink). Hope your ‘weather’ continues to be mild.

  21. Crisanne

    Oh I remember the peanut butter jar you threw away instead of recycling…oh the horror that started!! :)

    Singing praises for the good week. We may not know what next week will bring, but I’m rejoicing that your’s was a good one. It’s been one of the strangest of my life…but that’s for another time.

  22. mamaspeak

    (quiet) fist bump

  23. Angela

    Awesome! And good for y’all sticking to your guns on the bedtime-punishment, however hilarious it may be to send your 7th grader to bed right after school! This sounds like something my mother would do, she was REALLY good at following through. Don’t worry, she’ll realize y’all aren’t playin’ around :-) I now realize how much I appreciate all that character my mom and dad helped me to develop by doing things that I thought were SOOOO MEEAAN at the time!

    On the subject of your wedding….I got married for the second time in 2006; I must have the same lack of basic girly genetic material. We toyed with wedding ideas, they were all too much money/time/preparation/STRESS, so we…..went to the JP! Haha! And the marriage is great :-)

  24. Em

    I’m fist bumping with crossed fingers. I hope that didn’t hurt. I have sharp knuckles.

  25. bob

    No, REAL southern ladies would be gracious to you, welcome you into their homes, offer you refreshments, and make you feel like you belonged there.

    southern debs would be nice to you while you’re around and dis you behind your back.

    southern b*%$hes would ignore you because you aren’t from here.

    It appears that southern graciousness is becoming a lost art….

    That is (preliminary) great news about Monkey.

    y’all come back now, you hear?

  26. Tenessa

    I am dancing a secret jig. I will not say that I am secretly stoked.

  27. Heather

    A quiet and subdued hooray for Monkey. (See, I didn’t even use gratuitous punctuation, that’s how subdued I am.)

  28. Kristi

    Singing hallelujah quietly.

  29. maternity tee girl

    The searches are flippin’ hysterical and random…love it! And, YAY Monkey, for the good week!!

  30. Nancy

    (whispering) way to go Monkey. His poor brain and body must finally be healing from all of those months and months of illness.

    I re-learned about the jinx this week. I put my hyperactive, willful, oppositional, tantrummy, drive mommy to drink daughter on Omega 3 supplements and saw a rapid dramatic improvement in her behaviors. Enough for us to talk out loud about how she was a new improved child. Stupid us. She got sick and turned into monster child again. I think we learned our lesson… again.

  31. aem2

    (whispers) yay! (tiny fist bump)

  32. The Mommy Therapy

    First, I firmly believe in the superstition that if you discuss how well something is going with your kids, it will then almost immediately decide that you have broken the first rule of good things with your kids and instantly jack it up. I will never, ever discuss my children’s sleep….other than to complain about it of course.

    But, if something happens to be going well for you in your house and it doesn’t usally go that well, then I’m over the moon for your victory….but will never discuss it.

    Second, love looking up the random searches. I apparently write a lot about my children peeing, because that is just where we are in life right now and it brings all sorts of interesting searches to me. I won’t even go into some of the more disturbing ones.

    Funny to read, thanks for sharing.

  33. Cele

    I’m not sure which is better the searches or the running commentary… definately the commentary.

  34. Kathy

    So … I was telling my friend tonight about your 7th grader post … and my friend commented how you and I seem to be living in a parallel universe!! She’s a special ed teacher and she said: “I hope you’ll keep me posted on how Monkey is getting along!” I can’t wait to share this great news!!

    Have a wonderful weekend … and I hope there are MANY more great weeks ahead for your family!! ;)

    P.S. The 4:00 bedtime is making me LAUGH!!! Stick to your guns, mom!!!!!

  35. StephLove

    Best of luck on that thing, you know, the one we’re not talking about.

    And think of all the one-on-one time you can have with Monkey when Chickadee is in bed at 4 p.m.

  36. vivian

    I am happy to hear Monkey is doing better!! Bless yo’ hearts!!

  37. Stimey

    *quiet fist bump and small hop of joy*

  38. Brigitte

    (knocking on wood)

    I was thinking the real southern ladies are blessing your heart for all they’re worth!

  39. Amelia

    *fist bump*

    and hey! i’m a real southern lady (well, close enough, anyway), and *i* am pretending to know you!

    gimme a sec while i contemplate what this means about me. :)

  40. Katie in MA

    Whoohoo! (Not)celebrating the very good thing that maybe sort of didn’t happen (except it did!) in such a way as to not tick off the universe. Hope there was lots of ice cream at your non-celebration!

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