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Lights, sirens, failure

One of the (many) things I love about Otto is his calmness in crisis and his penchant for understatement. Given my bent towards hysteria, he’s a useful balance to have around.

However, here I am feeling like a gigantic loser, and he tells you:

She started feeling under the weather Friday afternoon and, after some talks with the medical staff, decided to head home last evening.

Which, okay, is TECHNICALLY true. But he sort of left out a few key details, like how some of those “talks with medical staff” happened in an ambulance and at the Emergency Room. It’s not as though we were all sitting around chatting and then I was like, “Hey, you know what? Screw you guys; I’m going home.” (more…)

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Mir update

Otto here –

Wanted to give you a Mir update … she’s okay, but she’s at home now and won’t finish the walk.

She started feeling under the weather Friday afternoon and, after some talks with the medical staff, decided to head home last evening. She’s essentially been asleep for the last 24 hours, with a fever and headache, but seems to be doing a little better this evening.

Keep her in your thoughts as her spirits are pretty down right now. Even though she didn’t make it to the end, she still did a heck of a job – raising $6,000 towards cancer research is no small feat for a single working mother of two. And she has a lot of you guys to thank for your continued support. I know you are all as proud of her as I am.

-Otto out

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I can keep going for $100 per mile

Thanks mostly to the kind generosity of my readers (that would be YOU, people), I have exceeded my goal of raising $5,000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

In fact, I’ve raised a cool $6,000 to fund further breast cancer research.

I cannot express how moved I am at how folks responded to the call to dig deep. Several of you (including the one who felt the need to push me up to $6k, saying “it’ll be easier for you to keep going, if you know that every single mile is $100!”) donated more than once. I know that even this is a drop in the bucket compared to what’s needed to TRULY make breast cancer history, but I am humbled to be even a small part of it all.

And a small part is what I am. A small part with a lot of gear. Where did all of this gear come from?? (more…)

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Such a girl

One week from yesterday I will be departing for BlogHer, and two weeks from tomorrow I will be embarking on the 3-Day.

Six months ago both events sounded wonderful and I couldn’t wait.

One month ago both events sounded terrifying and I wondered if I could get out of them.

I can make no promises about tomorrow, but today I am on top of the world; I’m staring down the barrel of two very different experiences and I feel… ready. Sassy. Myself.

But I’m a little bit worried that it’s just because my hair looks so damn good. (more…)

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What to wear if you’re not a cow

In my continuing quest to make sure my children require therapy for the duration of their childhood and well into their adult years, today I took them to the mall. Dressed as cows.

Yes, it’s okay. Take a moment to soak that up. It was 97 degrees outside, and I dressed them as cows and took them to the mall. Because I am the Greatest. Mother. EVER.*

But this reminds me (and what a nice segue) to point out that if you are planning on acquiring a men’s or ladies’ special edition, 3-Day-supporting, ultra-super-cool Woulda Coulda Shoulda t-shirt, you need to do so by the end of next week. The shirts will be available until July 22nd and then they will be gone forever. (I need to have time to tally it up and get the funds deposited into my walk account.) (Not to mention that then I need to start freaking out about BlogHer.)

Hey, not everyone can pull off being dressed like a cow. But everyone needs a cool t-shirt for a good cause….

*Lest you think I’m horrible, they were TOTALLY into it. Also they enjoyed their kids’ meals very much, and it’s the first time Monkey’s ever eaten at Chik-fil-A because they cook everything in peanut oil and we avoided them like the plague while he was still allergic. Plus their meals came with TOYS and you know that I NEVER buy them food that comes with toys. They thought they’d died and gone to bovine heaven.

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In which I am not writing

I am having one of those transitional periods right now where I’m just on the cusp of Something Big, maybe, except maybe not. I mean, probably I am. But I’m not ready to talk about it and yet, it’s all that’s on my mind. ALL that’s on my mind. Constantly. But we cannot talk about it, because I am superstitious and are you TRYING TO WRECK IT for me? What is WRONG with you?

Look! Over there! Something SHINY!

Actually, all I have to show you is not at all shiny. It smells bad, too. I’m sorry. (more…)

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I was so wet…

… that it didn’t even occur to me, until I typed it, that that would be an excellent name for a porno.
… that I leaned over to adjust my shoe and the hood of my windbreaker dumped out a quart of water.
… that my socks turned blue from my heel support inserts.
… that my toes were all pruney.
… that we stopped after 9 miles because I was actually starting to get that chilled-to-the-bone feeling. Not to mention the blisters on the tips of my prunes, err, toes, and how we thought we’d put on dry socks and keep going, but our shoes were positively squishy.

So, yeah. It was pretty wet. But we had a great time despite having just met this morning (hi, Amanda!) and did a bunch of hills and decided that between the hills and the rain we get to count it as at least twice as far as it actually was. Shut up. That’s completely logical.

Woo, I walked 9 miles in the rain! Am totally ready to go walk 60 miles, now!

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At least the lawn will stay green

Remember how I said I’d arranged for no rain? It was all good, and then I lost my mind and accepted an invitation for a 15-mile training walk at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

It is now pouring (and is forecast to continue through the weekend).

Me, I’m just sitting here listening to the rain… wondering just how badly 15 miles in a downpour is going to suck.

My guess is that the suckage will go all the way up to eleven! I’ll let you know.

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Alla y’all ROCK

As of five minutes ago, I have achieved my goal of raising $5,000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

HUGE thank yous to everyone who was kind enough to donate. And YES, you can still donate. Also, my walk partner hasn’t yet reached her minimum, so feel free to email me for a link to HER page if you’d like to donate to her (which is really a donation for me, because I have an irrational fear about sharing a tent with a stranger).

I can’t put into words how moved I am by this experience ALREADY. I’m going to be an utter basket case on the walk itself.

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Hello, I am in big trouble

Do you know what day today is? Do you?

Today is the day I realized that the 3-Day is going to chew me up and spit me out, and I am going to have to figure out how to get home from Boston with only bloody stumps left at the ends of my legs.

Do you remember how I was training? How I had plenty of time? How I was going to kick ass and take names and laugh in the face of those 60 miles? Ummm… do you remember what I was smoking when I said that, because I seem to be out…?

I’m a bit frustrated with myself, and my delicate toes.

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