I was so wet…

By Mir
June 24, 2006

… that it didn’t even occur to me, until I typed it, that that would be an excellent name for a porno.
… that I leaned over to adjust my shoe and the hood of my windbreaker dumped out a quart of water.
… that my socks turned blue from my heel support inserts.
… that my toes were all pruney.
… that we stopped after 9 miles because I was actually starting to get that chilled-to-the-bone feeling. Not to mention the blisters on the tips of my prunes, err, toes, and how we thought we’d put on dry socks and keep going, but our shoes were positively squishy.

So, yeah. It was pretty wet. But we had a great time despite having just met this morning (hi, Amanda!) and did a bunch of hills and decided that between the hills and the rain we get to count it as at least twice as far as it actually was. Shut up. That’s completely logical.

Woo, I walked 9 miles in the rain! Am totally ready to go walk 60 miles, now!

A few other walk-related things to tell you:

1) Haven’t made a donation, but want to? If you go to my secure donation page and follow the link to my team page, you will see that my tent-mate is still way under the minimum and is badly in need of funds. *hint,hint* I think you’re very pretty for wanting to donate, but don’t feel like it has to be to ME. I would love it if you would donate to HER. If she doesn’t raise the minimum, I have to share a pup tent with a stranger. SAVE ME and give her some money. Just shoot me an email letting me know that you did so, and I’ll be happy to tell you how beautiful and talented and generous you are.

2) There’s a medical form you have to submit before you can do your official registration. You can do it online. However, there’s a list of medical conditions to make note of, and if you admit to having any of them, you cannot complete your form online–you then have to print something out and get it signed by your doctor and mail it in. There are good reasons for this, I’m sure. Heck, there’s a high proportion of women in chemo and such who will be walking, and by all means, have them cleared by a doctor before they participate, yes. That’s just common sense. One of the conditions that will get your form flagged is asthma. Further down, there’s a list of medications to check off.

I stared at this form for a long time, and gave it some thought, and then decided not to check off asthma, but to list an albuterol rescue inhaler amongst my regular meds. I clicked submit, my form went blithely sailing off into cyberspace, and about an hour later I received an email telling me I’d been cleared by the staff doctors for final registration.

Now, I feel a little duplicitous. But if I had gone to my doctor? She would’ve said “You’ll be fine, just bring your inhaler.” Also I’m a little bit wondering if my form was checked over by an understanding doctor or just processed by monkeys.

3) A while ago I sent an email to Athleta singing the praises of their workout wear and asking them if they’d consider sponsoring me. They were kind enough to send me an outfit free of charge! Because they are nice! And pretty! I am now the proud owner of a pink zippity tank and black walkabout shorts. Wasn’t that enormously cool of them? You should go shop there, because their stuff is awesome and they were nice to me. Go!

Honestly, I’m a bit suspicious of the shorts because they leave little to the imagination (I have, to this point, been wearing nylon running shorts which do skim away from the body a bit), but I suspect I’ll be throwing modesty (or is it just assphobia?) to the wind and trying them out soon, because honestly the Athleta gear is the most comfortable stuff I own. That new top is so soft and comfy I want to use it for a pillowcase.

Thus concludes this installment of Mir Is Going On A Really Long Walk Soon And Feels The Need To Talk About It A Lot.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the REST of my day, which was even MORE exciting, because it involved both accosting an elderly woman at the bookstore AND being asked for fashion advice by a stranger in a fitting room! And also ICE CREAM!

My God, it was a good day today.


  1. Mom101

    NINE? For real? Wow, impressive. I go nine blocks and I’m whining for a cab and a glass of Pinot. Both of which would explain the size of my ass, come to think of it.

  2. MelissaC

    Hi Mir,
    I’m a frequent reader, infrequent commenter. Just wanted to let you know I followed the link to your team page, and dropped a little donation in Eileen’s bucket. My mother-in-law is undergoing breast cancer treatment right now, so this issue has really been weighing on my mind. Thank you so much for your devotion to this cause!
    (and good job with the rain-soaked walk today – you’re a good woman!)

  3. ben

    You rock, Mir. And you didn’t say that not only did they give you a pair of shorts, they put your picture in the catalog!

    That’s hard core rocking. Which, come to think of it, might also make a good name for a porno.

  4. Carmen

    Man, Mir. I’ve NEVER done nine miles. You rock!

    Also, you are pretty!

    I puffy heart my two Athleta skorts that Jenny grabbed for me at the sale. They are awesome for walking, running, or just grabbing a latte.

    Not that I would grab a latte or anything……

  5. Marvo

    First off, Ben, it’s already a name for a porno. Guess how many volumes there are?

    I didn’t realize that if I emailed a company I could get free stuff.

    Dear Perrier,

    I noticed that you have a Perrier with Lemon. I saw it at a Target when I was in California. I thought about picking it up, but I didn’t want people to think I was a snobby, rich kid who ONLY drinks Perrier because I’m too good for any other water or because my body is a temple and I’m not going to put crap in my temple. Anyway, I’d really like to try your Perrier with Lemon so that I can review it for my blog. Sure if you visit my blog and read the reviews, you’ll probably notice that many of them go on to tangents usually involving crappy celebrities or my nipples, but each product is honestly reviewed…and possibly molested. I’d really like to review the Perrier with Lemon because I’d like to truly find out if rich people have bad taste. Thank you.

  6. Kestrel

    Haha! Oh my, that first line!

    Sorry it was raining the whole time though. :(

  7. Susan

    I cannot belive you’re leaving me hanging about the fashion advice. Don’t do that to me. Please.

    And yes, your form was processed by monkeys. But monkeys in the service of a really good cause!

  8. Susan B.

    You know, you’re a very nice young woman. I’ll bet your family is very proud of you – I would be!

  9. Shirazi

    Your niner reminds me some good old days when I used to do nine miles. Now the runners leave me gehind.

  10. Her Bad Mother

    Am shamed here, ass on sofa with laptop and coffee.

    You’s a hero, you are, with your wet-walking for a cure. Way to go. Am cheering.

  11. tori

    I donated to your friend. I was meaning (for months) to donate to you, but since you asked us to donate to your fried intsead, that is what I did. Since I am going through my own cancer crap right now, I am happy to donate to people trying to “do something” to make it all just go away! Cancer stinks! Thanks! You are awesome and also very pretty. Also, how did you get them to give you the free stuff???? What did you say in your email? I’m doing a triathlon in August and would love someone to donate free stuff to me!

  12. amanda

    just wanted to say hi, since i’ve been immortalized in this entry! and i want people to tell me that i rock, too!!

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