Mir update

By Otto
August 5, 2006

Otto here –

Wanted to give you a Mir update … she’s okay, but she’s at home now and won’t finish the walk.

She started feeling under the weather Friday afternoon and, after some talks with the medical staff, decided to head home last evening. She’s essentially been asleep for the last 24 hours, with a fever and headache, but seems to be doing a little better this evening.

Keep her in your thoughts as her spirits are pretty down right now. Even though she didn’t make it to the end, she still did a heck of a job – raising $6,000 towards cancer research is no small feat for a single working mother of two. And she has a lot of you guys to thank for your continued support. I know you are all as proud of her as I am.

-Otto out


  1. Gillian

    Otto, thanks for letting us know. When she wakes up please tell her that I think she is so smart and pretty. Such a gift, to show her brilliant kids that doing your best is not about winning and that being responsible is more important than impressing people. I hope she is well soon. I am so proud of her for being such a stellar lady. Walking your talk doesn’t really involve your feet, it involves your integrity, choices and priorities. I let my pride make my choices too many times, thanks for the reminder, Mir.

  2. Sandee

    Mir, you are an inspiration to women everywhere. And, oh so pretty! Feel better soon, physically and emotionally. I am in awe of what you have accomplished.

  3. And Baby Makes Four

    You’ve walked so amazingly far for the fight against breast cancer …and we all admire the miles and miles of steps you have taken. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. CharlestonGirl

    You ARE PRETTY and SMART! More importantly, you are such an amazing woman. The money that you raised will help so many women. You did so much more than most of us ever will. Thank you for that. Thank you for your incredible wit and writing such inspired stuff day in and day out. I am so incredibly proud of you. Take care of yourself and get to feeling better soon. I am completely selfish! While I appreciate Otto letting us know what is going on with you…WE NEED YOU! Blessings!

  5. Em

    Hey, if you ask me, the walking part doesn’t fund finding a cure for the cancer, the money does that. You raised the money. The walking helps raise awareness of the need and you have obviously done that as well on here and in your community by raising the money (not to mention all of the the folks walking around in Mir created t-shirts). Mission complete.

    Feel better soon. You have some celebrating to do for a job well done.

  6. Cele


    Girl friend I would, will gladly donate again in your name because you are so friggin’ inspiring. Because you took the challegene. Because you inspired us all. You are our hero.
    And as our hero we are extremely proud of you.

  7. Horrible Warning

    Mir, sometimes the body isn’t willing, but your spirit obviously was. You did something really great here. Feel better!!

  8. Niki

    Feel better Mir! We’re proud of you!

  9. Christina

    Feel better Mir!

  10. carolyn

    Mir: Pretty, smart, driven, talented. Quite a combination.

    Feel better, Mir.

  11. Lauren

    I hope you feel better soon. You’re amazing to have attempted the 3-day. I’ve been eyeing it for years but can’t quite get up the nerve so far. Maybe next year!

  12. tori

    I have to echo all the other comments and say that I do believe you are both smart and pretty. We are all proud of you for even coming this far. You are an inspiration to all of us to get out there and do something! As someone who has recently had cancer, I have to say thank you for helping to raise both awareness and money for research. Both are really needed for all kinds of cancer. Thank you! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  13. Misty

    Gillian said it beautifully!
    WTG Mir! You rock!

  14. WendyC

    Feel better soon! And ditto all of the above :)

  15. Sharkey

    Oh Mir! I’m sorry the walk ended in disappointment for you. No disappointment here–I’m proud of you for working so hard and doing such a great job of raising money. Congratulations, and thank you from another cancer survivor.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  16. Leslie

    Mir, I hope you’re feeling better soon. You rock for raising so much cash for cancer research. Astounding! Rest a bit, and then keep up the good work!

  17. Karl

    Rock on, Mir. Feel better soon.

  18. daysgoby

    Mir! So proud of you!

    You took the challenge, you went OVER your fund-raising goals – you’re a rock star!

    Hope you’re soon smiling again…

  19. mc

    Mir, hope you know how much we’re all impressed by your determination to raise this money. You did an AMAZING job, and I hope your recovery is a speedy one!

  20. OneTiredMomma

    Mir, you did an awesome job. Please be proud of all that you DID accomplish! Know that we are proud of you – and you walked for those who could not ever, that are looking down on you. Thanking you for all the money you raised so others would not have to go through what they have.

    And hey, I think we’ll keep this Otto guy ;)

  21. Brigitte

    I agree with Em, above. You’ve raised awareness AND cash, and you reach so many people through your websites – more, I think, than a website-less person could do with the walk alone. I bow down before the glory of your prettiness! (and Otto, thanks for updating us, you sound pretty – oops, I mean handsome – yourself).

  22. shannon

    Last year I walked in the Philadelphia 3-Day, and noticed my feet wouldn’t fit in my shoes by the end of the second day and I could hardly hobble around. I finished anyway.
    Then I went to the ER with a serious case of cellulitus, ended up on an IV and couldn’t walk for a week.
    Be proud you raised the money for such a good cause that holds a special place in so many people’s hearts. And while I know you are sad and frustrated, be proud you accomplished the primary goal of the 3-Day — you raised awareness.

  23. udge

    Well done, Mir! Rest up, get well. Thanks to Otto for the news.

  24. Brenda

    Everyone has already said what I would say, but I’m just adding my support and admiration. Be gentle with yourself, you did an amazing thing!

  25. LB

    Feel better, Mir!

  26. Zee

    Congrats Mir – 6 grand is effing amazing, and walking 20 miles is really, really a difficult thing to do. Doing it under the weather is even more difficult. You should be incredibly proud of yourself!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  27. rachel

    congratulations for what you accomplished, Mir!

    And get well soon. Glad you have someone to help you feel better.

  28. chris

    So sorry you are feeling poorly, Mir.

    But you are still AMAZING for raising that kind of money. We are all proud of you.

  29. Kira

    Mir, m’love, after all you do and have done to take care of those around you, pretty pretty please take care of yourself.
    You truly are a rock star.

  30. alala

    thanks for the update, Otto.

    Mir you are so super! And pretty! I hope you’re not too disappointed in how this turned out. Like everyone else said, you did the really important part, raising the money for the boobies, and I’m glad you made the wise choice not to push yourself too hard. We’re all just so proud of you!

  31. Suebob

    Mir, you are so amazing in so many ways. The furthest I can ever remember walking (outside a mall, anyway) was 9 miles on a Sierra Club hike and that was a LOOOOOONG WAY. To think of 60 makes me so tired I want to sit down. For you to attempt it as a single mom a week after the insanity of BlogHer…well, you have my admiration. I hope you bounce back quickly. All the best.

  32. Donna

    To paraphrase the saying at awards shows, it’s an honor just to participate — and to raise as much money as you did is an awesome feat! I’m glad you quit when you felt ill — you will do no one any good if you allow your health to get bad… and there’s always next year. You’re a hero!

  33. Vanda

    Mir, don’t go beating yourself up because you didn’t finish. Everyone is very, very proud of you. Hugs fro across the pond.

  34. Kestralyn

    Ditto to everybody above! We’re extremely proud of you, and thank you as the daughter/granddaughter/niece of breast cancer survivors. I’m about as high risk as they come, and what you did put tears in my eyes. Thank you.

    Now sleep well, recover, and know that we all love you and are glad to know you’re intelligent (and have a smidgen of self-preservation) as well as pretty! Such a pretty tulip!

  35. kim

    My Boobies want to thank your boobies for doing what you did.
    I don’t care if you walked 1 mile or 100 miles. You raised a bunch of $$$$ and awareness along the way. That is more important to kicking cancers butt than walking the whole walk.

    PLEASE take care of you pretty self…..and thanks Otto for taking care of our pretty lady. You can be pretty too!

  36. Sheryl

    Sorry Mir, I’m sure you’re disappointed. Hope you’re feeling better now, and we all appreciate what you’ve done to raise funds for the cure.

  37. Mary Tsao

    I’m glad you’re feeling better now Mir.

    But I have to add…Otto posting?!? This sounds serious! :)

  38. hollygee

    You’ve done so much. You raised that money and then you acted responsibly to your body’s needs. You done good, kid!

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