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Love revives

I’ve been thinking a lot, the last couple of weeks, about histories and futures and—most of all—the gift of the present. I still struggle every day with appreciating that last one as much as I ought to, which is pretty ironic given that I’m not not one to cling to history, either, and oftentimes thinking about the future causes me to have palpitations.

I don’t like unknowns. I like knowing what IS and what WILL BE and learning from what WAS and then moving on. You know, to the safety of what IS. Heh. Though it can be hard to fully EXPERIENCE what is when one is busy INVENTORYING it. Not that I would know anything about that. Ahem.

The emotion behind the responses to my wedding dress dilemma surprised me. I thank you all (well, okay, those of you who weren’t rude about it) for taking the time to share your points of view and explain to me what I may be missing. And it’s true, I am (was) missing some stuff, and I’m working on that. (more…)

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All boxed in

I’ve been on a bit of a tear around here, lately. It’s the spring cleaning bug, dontcha know. I start out cleaning, and then I plant an entire garden, and then half of it dies in a freak frost, and then I start spending hours outside, begging tiny wilted stumps of plants to JUST GROW. When that doesn’t work, I move on to other domestic chores.

All of which is to say, I can’t really babble for all that long, today, because I’m busy baking working like I’m supposed to. Ahem.

But I’d like to conduct a little informal poll. Say you’d been living in a house for coming up on two years, and you still had three unpacked boxes in your bedroom which had been opened, pawed through, rearranged, and then disregarded for who knows how long. Would you 1) go through them again, vowing to unpack or throw away or just 2) throw away without opening? I’m curious.

Also, would you list your first-wedding gown on eBay with an appropriately snarky commentary or would you just give it to Goodwill? And how much penance is appropriate for forcing your husband to live with your old wedding gown for two years, anyway?

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Two quick things

Oh my goodness. You people are NUTS. I mean, I mean that in the best possible way. Like, gorgeous, generous and oh-by-the-way, INSANE. The current high bid on the Wii to benefit my kids’ school is $375 as of this writing. Which is crazy. And I thank EVERYONE who has bid so far so, SO much. You still have until nearly midnight tomorrow if you’ve been smoking a particularly large amount of crack and want to bid even HIGHER, which gets you the Wii, a copy of Sleep Is for the Weak, and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you’ve really made a difference for a school in need.

And speaking of that little book thing, I’m doing a signing today at the Athens, GA Borders on Alps Road at 1:00 p.m. Come on over! I will not be auctioning any Wiis there, but I will be signing books and giving out Eco-Libris stickers and maybe telling embarrassing stories. Which is pretty much what I do here, every day (the embarrassing stories part, anyway), but it’ll be EVEN MORE GREAT because of that whole socially awkward thing. Yes. I hope to see some of you there!

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I know

Hi. Yes, I’m aware that the blog is sort of broken. Thanks for noticing.

Yesterday my blog was attacked because I’m a moron and hadn’t updated my WordPress install for a really long time. Once I deleted out all of the nasty spammage, the folks doing the attacking thought it would be charming to make the site disappear entirely! Which was then fixed by my good pals at Fusix (seriously, people—best. hosting. ever!), because they are rock stars. But since then we’ve managed to break things but good up in here.

If you’re some sort of WordPress ninja, feel free to shoot me an email. You know, because my comments are all broken. Woo, comments are fixed! Working on the rest; sit tight.

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And speaking of school

Today is International Ask The Internet Day. Didn’t you know? Ask the internet, they’ll tell you. Or at the very least, I say so. Largely because my folks are leaving today and I would rather go spend their last few hours here with them than tell you all about how well, I was SUPPOSED to go for an MRI this morning, but my SUPER FANTASTIC HEALTH INSURANCE decided not to pay for it. So I decided not to go! I’ll show THEM! Because they’ll be SORRY when I’m DEAD!


Internet, my daughter’s fourth grade teacher responded to my “What can I do to help?” query by saying, “You seem like you’re a crafty type! We need some sort of holiday craft for the kids to do, something they’ll enjoy and that they can bring home as a gift for their parents. Got any ideas?” And when I finished laughing (me, the crafty type? has she MET me?) I said “I WOULD LOVE TO! LET ME GET BACK TO YOU! WHY AM I SHOUTING?” and then I ran away as fast as my not-at-all-crafty legs would take me.

So. I need a holiday-friendly (all holidays! especially Christmahanukwanzakah!) craft suitable for 9- and 10-year-olds that I can do with them in about an hour, where the materials won’t be too costly and I won’t want to chew off my own arm to escape during the actual, um, crafting. Ideas?

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I am away being wifely

(GOD, get your mind out of the gutter. I am just doing something really novel and designating an evening to focus on Otto rather than working all night or reading Harry Potter.)

So, hi! Guess what? I would like to hang out with you. Yes, YOU. There’s a, um, thing I’ve been asked to attend in Decatur in a few months and I thought they invited me because they just LURVE ME, but I think it may be more because they think I know other people to invite. Which, whoops! They must’ve missed all the posts about WAH WAH WAH I DON’T KNOW ANYONE I was writing a little while back. Anyway. No matter!

If you:
1) Live in the Decatur area or would be willing to drive in to Decatur on a designated evening (yes I know there is more than one Decatur; I’m talking about Georgia),
2) Like food,
3) Have a blog,
4) Want to be my friend,

please mail me and we will perhaps get to hang out and eat stuff together. I don’t know about YOU, but I find food highly motivating, so even if you don’t particularly want to hang with me, just remember: FREE FOOD.

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Merry Christmas and happy gingerbread

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and I am off-duty for anything even resembling home repair until next week. Can I get an AMEN? Yes. Thank you.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. This is my favorite time of year… such a good reminder that all things are possible. Heck, I know if you’d told me LAST Christmas where I’d be THIS Christmas, I would’ve asked what you were smoking.

The chocolate chip gingerbread recipe pictured here is below the fold. (Sorry for the delay; had to ask the owner if it was okay for me to post.) Enjoy! (more…)

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Not feeling Comcastic

I’m having some technical difficulties with my internet service. Please stand by while I rip my hair out and call to yell at the cable company some more, and then eat my weight in cinnamon crunch bagels at Panera so that I can use their WiFi.

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And here are the questionable cookies

Because you’re being such good sports about my last post, which in point of fact actually put ME to sleep, I thought I’d share the cookie recipe. [Also I decided to do this and then my hosting provider had a massive service crash and I was just GONE for a while and now you surely need cookies to recover.] And then you too can listen to your children whine “But I wanted CHOCOLATE CHIP!!”

This recipe started out as something else and I tweaked it here and there because that’s what I do, either because I’m making do with ingredients on hand or because I’m just being wild and crazy. (That’s me, WILD and CRAZY with BAKED GOODS. I’m the sort of person your mother warned you about.) It is now my very own recipe, so I’m not crediting anybody else.

Unless you hate them. In that case? This recipe totally came from someone else. Someone ugly and mean, in fact. (more…)

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Scrabble stopped dead

Please vote:

Is PIECEY a word? (Hint: “I want one of those cool new hairstyles, you know, where it’s all piecey.”) (Also a hint: Do not laugh at me during Scrabble. Even if I am laughing so hard I’m pretty much snorting pretzels.)

Please send an OED as soon as possible. Thank you.

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