By my fingernails

By Mir
February 24, 2016

I called my dad from the car today—both because my ridiculous new car makes it easy and because who has time for an actual phone call with words unless it’s en route to someplace?—and he told me that he is really enjoying the Nerd Night posts, and thinking about which desserts he would like me to make for him. “Oh yeah?” I said. “Which one piqued your interest?”

“I think maybe that fruit-covered cheesecake,” he said. “Only, when you make it for me, could you maybe not drop it on the floor?” Yea, verily, I was offended. I explained with multiple huffs that I DID NOT DROP IT ON THE FLOOR, I merely whacked it into the toaster oven AND THEN CAUGHT IT. Sheesh.

But we laughed, anyway, because what is more ME than baking a beautiful cheesecake and mangling it at the last minute? Probably nothing. It’s a pretty good life metaphor right now, and everything seems to be racing past me at breakneck speed, and here I am in the middle of it, peeling back tinfoil. Or something. I’ve been thinking about how I deal with everyone around me being so busy, and my solution is to slow down, for better or for worse. (That link will take you to read more on Alpha Mom, if you’re so inclined.)

I hung up with Dad and went where I was going and did what I needed to do and then headed home in some very ugly weather. Internally I was mumbling and grumbling about how gross it is outside, but then it occurred to me that maybe I’d see a rainbow. And you know what? I did. I pulled over and took a picture of it, even. Sometimes slowing down has its perks.



  1. Pamela

    I’ve been enjoying the Nerd Night posts too, although I have yet to actually bake anything from them. I was thinking about them tonight, in fact, because I was making a dessert for a group and realized that it’s gluten free. Old fashioned, yes, but no weird gluten substitutes. You probably already make it, but just in case – Forgotten Torte.

    • Mir

      I’ve actually never made that! Looks like a pavlova…?

      • Pamela

        It’s a lot like a pavlova, but the meringue part ends up being sort of soft and cake-y.

  2. Niki

    I had a plan to make the snickerdoodle bars last night. Turns out I had neither brown sugar (a first in my house in 25 years) and no cream of tartar, which I always have because I love making snickerdoodles. I was quite bummed.

    • Mir


      • Wendy

        your face in your icon combined with the words in this reply made me giggle.

        • Mir

          Mir Kamin: Overly excited about snickerdoodles.

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