You say plantain-o, I say tornado

When I’m quiet here for too long, my dad calls me to make sure no one died. I always tell him that’s just silly; if someone died, I’d have something to blog about, after all. (For some reason he doesn’t find that as funny as I do….)

Life and the school year continue to WHOOSH past me at an alarming rate. Rest assured that I am not holding out on you on the end result of the dueling posters situation; the kids swear they haven’t gotten their grades back yet, and that particular teacher seems to not be using our online grade portal, so it remains a mystery. Of course, Chickadee did mention this morning just-a-little-bit-smugly that her poster is hanging up behind the teacher’s desk. Well, then.

In the meantime, I’m just over here working and spoiling the dogs and trying to pretend that I have a handle on everything. This leads to things like a recent dinner extravaganza that was TOTALLY worth the hassle. Or not. You can read about it over on Alpha Mom, because one thing that never changes no matter how hectic life gets is that if I do something stupid, I’m apt to share it with the Internet. You’re welcome.


  1. Javamom

    As I’m reading your story over there and I’m about a few paragraphs in I’m thinking, ok, she came back to the kitchen to finish the jerk and realized she never pushed the on button on the crockpot…

    But no! You did! See, that’s the kind of thing that I would do… or forget to plug the thing in.

    Anyway it sounds delish. Despite the mess it created. :)

  2. Aska

    We all do stupid things, but you manage to transform yours into funny stories! (And a career. So uh. Yeah. Don’t stop doing those! Or do. And then you can write about… other people’s stupid things! Yes! I got this figured out, don’t I? :D)

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