Poster children

And lo, it did come to pass that the edict came down from the grand high ruler of the land (if we agree that by “land” we mean “this particular science class my kids are taking”) and the charge was thus: create a poster of determinate size and scope and breadth and beauty.

First, the children diligently argued over the dimensions of said assignment, for somehow the rubric and the spoken words from the ruler’s mouth, they didst not match. A missive delivered to said ruler was mirthfully replied to including the line, “I just love your children!” which is indeed ancient code for, “Wow, I see your entire family is strange and difficult.”

Next, keys were mashed at the large computational portal at one of the kitchen whilst at the other, decorative dyes were flung thither and yon. Voices were raised. Disputes were had. And in the end, it was right and good that two children with two posters departed for school, and glory be to God in the highest, I didn’t stab either of them, not even a little bit. Amen.

[You can read more about it over at Alpha Mom. It’s gonna be a long school year, is all I’m saying.]


  1. Donna

    Oh, you will share the results eventually, right? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLLING ME!

    • Mir

      I will, but Chickie came home MUCH DISGRUNTLED yesterday, saying that half their class did an even worse job than her brother and she expects he’ll get an A. We’ll see!

  2. Aimee

    And Lo! it was good (that you didn’t stab them, that is)

  3. Katie in MA

    As my 10yo (10! only 10!) enters (already) the horror that is tweendom, I will need lessons on this “not stabbing them even a little bit” thing. Because seriously.

    • Karen

      Siblings should never be allowed to take the same class!!!!

  4. Meri

    I only took one class with my older brother in high school – a year of gym. It was actually fun because his friends were a bit protective of me so for once, I actually got to play more without getting teased by everyone and could see how far I could push myself. Plus, there was the one time I we were playing soccer and I scored a goal on my brother. That was a sweet, sweet day.

  5. Chris

    Wow projects already. We only start school next week. I thought they both looked great. I was hoping to do less of these sort of things in high school since both my kids obsess about them, require many supplies to be bought, spend hours working on it and sometimes it is not clear to me how much the grade matters (or I find out they are not graded beyond just making sure it is done – sigh).

    Also hoping they both get As!!

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