It has come to this

By Mir
January 29, 2014

We are stuck at home, but are warm and fed and unscathed. This doesn’t make for scintillating blogging material, I’m afraid. (Dear World, Today I made banana bread while it snowed. Then the kids ate it. TRULY I AM A PIONEER. Love, Mir.)

Remember when I told you that Duncan plays for the Bats? He generally prefers to chew on Licorice, but when she tires of that, he does work on his football moves. Behold:

Snow Day: Dogs Gone Wild! from woulda on Vimeo.


  1. Jeanie

    That’s what you call entertaining yourself. I love how your dogs are happy playing together.

  2. addy

    cute. keeping themselves entertained. hut,hut, hike, chew!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brigitte

    I was hoping to hear the special Duncan-voice! :-D

  4. Marissa

    My husband is from Atlanta and his two brothers still live there. It took one 16 hours to drive the 12 miles home. Meanwhile we’re here in sunny Buffalo, NY with sub-zero wind chill that closed school, but the 5 inches of snow on Monday. no biggie.

    Stay warm and try not to laugh to hard at the southerners freaking out at 3 inches of snow, bless their hearts.

  5. Mary K. in Rockport

    I never saw a dog play fetch with itself before.

  6. Jane

    All the weather went south of us, so we just got the cold. I was hoping for a snow day or two as well. Did you see the roads in Mobile completely paved in at least an inch of ice? Crazy. My husband is from up north, and they don’t drive on that, either. I felt so bad for the kids and adults stuck places when that hit so suddenly. Oh well, it’s gone or almost gone now. Looking forward to it almost hitting 60 tomorrow. A friend of mine texted me “Ok, Northerners, stop criticizing how we handle snow and ice. It’s rare down here. Kind of like winning a BCS Championship up there.” Ha!

  7. Stimey

    Sometimes the really good blogging stories aren’t worth it. Glad you’re home safe. I was thinking about you. Plus! you have dogs to entertain. Awesome!

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