By Mir
August 30, 2013

I am cranky. [I am going to spare you a thousand-odd words about said crankiness, because really, the only thing worse than someone cranky is that cranky person trying to justify said crankiness. I HAVE MANY FEELS. Mostly they feel like throwing tantrums. Being a grownup often sucks, it turns out.]

Know what’s good for an advanced case of poormeitis? Baking. Yay! Here, I made you some healthy cookies you can eat for breakfast. You could make some for yourself/your kids and say thank you, if you wanted. Or if you wanted to pretend to be one of my kids, you could just eat them while glowering at me and expounding on the many ways in which I am the most horrible person on the planet. Either way. They’re versatile!


  1. suburbancorrespondent

    Sounds pleasant there. I’m going to start researching boarding schools for teen girls RIGHT NOW. I have 2 more coming up. I cannot take any more of what you have just described. NO MORE.

  2. Beth R

    I’m sorry you’re grumpy, Mir! Does it help at all to know that you’re a pretty tulip and I just love your hair?

  3. Holly

    That recipe sounds awesome. I’ve tried several of your recipes before (tomato sauce, butternut squash risotto, etc.) and they’ve all been fantastic.

    I am also having a crankypants kind of day despite being childless/teenagerless. Sometimes, it just happens. Or, it just happens to me. Nothing really different about today
    versus any other day but I’m feeling annoyed and grumpy. I’m handling it with about as much maturity as a toddler with a cold (according to my hubby). Because I love him I’m avoiding the kitchen and the garage because that’s where we keep the sharp implements.

  4. Amanda

    Thank you! I saved the recipe for my glowering tween.

  5. Trish

    Summer is supposed to be fun! Mine started with ants and a mouse in my kitchen. Then my refrigerator completely died. When my toilet broke last night I almost started screaming. None of these are major, but all together they have me about to start a tantrum.

  6. js

    My baby girl is headed to middle school, which means the glowering begins now! That is more than enough reason to be cranky. I need a damn cookie.

  7. Little Bird

    The sucky thing about cranky is that it’s highly contagious. But cookies should help mitigate that.
    Also? Milkshakes with protein powder and a raw egg are a great way to sneak some nutrients into a recalcitrant eater. My mom did that for me when I was even younger than Monkey. Right up until I saw her put the egg in once.

    • Juli Ward

      Any person, despite my good friend and former employer (he is a Circuit Court Judge), that can properly use the term recalcitrant is obviously either (a) cool; (b) a product of the judicial system or; (c) cool and a product of the judicial system. I am also in awe of all of the comments that use the word “mitigate”. I am sorely unaware of using legal terms to describe raising kids though!

    • Becky

      My mom used to do the egg in the milkshake thing to me too! I never fully trusted her after that…

  8. addy

    Me cranky-pants too! Can I have ice cream with my healthy cookies? Please. Oh yeah – and thank-you. (grumble,grumble,sigh, heavier sigh)

  9. Becky

    okay, Lady…Here is your daily affirmation compliments of ME…You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and Gosh Darn It! People (Like me and so many others) LIKE YOU. Head up!

  10. Dezi

    Sorry you’re having the feels today, Mir. Did that sound dirty? Sorry, I had a cranky day too, but I know the reason. A three day weekend and I am sick with the yearly “start back to school germs fest” fight against sore throat and cough and my kid at his dad’s having fun with young wife and new baby, and me sorryformyself watching all the third season of “White Collar” while gargling salt and vinegar water every hour, and no bar-b-Que on the horizon. But hey, the bright side is I can watch White Collar with no interruptions, guilt free!! Maybe not so bad after all!!

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