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By Mir
September 21, 2012

I kind of left you hanging, this week. I’m sorry. I would tell you all about it, but I’m currently still in the “I hate everyone and everything” phase on several fronts, so give me a few more days to return to some semblance of humanity.

In the meantime, here’s a dog:

She says she absolutely was NOT sleeping in the sun when I crept up on her, and she was NOT attempting to lick the drool off her whiskers when I insisted on taking her picture. Also, I love how even she is giving me the hairy eyeball. GET IN LINE, LICORICE.


  1. addy

    Of course she wasn’t sleeping in the sun…. Let the fuzziness help with the return of the “warm and fuzzies”.

  2. Em

    I will assume you are kicking ass and taking names. Then I assume you are reporting those names to the Joint Commission and whatever board of professional license is appropriate. But I won’t assume you don’t feel kind of alone in all of it so I will say it officially, you have the support and prayers of a whole corner of the internet full of angry mamma bears who would love a chance at these people when you are through. Hang in there.

  3. Katy

    Ah, the “Stitch-move.” My dog licks his own nose, too. Classy stuff. An impressive reach she has there, though!

  4. Frank

    there is a scene in 2010 that i think of when everything is all out of whack with the world. Its the exchange between Roy Scheider and the Russian guy on earth (Pete from MacGyver). “Pete” says… (paraphrased) Lets play a game.. for the next 2 minutes, I will speak nothing but the truth. In that time you do the same… and during that time they cut through all the Cold War secrecy ego BS and get something accomplished.
    I have often felt that the real world needs this… a 1 minute ‘Truth Only Time Out’.. and it would resolve a good chunk of the problems, big and small, personal or public, etc.
    I can dream, can’t I?
    In the meantime, you keep on rockin and rollin. We’re pullin for you.

  5. Rachel

    Hugs to you, along with warm thoughts with warm fuzzies thrown in!

  6. Melissa

    I’ve been in the same craptastic mood lately too, Mir. And I don’t have the plethora of reasons you do, so I should be counting my blessings. Sending you some hugs and good thoughts. Keep trucking!

  7. RL Julia

    In the meantime, check out Dog Shaming – it never fails to make me laugh.

  8. Andrea

    I agree with Em–you have a shit ton of internet supporters (sing it now) wishing and hoping and thinking and praying for you and yours.
    Is it wrong to use the words ‘shit’ and ‘praying’ in the same sentence? Hm. Sometimes it happens.
    Anyway, I’m doing my best to kick ass for my son’s sake right now, too, and although my problems are absolutely miniscule in comparison, I know that it does get lonely and exhausting being tough and competent and responsible all the time.
    Unfortunately, running away and/or drowning yourself in a bottle of vodka aren’t really an option, so you keep fighting.
    And once in a while, you give in to the ugly cry and then go pat your disdainful dog and heave a shaky sigh and get back at it.
    Wish we could do something more, but we’re all hoping so hard for you guys. Hang in there.

  9. Leanner

    I admit to being a bit bummed when you haven’t posted, but then I tell myself that you have a million and two reasons not to blog and I say a prayer for you and yours. 🙏 Here’s to hoping you have a weekend that lets you recharge!

  10. EG

    Sorry for the hating everyone/ thing. Hope things level out soon.

  11. kitty

    thinking of you and hoping for better.

  12. karen

    What Kitty said.

    And it’s too bad we live so far apart. I think my Frasier and your Licorice would make a cute couple. Same haircut even!

  13. Mandy

    Hope it gets better. Hey – for those WCS fans who missed the Facebook post, check it out and go vote, vote, vote for our beloved Mir. We can’t do much from afar, but that – that we can do.

    ((virtual, non-creepy hugs from a long-time fan))

  14. Jeanie

    Licorice is a cutie!

  15. laura

    I wish I was a furball stretched out in the sun. I wouldn’t even mind having drool on my face. Of course, only if it was MY drool.
    I hope you continue to find something to smile about even during the yuckiest of days.

  16. c

    humanity is overrated
    sorry the dog is giving you the hairy eyeball too… remind her she is NOT a human and you expect (need) a little doggie love

  17. Sonia

    Go go gadget tongue……

  18. Korinthia Klein

    Oh my gosh, she looks exactly like our dog, except Chipper has one white toe and a white chest. Your dog looks calmer than our dog, though. Have you seen this yet, in case you need a laugh?

  19. Pip

    It’s alright Mir, we hate you too – but, you know, in an affectionate way :-) Life got too much for me and I haven’t updated my blog for about five months, so you definitely have me beat.

  20. Kyallee

    Mandy, THANK YOU for posting that! I just found the link on Facebook, voted and shared. Since Mir won’t take any direct help from us I’m happy to have *something* I can do, little though it is…

  21. Michele

    Oh no. Can totally relate. You are not alone. In 2011 I didn’t think I could seem any more broken, yet this year has been worse than ever. Have been saying your very words for the past several months. While I know there is a bigger picture (a much bigger picture) this 2012 has ground many of us to nubs. What gives? Maybe 21-Dec-2012 will be a magic day afterall. xox

  22. Rocky Mountain Woman

    Maybe if we all stick together, we’ll make it until the end of the year….

  23. mamaspeak

    I’m w/Em on this one.
    Kicking Ass & taking names is exhausting, I don’t know how you’re still standing. (Well, I kinda do, but I’m exhausted with you.)

    As I get better, (recovering from back surgery coupled w/chronic pain from Fibromyalgia,) I’m doing much more physically. As that happens, I have less & less time to spend w/my laptop & phone, (who are kinda bitter about it, but what can I do?) I do not know how the hell you manage to post pretty much every day. I’m still doing less than half the stuff you are, and my blog is lucky to get a post a month lately. I do miss you when you don’t post, and I worry that it’s because things have gotten even more crazy, (if that’s possible.) BUT, you need to cut yourself some slack somewhere. If it’s your personal blog, so be it. Go take a spa day; shit, you deserve a freak’n spa month! But give yourself some space to relax. I know that seems impossible, but you need it. (I highly recommend the whole “yoga breathing” thing; it helps even when you aren’t doing it.) Wishing you many mellow & happy om’s ;-) Let’s hope October will be the start of some newer, happier events for you and your family. (((hugs)))
    (This totally counts as a blog post, right?)

  24. Brigitte

    Ah, just want to close my eyes and sink my fingers into Licorice’s sun-warmed, fine, fine pelt. So hard to remember how her fur was when you got her!

  25. Jan in Norman, OK

    #1: As much as we care for you and yours, you don’t really owe us anything. Updating a blog is way down at the bottom of any list of priorities. As I’ve said before, we’ll wait.

    #2: As they say in mock-Latin, “Illegitimi non carborundum.”

    (Was mock-Latin spoken by pseudo-Romans? Wearing knock-off togas bought at Caesar’s Club?)

  26. Jim

    I was wondering if you’d notice that you were soooooo getting the stinkeye from Licorich.

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