Back to normal, whatever that is

By Mir
November 29, 2010

After nearly a week with everyone at home, it was with many yawns and heavy hearts that most of the family headed back to work and school today.

I was sorry to see them go; this was, for me, one of our best holiday breaks ever. We didn’t do anything. Seriously, it was a festival of sloth and all-day pajamas, most of the time. I was working through it, but that was fine. The kids relaxed. Monkey unwound a little. Chickadee worked on various school projects and slept late and chatted with her friends online. There was pie for breakfast, several times. For a few days I forgot that I was supposed to be stressed out and worried, because here in our little cocoon, everything was fine.

Today they’re all gone, again, and I miss them. The dog, however, watched everyone go and then immediately collapsed in a heap of relief here on my office floor. I’m pretty sure I heard her sigh as she descended into what was probably her first decent nap in a week.

Then the UPS guy showed up, and she leaped up to give him what for (I am not sure what “what for” is, but I suspect it sounds like a LOT of barking), and just like that, everything is back to normal.


  1. Angela

    Ah I love the cocoon! And hated leaving it this morning, it was such a nice, relaxing break. My currently out-of-work husband called this morning to tell me my little poodle dog figured out how to crawl into and nap in my sweatshirt that I wore all weekend. She does that thing, too, where every time we would sit down this weekend she would jump in one of our laps to hold us down!

  2. Katie in MA

    I always hate the impending Back to Routine Gloom that pervades the house…and then, halfway through my day, I remember that I actually *like* routines! I’m not overly fond of waking up at the pre-crack of dawn thing, but hey, I’m working on that.

  3. Karen


  4. divrchk

    I hear you! I had a great break too. My son has been HAPPY lately. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him smiling all the time. It’s wonderful. I hope that sending him back to school won’t take the smile away. This school year is sucking. He’s bored off his ass and they are refusing to challenge him and he’s hating every minute of it. I feel guilty and terrible sending him on the bus every morning. Both kids were such a joy to be around this past weekend. I’m already lusting for Christmas vacation.

  5. Headless Mom

    The kids are back in school, Amen!

  6. Julie

    I agree with you!!! Today it was MURDER to get my monkey up to go back to school today. Truth be told – I had my own issues waking up with my alarm at 5:30am :) I love time at home with the whole family ~ makes me wish that we could do this all the time.

  7. Flea

    Hooray for good holiday breaks! And hooray for Mondays! Monday is my favorite day of the week. My Hunny goes back to work and the kids all leave for school. It’s glorious.

  8. Randi

    While I definitely miss my monkeys when they go back, at the age they’re at, it’s a LOT easier to get work done with them at school. The 6 year old ALWAYS wants someone to play with her! LOL

  9. 12tequilas

    Since this is the central theme of your post, I must ask: what kind of pie?

  10. Half Assed Kitchen

    My breaks are not relaxing. There’s too much kid entertaining to do. Maybe someday…

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