Let’s give ’em something to taco ’bout…

By Mir
November 8, 2016

Today’s the day, people. We made it. Election Day! Now we all just have to make it to tomorrow, sans heart attacks. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….

In the meantime, may I remind you that it’s Tuesday? As in… TACO TUESDAY.

I can think of no better Tuesday in the history of (wo)mankind to well and fully commit to Taco Tuesday. Can you?

I’ve got your taco recipes right here, in case you need some inspiration. Until there’s a taco truck on every corner, you can just make yours at home, I guess. Enjoy!


  1. Katherine

    No taco trucks in our town, but DH had a burrito for lunch (from a small very Hispanic grocery/restaurant) and then we had fajitas for dinner. In the spirit of Taco Tuesday!

  2. Von

    My heartfelt condolences to you, Mir, and your whole country, on the shocking outcome of this election. No lying phony speech of conciliation from that dangerous man will make me any less fearful of what will happen with him in power. A lot of people in the world, including me in Australia, are scared right now.

    Good luck doesn’t begin to cover it – so, god help us all.

    • Mir

      Indeed. I am numb.

  3. Karen

    I simply cannot believe this. I just finished reading King’s novel – Needful Things. I feel like that book has come to life, and I am wondering when all the killings will begin. Trump is Gaunt in the flesh. A man who is not at all what he seems, hawking things that are not what they seem.
    How a man who cannot complete a sentence without lying is elected to the highest post in the land. I am so fearful for the next four years.

  4. Becky

    I hope you and yours are holding up. Especially Monkey. I remember being a teenager and too young to vote in 2008 and the utter fury and helplessness I felt about the results of that election. This year is far worse. I can’t believe it has come to this.

    • Becky

      …I meant to write 2004. IT HAS BEEN A VERY LONG DAY.

  5. Karen


    Just watched her speech, and Obamas speech after … class acts that will be sorely missed. Tears here today, and anger. And honestly, I look at half my friends in a whole different light.

    Peace be with us all as we sort through what remains and move forward… together….*sigh

  6. Meh

    I know you’re all good people and I sympathize with your dismay.

    This election has been so heavily emotionally charged and overwhelmingly propagandist. Everything that worries you about Trump is something the media latched on and multiplied until he seemed like the next coming of Hitler. Everything that dismays you now is probably not half as bad as it seems.

    There’s one comforting thought to consider. While Trump was elected by his supporters, he is supposed to be president of everyone. He cannot ignore the other half, he has to be the president of the entire nation. He’s not dumb (could’ve fooled me, but he’s not), so he must realize this, and intelligent people grow into a larger role that’s set before them.

    Those supporters of his, I know it’s easy to think they’re all just scumbags and racists. But this election has shown that there are too many of them to demonize in this way. So why not take the time to understand their reasons? Look beyond your prejudices and biases, look beyond your emotional knee-jerk responses into what’s really there.

    This article is spot on: https://medium.com/@trentlapinski/dear-democrats-read-this-if-you-do-not-understand-why-trump-won-5a0cdb13c597#.z347e7ck9

    You don’t have to agree with someone 100% to see merit in their observations. People like Stefan Molyneux, Milo Yiannopoulos and even Scott Adams, each and every one of them has something about them that I find annoying or idiotic. But listening to them has given me food for thought every time, and broadened my intellectual horizons. Echo chambers are not a good thing.

    It won’t be as terrible as it may seem at the moment. Right now, everyone is reeling under the influences of pre-election propaganda, which amplifies the worst, it manipulates emotions and demonizes opponents. Once the dust settles, reality will be much more pragmatic.

    • kellyg

      That article, like many others, suggests that this election was a referendum on “politics as usual” and “political elites” and money. And yet, so many incumbents were voted back in. Incumbents that have been around for the last 2,4,6 or more years, I might add.

  7. Little Bird

    I don’t think any of us saw this coming. I stand to lose all health care coverage. I took two days to wail and lament. I’ve had two separate doctors visits in three days so I can get as much taken care of before Medicaid as we know it is dismantled. I probably have about ten more to go, some of those being surgeries. I will hold both Chickie and Monkey in my thoughts in the coming days. I will hope that as they get older they will continue to persevere and press forward. The fight is not yet lost.

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