Both falling apart and coming together

By Mir
September 28, 2016

I just realized the last thing I wrote about was my eye infection (Hi, I’m Mir, and I’m SEXXXXXYYYYY), and then I promptly went silent for another week because my neck was all jacked up.

Longtime readers may recall that 11 years ago I crashed my car into a dump truck and the dump truck definitely won. Chickadee still has the smile-shaped scar and I still have a neck that periodically greets me in the morning with HEY REMEMBER WHEN WE HAD WHIPLASH? LET’S DO THAT WHOLE “CAN’T MOVE” THING AGAIN. So the eye thing responded well to antibiotics and then I woke up with my neck locked; if you would like to hear someone complain about how getting old sucks, I am available for parties. Our chiropractor retired, so I ended up complaining for a while and then a friend-of-a-friend was kind enough to do an emergency yamuna session with me that let my neck know it was okay to stop being a complete dick. I now own my own yamuna ball and everything. (I may or may not have named the ball. DON’T JUDGE ME.)

Anyway. For the moment, all is well. I’m sure another body part will give out in a day or two, but let’s not think about that.

Having only recently been restored to health and then having watched the debate on Monday night, I decided it was time for me to be very clear, out loud, about where I stand. Yesterday I wrote you this piece for Alpha Mom, and while I don’t imagine anyone who’s ever spoken to me is surprised to hear that I’m voting for Clinton, I felt moved to declare that I’m doing so enthusiastically and with a lot of hope. I’m not going to be silent or polite about it anymore.



  1. Laura

    Reading this brought back so many memories of times when I was made to feel less than. No more than any other woman I’m sure. The thing that I can’t keep pushed down is the disappointment I feel in myself for making or joke, or ignoring, or just staying silent instead of sticking up for myself. As the mother of four daughters I have a chance to be the support when they find themselves in similar situations.

    In this world of crazed crazies I am thankful for you and your reminder that we do have the power to make a change.

    • Karen

      Mir, you seemed to read my mind with your post. Thank you for putting those thoughts into beautiful words. I was first moved by your stating what this election is doing to you. I have recently had my blood pressure spike, and I really believe this is in part due to this election.

      I also had professors like your daughter’s. I can so understand her feelings.

      Thank you for writing this!

  2. Karen

    I’m with her too… because .. sanity is an important element in a candidates potential.

    • Debra

      OMG!! YES!

  3. Karen

    Just read your other piece but couldn’t leave comment. Amen, sister… beautifully stated, and just Amen.

  4. Chuck

    I should name my foam roller. I take it with me on road trips. Been using it at the recommendation of my chiropractor and it does help but I always feel odd taking it into hotels. Also my new chiropractor who started me using it again is awesome, don’t be afraid to look for a replacement one. Took me a few tries when I moved here but I have a very good one now.

  5. Joan

    I was originally a Bernie supporter. But once he was no longer a viable option, I researched Hillary and the other candidates. And I feel good about my decision to vote for Hillary. I feel better about it all the time, especially since the debate. Now if I could just sway some of my liberal friends who intend to vote Johnson. I’m really choking on the fact that none of them can give me a reason they’re voting for him other than that they can’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary.

  6. Jan

    FYI, that post in which you wrote about your car accident was the first one I ever read on your blog.

    I then went back and read all the archives starting from the beginning. Aren’t you jealous that you aren’t my employer? ;)

  7. Susan B

    I can’t stand either candidate. I was going to stay home & rearrange my sock drawer. As I was debating the sock rearranging thing I started thinking about what my duty is and what we are voting for. How did we get here, this is the best we have to offer? I have trash men who are more principled, level headed & would make a better president than either of the choices we have.
    And then I remembered something. The CONSTITUTION. The heart of what we have built over hundreds of years, nasty scars & all. I firmly believe Hillary should be in prison for the way she handled things as Secretary of State. Inexcusable ignorance. In multiple areas. As much as I DETEST Trump, voting for someone whose sworn job was to uphold & defend the constitution etc & then knowing what she did? I cannot in good conscience vote for her. I have three daughters & voting for her because she is a woman & we’ve born injustices is not something I can base my vote on. I personally feel she should be in prison, not presiding over the next judges on the highest court in the land.
    NOT that I care for Trump one bit, but I feel he is in a better position to place people on the bench who WILL defend the constitution. And sadly that is the only reason he is getting my vote. When it comes down to it I can’t think of a better reason. So I’m not even voting for a President I’m voting for the defense of the Constitution.
    All I know is that there will be a lot of people who are committed enough to the process we take for granted, who will come out & vote, but throw up a little bit in their mouth as they cast their vote. I know I will be!
    I did enjoy your column & can see where you are coming from. I just can’t see how criminal actions can trump disgusting behavior & comments. Personally I cannot justify that. I’d have voted for Bernie over both of these two & the fact that I even typed those words in the context of our presidential nominees is pretty scary! lol
    Thanks for all your work across multiple sites- I don’t know how you do it all!

  8. Daisy

    Full disclosure: I have admired Hillary since she refused to stay home to bake cookies and host teas. She had a law degree, for heaven’s sake! She wasn’t a house mama! I’m with her no matter who sits across from her during a debate. Seeing the way her opponent and the debate moderator allowed her to be interrupted and talked at just made me more determined to help her get elected.
    Full disclosure again: I can walk into the local Democrats’ office and be greeted by name because I volunteer there. I believe in electing people who are smarter than I am. Hillary Clinton is an intelligent leader. She knows what it takes to be president, and she is still willing to take the job.

  9. Monica

    I’m just going to ignore your perfectly correct punctuation and pretend you named the ball Don’t judge me.

    Also thank you. Thank you for speaking out and saying what you think. I’m Canadian so I don’t get a vote but holy I wish I did because you guys are scaring the crap out of me. The people supporting Trump who expect him to fix the EXACT things he’s been taking advantage of for years. I don’t understand that level of blindness. Good luck to us all because I think a Trump presidency would have implications on the rest of the world that none of us are prepared to live with.

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