Crumple zones

This morning I dragged my children out of bed, nagged at them to hurry up, probably yelled at them during breakfast, threw my coat on over my pajamas, and finally got us out the door more or less on time.

Half a block away from Monkey’s school, I drove the car into the back of a very large dump truck. No, not on purpose.

And we will all be fine, we will all be fine, we will all be fine; I have to keep saying that over and over and over in the hopes that it will somehow block out the flashbacks of the moment when I stood on the brakes, or the moment when I turned around and locked eyes with Chickadee and realized she was bleeding, realized her forehead was completely split open down to the bone and that I was about to vomit or pass out and that I could do neither because I had to take care of my babies.

And somehow I got out of the car, got the kids out, calmed and comforted Monkey’s hysterics and pressed a wad of napkins to Chickadee’s head and exhorted her to please keep talking, please don’t close your eyes baby, talk to me, I’m here, keep talking until they come to get us, baby, please.

And the police came and the ambulance came and God bless every one of those workers and all the other people who stopped and helped and the man who lent me his phone so I could call my ex to meet us at the hospital. The time from getting out of the car to shortly before we were discharged from the hospital is all a blur. All but the part where I was supposed to walk Monkey around a bit while my ex stayed so they could start stitching Chickadee up, and despite the sedative and anaesthetics she shrieked and shrieked and I thought my heart would explode if I could not find a way to calm her.

So I kicked my ex out to the hall to walk with Monkey so that I could hold her–she had to lay flat on her back, so I laid my head on her chest and wrapped my arms around her sides–and wipe her tears and whisper that I was sorry, and I was there, and it would be all done soon.

Monkey has an impressive goose egg, but this did not stop him from advising the ambulance driver on how to drive, charming the entire nursing staff, devouring a package of pop-tarts, coloring for a while and deeply considering which stuffed animal would make his sister feel the most better, and playing an elaborate keep-away game with an inflated purple glove that one of the EMTs gave him.

Chickadee received 20 stitches. I watched them all. She has a smile-shaped wound across her forehead and told me tonight that it should really be a frown. I agreed. I did not tell her how much worse it looked before they closed it up, or how I had briefly wondered how I could possibly survive if she’d died in my arms on the side of the road.

I am battered and bruised and basically having one continual panic attack in waves that wash over me.

And we will all be fine, we will all be fine, we will all be fine.


  1. Karin

    OMG!! You poor things! So glad that you’re all okay apart from stitches and a huge shock.
    I had a smash a few months ago which I am still recovering from but I cannot even begin to imagine how much more traumatic it would be to have had your kids in the car.
    Wishing you all a speedy and easy recovery.

  2. annie

    just glad you are all okay. big hugs to all of you (and esp the chickie with the smile on her forehead).

    boy…will the kids have something to talk about in school tomorrow!

  3. Pammer

    Sending good, helpy, healing thoughts to you and yours.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if this experience had a positive impact and one of the kids were so impressed with the medical care that s/he decided to go to medical school?

    Is THAT a positive spin? :)

  4. MsSisyphus

    You will all be fine. You will all be fine. You will all be fine.

    It’s not your fault.

    It’s not some sort of divine retribution of the universe for thinking bad things or whatever.

    I’ve held a child down for medical personnel to do what they have to as well. Welcome to the club. I wish so very much that neither of us were members.

  5. Angela

    OH Mir! Bless you and bless your sweet babies. The prayer chain continues on this end. You WILL all be fine.

    By the way, did you ask God, for patience or stronger faith or some other such nonesense?

  6. Cathy

    OMG, I am so sorry this happened. You are an incredibly strong woman and amazing mother. This too shall pass.

  7. carolun

    Oh Mir,
    What a terrible way to start Monday! I’m glad that you, Monkey and Chickadee weren’t hurt any worse. I hope you and your kids feel better soon.

  8. Momsy

    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Specially you, Mir.

  9. Beth

    Came out of lurking with my heart in my throat. I’ve been reading your blog for less than a month, and already feel like I know you, Chickadee and Monkey.

    Hang in there!

  10. Jilly

    Oh MIR!!! Gol-DANG it! Good on you for coping, good on you, you were a fine fine mommy and human.
    Sending healing thoughts,

  11. Amy-GO

    Oh Tulip. I am so sorry this happened to you. And you will all be fine. Really really. Lots of hugs and prayers your way…

  12. Emily G.

    I’m so sorry. I won’t even pretend to understand how you feel, but you and your whole family are in my thoughts. Thank goodness Chickadee only needed 20 stitches, and thank goodness you and Monkey are just bumped and shaken. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to all of you. If you need to rant or just talk, you can email me and I’ll send you my phone number. I don’t know you really, but I do care about you and your family and I’ll help in any way I can.

  13. Kira

    That moment when you kicked your ex out so you could be the one Right There, feeling the agony radiate right through her bones into yours? Putting yourself there, draped across your baby, because she needed you?
    That is what a mother does. That is why you’re my hero.

  14. Mom

    Thank God you will all be fine, you will all be fine, you will all be fine.

    Now repeat after me: It’s not my fault. I did everything humanly possible (and then some) in a horrible situation.

    It’s now your turn for some good luck to come your way. You’ve paid for it in heartache. So many folks are out here rooting for you. They can see who and what you are so they love you. Ya just gotta admire their good taste.

    And I know who and what you are and I love you. In spades. All of you get well soon. That’s an order.

    Much love,

  15. danelle

    Oh poop!

    At least it was a dump truck and not a Lexxus or something. Yikes! Did you get a ticket?

  16. Jenn

    Mir…you will all be fine. Oh sweetie, what a horrible day. Sending all the hugs and love your way.

  17. Karen

    Oy vey, Poor Chickadee! Poor Monkey! Poor Mir! Thank God you’re all OK, despite rattled nerves and goose eggs and too many stitches. Big, warm cyberhugs coming your way, my friend.

  18. Amanda

    It WILL all be fine. Accidents and awful things happen. And thank all the powers that you and your precious babies were all right. And that they and you will remain so.

    I’m sorry. What a horrible, sickening experience.

  19. Patricia

    If I didn’t already think you were totally part of my life, despite the fact we’ve never met or even e-mailed. I actually thought that the following conversation was totally normal:
    Read Post. Grab closest phone. Call friend in NC. Say, “OMG, you aren’t going to believe this, but Mir was in an accident and Chickadee got stitches! I’m so upset and concerned, I’m crying.”
    So, I’m sending you get well wishes and tons of speedy recovery thoughts for Chickadee and Monkey.


  20. ben

    I think there may be a valuable lesson here, for all of us:

    Do not get between Monkey and his pop-tarts. This boy means business.

    I’m glad you’re okay, I hope the worst is past now (except for some reason the day AFTER an accident is when I feel it most) (it kinda sucks that I have enough experience to be able to say that, but this isn’t about me)

    Please give a hug to your kids for me, and for your Ex, too. This is something that people should never have to do.

  21. Rae

    You will be fine. Oh, God bless you and comfort you all, *HUGS*.

  22. Sheryl

    Oh my gosh! I can’t imagine having to go through watching my kid get stitched up. 20 stitches– and watching every one, probably in more agony than she was! I’m so glad you’re all okay (relatively speaking), though I bet you’ll be feeling bruised (physically and otherwise) for a while. Thank God you’re all safe and sound tonight.

  23. Jenny

    Oh. My…

    It’s probably MY fault. Let’s go with that, I have wide shoulders.

    Much, much love to you, Chickadee and Monkey. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys.


  24. Kristie

    OMG!!! I don’t even know what to say! Obviously you guys aren’t OK…but I’m glad things weren’t worse…

    Blah, I suck at this. I hope you guys feel better soon.

  25. Tiny Coconut

    Oh, you poor babies! All of you!

    I remember when my Em had to have 5 stitches in her forehead; I swear that to this day I can still feel the needle going into her skin…and she doesn’t even have a scar. The resilience of children. You can count on it.

  26. Angel

    OMG I am so sorry :( Lots of healing thoughts for you all coming your way.

  27. Laura GF

    Delurking — how could I not after reading this news? I’m so sorry to hear that this happened, and glad that your children have such a strong mother. They are so lucky to have you every day, but especially so today. I’ll be thinking of you three.

  28. Alice

    Oh, Mir – my thoughs are with you. You will all be fine, it will all be fine, and you did an *amazing* job at taking care of things. Many hugs and much comfort going out to you.

  29. DebR

    Damn. What a horrible thing to have happened and I’m glad you’re all ok. Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

  30. Lisa V

    Oh my gosh. Coming out of lurkdom to say how sorry I am about this. That is one of my worse fears, running into the back of something. I am happy you are okay. So sorry for Chickadee, and the trauma you and Monkey endured. Sending good thoughts your way Mir.

  31. MoMMY

    My thoughts are with you and Chickadee and Monkey. May you all recover quickly. You are a strong woman Mir. Remember that.

    Chickadee will be fine and so will you.

  32. jess

    Oh my, what a terrible experience. I have panic attacks constantly about an exact moment that you had. The moment after an accident when you have to turn around and check on your kids.
    My daughter had fourteen stitches on her forehead as a toddler and the scar has moved it’s way up into her hairline over the years.

    Take care…

  33. elswhere

    Yes. What everyone said, all those commenters up ahead of me, all those people who care for you.

    Thinking of you and your girl, and that pop-tart-gobbling boy.

  34. Busy Mom

    Wow. I sure wish there was something I could say to make this better. I am so sorry that this happened to you, I’m glad you’re all OK for the most part. I hope you’re able to get some sleep and that tomorrow is better for you.

  35. Crystal

    (((((((((((Mir and kids))))))))))))

  36. D

    Ditto…33 times…

    You ARE fine, you ARE fine, the kids ARE fine…it IS ok…breathe, breathe, breathe…

  37. Cyndi

    Oh, my. I was bawling by the third sentence and sobbing by the time the stitches were done.
    I know you will all be fine, but how scary. You did so good, Mir. I wish you had been my mom.

    I have been in one accident like that, and I know you will feel worse tomorrow, like Ben said. [Lots of Tylenol, Motrin, and whatever they gave you at the hospital.] You will also have a few days where you see the damn accident over and over in your head. Normal. Do not make yourself nuts over it. You did GOOD. And you will all be FINE.

    Take really good care of yourself and those babies. Poptarts all around!!

  38. GraceD

    Thank God
    Thank God
    Thank God
    Thank God

    …you’re okay.

    So many blessings from your fan,

  39. margalit

    Oh Mir, I’m so sorry for your horrible morning. The thought of you in your PJs holding a bleeding Chickadee is heartbreaking. Just know that I’ve got 86 stitches in my forehead from when I was in a car accident at 9, and you can barely see the scar now. Most people don’t know it’s there unless I point it out to them.

    Take extra care tomorrow when you’ll be stiff and in pain.

  40. julie

    You are all fine, you are all fine. And lot’s of good thoughts and prayers are with you.
    I’m Suzanne’s sister and you know she’s honeymooning. Her comment seems noticeably absent. You’ll hear from her I’m sure…
    We’re all glad you and your’s are ok. Hugs.

  41. buffi

    I am so glad you are all okay. You are such an amazing mom. You did every single thing right. Your kids knew you were there for them when they needed you most.

    You all are in my prayers tonight, Mir. Try to rest.

  42. Wen

    This was the first time I read your blog. As a fellow Mama my heart goes out to you. I pray for much tenderness, peace, and mercy for you and your sweet babes in arms tonight. So glad you’re all right…you’re all right…you’re all right.

  43. Jensgalore

    Oh my gooness. How awful! But, yes, you will all be fine and I am so glad to hear that!

  44. Ang

    I held my son down once to have an IV put into his arm. That can’t even compare to what you did today.

    I will be thinking of you often.

  45. Meg

    HOLY CRAP. Oh, jeez, I’ve had nightmares like that. You poor bugger. I ache for you seeing your kids hurt, and listening to Chickadee freak out about her stitches, and having to hold it together because you’re the mother. What an awful, awful thing to happen.

    I’m sending lots of good thoughts your way, sweetie — well done for getting through it. ::shakes head::

  46. for Joke!

    What a horrifyingly frightening experience! I am so glad you and yours are ok!

  47. barbex

    I’m glad you are all ok.

    Despite the garbage truck, you did well today, Mir! Shit happens but you were there to calm your children when they needed you to.

    Everything will be fine.

  48. Deb

    Oh, bless your hearts. I’m so glad you are all okay and are going to be okay. It’s time for a least a week of poptarts and ice cream and lots and lots of cuddling for every body. I’m sure Chickie will be okay once she gets all that cool attention at school.

  49. T.Marie

    Danged Dump Trucks. Danged Mondays. In danger of sounding repetitive, don’t blame yourself, it was an accident. There is a reason they are called accidents. Because, well, they are just that. Don’t let that wonderfully tuned Mommy instinct try to tell you there was something you could have done differently. You were wonderful. Chickadee is always going to remember her Momma holding her tight while she got stitched up. You will all be fine, you will all be fine, you will all be fine.

  50. Katie

    Oh Mir, I am so sorry you are going through this! I have tears in my eyes, this is one of a parent’s worse nightmares. I’m praying for you and your family.

  51. wendi

    Here from Mommy needs Coffee…Just wanted to send many {{{healing Thoughts}}} to you and yours.

    Glad to hear you are all okay, angels were watching over you!

  52. Peek

    Just putting myself in your spot (mentally speaking) my heart starts to race, I can’t even imagine how it was in person. I’m so glad to hear you are all relatively okay. This Mommy business certainly is a tough job, glad to hear everyone is in one piece. Yeah for seatbelts.

    XO XO XO

  53. Christy

    Makes me cry just thinking of it. You’ll be in our prayers.

  54. Bob

    How are you this morning? How are the kids? They are so resilient – in just a few days this will be just a story to share when showing off the scar/bruise! I’m so proud of you for holding it together and being the calming center during the crisis. I’m so totally not surprised, I expected nothing less from you. You are the bestest. If there is anything I can do, you have but to ask. Sending a big hug and a pat on the back your way.

    Take care.

  55. Zuska

    You WILL all be fine – but I’m so sorry you all had to go through this!! I can’t imagine…

  56. Cindy

    So sorry to read all this, it made my heart stick in my throat. It’s going to take awhile to get over the shock and trauma of such a thing. You are in my prayers.

  57. Brenda

    My heart goes out to you all. Take care of yourselves. You deserve lots of love, rest and treats!

  58. chris

    Bear hug & shoulder the weep on, arm to hit in frustration, pat, pat, you’re pretty tulip. I know none of that will make it all better, but I hope it helps a little bit. We are all pulling for you. You did a great job keeping everyone together after the accident, just don’t forget to take care of yourself.

  59. Em

    I’m so glad you are all ok now. And I am so proud of you. You took one of the worst imagined moments of any parents life and you took control and focused on your babies. THAT is what they will remember when they are grown.

    Today will be a better day (couldn’t be much worse, right?).

  60. Jessie

    I’m sorry to hear about your accident. You will all be fine. I’ll keep you and yours in my prayers.

  61. Matt P

    Thank goodness your all ok. I hope chickadee feels better quickly. Children always seem to bouce back faster then their parents. Best wishes to all. Matt

  62. Aimee

    Oh Mir! Oh my…I’m so sorry you had to go through that. You *will* all be fine though, and ditto what Kira said.

  63. karen

    So sorry to hear your bad news. Hope you all feel better very soon. Be kind to yourself Mir.

  64. Tracy

    You will be fine. You will be fine. I’ll repeat it too.

    I’m so sorry. It hurts so much in a mommy’s heart to have to help her kids through anything, especially the serious things. I’m sorry. And I’m so thankful that you’re relatively okay.

    lurker who had to come out of lurkdom to say that I’m thinking of you today. Take care of yourself too, though I know it’s hard to do when you’re taking care of your precious kids.

  65. Beachgal

    Another lurker here, wanting to say that I am glad you guys are basically ok. You were great, being able to calm yourself down in order to not freak the kids out. I don’t know that I’d be able to do it.

    This will be an experience they’ll remember, for many reasons, and they’ll remember how well you handled everything.

    Again, glad things are (basically) ok. Lots of internet hugs from Myrtle Beach for you and yours.

  66. Tina

    Coming out of the lurky depths to say I am so sorry! I’ve been lurking here for months and today’s post just made me bawl. Thank goodness you all are alright. Love and prayers to you Mir and your little ones.

  67. alala

    Oh no, what a terrible thing to go through! I’m sorry too, and hope you’ll all be on the mend soon.

  68. Randi

    Today is my son’s birthday. Okay, it seems wierd to start with that after everything that happened, but let me explain. Today my son turns 5 years old. A son that I, for some reason, believed I would never have (never mind his 19 mo. old sister). A son who, after hours of labor and even more hours of pushing, was cut out via c-section. That day, five years ago, I remember thinking how happy I was, and I remember all the fears that went through my head as he finally became a living, breathing thing. It seems, the older they get, the more you take them for granted. I was bawling by the end of your post, and I’m SO thankful Monkey and Chickadee and yo are okay. I know what it’s like driving on icy roads, I live in Northern VT, and no matter how careful a driver you are, anything can happen. So while I feel terrible that this happened to your family, thank you. Thank you for having the ability to post this story and for reminding me to not take my children, or anyone’s, for granted.

  69. Elizabeth

    Holy COW!

    ::Hugs and tears from strangers::

  70. Dawn

    I’m glad to hear that everyone’s OK. You will all be just fine.

  71. Brenda

    Oh, Mir, our best wishes are with you. Please take care.

  72. Snow

    You will all be fine. You will all be fine. You will all be fine.

    HOLY CRAP! That’s the sort of thing that every mother’s nightmare is made of, Mir. I’m so glad you’re all well and safe. How utterly terrifying.

    Go easy on yourself. It was an accident, and it all worked out OK. Quit that! I can hear you blaming yourself from here. Just stop it. You’re all fine, remember?

  73. Bakerina

    Oh, Mir. You are a goddess, a warrior and a champion. And you will all be fine. You will all be fine. You will all be fine.

  74. Fraulein N

    Oh God, you had quite a scare! So glad you all are okay.

  75. Jen H.

    Also delurking to send you big hugs and enormous healing energy. You have invited all of us into your family each day and I ache for you as a sister although we’ve never met or spoken. And I’ll also try and reassure you that I had almost 50 stitches in my head/face at age 7 and even I can’t tell where they were now.

  76. Tiff

    How horribly horribly scary! I am sending y’all good thoughts.

  77. pel

    Coming out of many months of lurking to send you my best wishes. Though we’ve never spoke, emailed, or met, I feel as if I know you and your wonderful children by reading every day. You all have been through so much and this may seem like just “one more thing.” But not only are children resilient, YOU are resilient. You have the strength and power to make it through this, even though you shouldn’t have to. Please take care of yourself and know that my love and prayers are sent your way. Remember that God does not give us more than what we are able to bear, and as Philippians says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Best wishes and much love.

  78. Mamacita

    Oh, Mir, I’m so sorry that happened! I hope you can feel this big hug I’m aiming your way. It’s a really big one.

    Let me know if there’s anything practical I could do to help. Please?

  79. bella

    i’m in tears. the vision of you holding your chickadee… i did the same a few months ago with my 4 year old while she was having an IV inserted into her hand. i’m glad you’re all ok.

  80. serena (Of serenaville)

    My heart stopped, reading this entry. My stomach is still pooled somewhere around my feet, where it plummeted as though it were an elevator with a snapped cable. I’m sorry it took a situation like this to finally jar me into de-lurking, but please know I send every strength and well-wish your way… and not a few prayers upwards in thanks for your survival, despite being an irredeemable heathen. With horrible punctuation. Best wishes for full and speedy recoveries! *HUGS!!*

  81. cmhl

    you are exactly right, you are fine, and they will all be fine too.

    Believe me, I know, nothing is worse in my opinion than hearing your child getting stitches and screaming. I’m so sorry you all had to go through that, and I’m so glad you are all relatively ok.

    deep breath.

  82. Theresa

    OMG. You’re all ok. That’s what’s important. Are you ok??

  83. Susan

    Total stranger here sending kisses to your kids. And you. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. :) Ah, the internets!

  84. Pamela

    I am so sorry – you will be alright!! My heart stopped as I read about it because I have been there with my son –

    Hang in there!! You will be alright!!

  85. Jenrigg

    Oh Lordy! Big healing hugs from this side of the ocean to you and your darling little ones. You WILL be fine, indeed.

  86. Chickie

    Glad that you are all still in one piece. Speedy recovery thoughts to you all.

  87. Brian

    I don’t have kids yet, so I can’t imagine what it must be like. But I am always comforted by memories of my mother taking care of me when things were tough or I was in pain. I’m sure Chickadee will soon forget what the stitches felt like, but she’ll never forget her mother’s loving embrace. Praying for a quick recovery so everyone can get back on their feet to enjoy the holidays.

  88. Niki

    Oh Mir – I’m so glad you guys are okay (relatively speaking). I am said friend in NC who got the call – in the midst of a Girl Scout meeting at my house. I had to hustle them all out of my house so that I could read and make sure you guys were okay. Though I’m sure you don’t feel it, you were (and are) a brave mom – I don’t know that I could ever watch someone take a needle to my child. We’re sending lots of prayers and hugs your way – and get that boy some more pop tarts!

  89. Liz

    I read the whole thing…and nearly vomitted!!

    What else is there to say, but, thank you…to the angel that was flying along side you yesterday!!

    Feel better soon, all of you!

  90. Heather

    Eep! I’m glad to hear you’re all okay. I mean…wowsas. Everything will be okay, and I know the feeling of repeating that phrase over and over again. Here’s hoping you can believe it! (me, I suck at that.)

  91. Nancy

    Oh Mir . . . am so glad you are all okay. Love and good wishes to you and the kidlets. And hugs, if I may.

  92. Heather

    I am so glad you are all ok!!! Sending you healing thoughts and prayers and hugs.

  93. marlen

    ((Hugs)) and prayers for you and your kiddos.

  94. Summer

    Thank God it wasn’t worse. I’m so sorry, and I wish I could do more than send my good wishes.

  95. Kathy

    I’m sitting at my desk sobbing. You’ve lived through my worst nightmare. I’m so sorry this happened….I hope that you will all be better soon and that the panic attacks will subside. My heart truly is aching for you. You will be in my thoughts tonight.

  96. Wisecrow

    Not sure what made me read your blog just before heading out the door to pick up my kids from the ex, but I’m glad I did. Very thankful that everyone is ok.

  97. andi

    Yet another lurker (did you know you had so many??) popping in to let you know that you and Chickadee and Monkey are in my prayers!! You are a strong woman.

  98. diane

    What can I say that hasn’t been said already?
    God bless you all. I am so happy you are all okay. I cried and got sick to my stomach reading this. You are all so strong. You are in my thoughts.

  99. jess

    “And all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” (Julian of Norwich)

    Mir: I’ll be praying for you and your family, especially for the little Chickadee’s poor head and your strength.

  100. joaaanna

    Oh Mir! Thank heavens you are all okay. Chickadee will be proud of that scar someday – especially when she reads your post about it.

    I’m really glad you are all fine.

  101. Scarlett LeAnn

    It seems to me your little one had a gaurdian Angel to watch over her and thanks to that Angel from God. She will be fine and stronger than ever….God bless and take care…

    Your favorite reader,
    Scarlett LeAnn

  102. Mia

    Hugs, Mir. Everything will be okay. HUGS HUGS HUGS

  103. Kestralyn

    Oh, Mir! I just wanted to add my thoughts to everyone who has come before me. My heart is in my throat and I’m fighting back tears. I’m so sorry. And so, so happy that everyone will be all right soon. Someone or something was watching over the three of you, even though it may not feel that way right now.

    I know you keep track of your blog stats, but just in case you didn’t know how many people care about you, Chickadee and Monkey, just look above and below this note.

    Hug those children close and know that we’re all sending as much healing energy as we possibly can to all of you.

  104. Laura

    OMG, I am so sorry this happened to you. I can’t even imagine how you felt before you knew everyone would be okay. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. May nothing worse ever happen to your family.

  105. Marcia

    I posted on the writing mother group to find out if anyone heard from you. Even though you said you were all fine, I pictured a minor fender-bender but now I see it was much more.

    I’m keeping you and the kids in my prayers and wishing a speedy recovery for all. How scary, glad you are safe.

  106. Jan

    Another lurker coming out. Crying & sending mental & virtual hugs. You will all be fine. You will all be fine! Thanks be to God & Guardian Angles!

  107. Karen

    Ohhh…I am just so thankful that you all will be fine!!! What a terrifying experience for all of you!!!

  108. David

    Lordy, Mir! I linked over here from Joshilyn’s, got a sentence or two into the post and had to stop, back up and re-read it ’cause it just couldn’t be real. But it was and it is. I’m sorry this happened but ever so grateful you’re all still with us. God bless you all.

  109. Lisa

    Prayers are with you, Mir, for a speedy recovery all around, body, soul and emotions!! Praise God it wasn’t any worse than it was. Hugs to you all!

  110. Kimberly

    I’m so glad that all of you are going to be fine. Wishing you quick healing on all levels.

  111. Jenn

    Holy cow, that is really awful, but I’m glad that you’re all going to be fine. I’m so sorry it happened, I’m sending you happy, healing, zippy recovery thoughts.

  112. Justin

    Good Grief this is second time I’ve delurked in two days. So sorry that happened. So glad everyone is OK. Ugh driving. Hang in there.
    Wow so many lurkers.

  113. Mike

    I know that feeling, Mir, holding the little one and wondering if you can’t PLEASE just wake up now…

    So glad it wasn’t worse. *softhugs* to you all.

  114. HomefrontSix

    Another de-lurker. I have nothing original to say so I’ll just say ditto to everyone else. I”m glad she’s ok. I’m glad he’s ok. And I’m glad YOU’RE ok.

    Whoever said that the “hold your kid down so the doctor can do something painful to them” club is an awful one to be a member of is right. But it’s what Mommies do, isn’t it?

    I’m glad you were there for her.

    – hfs

  115. daysgoby

    A terrible day.

    You will remember you had a bad morning – your kidlets will remember how Mommy made everything okay.

    Be gentle with yourself for a few days – your body will be sore and tired and you will probably keep having flashbacks (I’m sorry!)

    But you *will* get through this.

  116. Jules

    Oh Mir I’m so sorry. I would have been equally as scared. I have had to hold my own daughter down while she got stitches and it was awful. I”m glad you guys are going to be fine – you really are.

  117. HG

    Oh Mir, my heart is still in my throat for you. Thinking of all of you…

  118. Buzzards2

    Holy cow Mir – what a day you had. : ( I do pray that you and your little ones heal well, and can quickly put the crumple zone behind you.


    P.S. Haven’t read your blog in awhile – I wish I had more time to read it all as it’s written so well!

  119. bad penguin

    Oh, how scary! I’m glad you’re all ok.

  120. Ella Susan

    I am so happy to hear that you are all going to be all right! I’ve been in a car accident with my two dd’s and I know how scary it is! Take good care of each other and take it easy!!!!

  121. Meem

    Oh, honey! This brought tears to my eyes! I’m sending you all my thoughts and wishes of calm and peace. I’m glad no one was seriously hurt.

  122. Mysh

    As everyone else is, I am happy to hear that it was not more serious. Awesome job keeping it all together for your babies and yourself! My prayers to all for a quick healing, through and through!

  123. Meghan

    Mir, My heart broke reading about the accident and your sweet little girl and boy. I hope you are all feeling better. That must have been terrifying. Here’s to a speedy recovery. I hope those stitches heal soon.

  124. Donna

    Another lurker – missing your posts – hoping that everything is getting better – you are talented (and pretty!) so things will improve, give it time…
    Get well!

  125. Stephanie

    So… It’s Wednesday afternoon and still no update. We are concerned. Can’t you tell by the hundreds of posts?

    I was hit head-on by an 18-wheeler with my 18 month old daughter in the car. We both survived, miraculously, with no injuries. It was the terror of what could have happened that paralyzed me.

    I am so glad you all are ok.

  126. Heather G

    Hi Everyone,
    This is one of Mirs friends locally. I just wanted to let you know that I have spoken to Mir and she is doing ok, they are all still a little sore and she is just resting as much as possible right now. She will post when she can but I just didn’t want everyone to worry.
    Thanks for the well wishes!

  127. Momsy

    Heather G: THANK YOU!

    Thinking of you and yours, Mir.

  128. bon

    Usually I lurk…but this post almost stopped my heart. I am so glad that everyone is fine, no one hurt any worse. Get better, get some good sleep.

  129. Christopher

    I, simply, have to join the rest of the heartfelt de-lurkers and convey my deepest sympathy and prayers for you, dear Mir, and your little ones, as well. Like all of the wonderful people above this post who have come to soooo enjoy getting to know you and your family through your web-log, I wish you and the kids a speedy recovery both physically and emotionally. It takes quite a bit to make this construction worker cry, but boy, this post sure did it!! God bless you and your family. C……….

  130. Barb

    Mir – you are an incredibly strong and amazing woman – this will serve to make you even more aware of that fact. Take care of you and yours – my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  131. Aimee

    Thanks, Heather! That’s a relief.

  132. Jan

    Thanks for the update, Heather. More hugs to you all again today..

  133. *AGK*


  134. Beth

    My heart just goes out to you, so much. I’m so glad you’re all going to be fine, be fine, be fine. Take care of yourself, too…ugly flashbacks have a way of sticking around after these things.

  135. steph

    I’m a friend of jenny’s and just wanted to say how terribly sorry I am to read about this accident. Hug your kiddos tight. Hug yourself too.

  136. Amy

    Goodness, one of the mommy’s-worst-nightmares come true! Glad to hear everyone is home and mending and it wasn’t more serious.

    Enjoy each other and get well soon vibes Chickadee’s way!

  137. Cori

    I’m such a slacker that I’ve just made it over here and heard what happened. I’m so thankful to hear that Chickadee is ok and that you all made it. You will all be fine. {{{Mir}}}

  138. Shiz

    Oh sweet Mir, my poor sweetie! Extra prayers said and lots of love your way!

  139. Kris

    Oh my god, Mir. I’m so sorry thatI haven’t checked in sooner! I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Oh sweetie, I’m so glad you’re all ok! Sitting here bawling my eyes out for you, knowing the level of panic you’ve gone through with sweet chickadee.

    ((((HUGS))))) A gazillion hugs just isn’t enough to tell you how I feel.

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