Back to the grind

By Mir
August 24, 2016

Otto has this thing about asking me how my day was. I mean, he really wants to know, I’m sure. But he asks when he gets home and he often asks at dinner and sometimes he asks when we sit down on the couch later to watch TV, and he almost always asks again when we turn out the light and get into bed at night. It’s endearing the first fifty-seven thousand times. Last night when he asked me for the third time that evening I snapped, “YOU ALREADY ASKED ME THAT” both because I’m a terrible person AND because half the time, I have no freaking clue how my day was. How was my day? What did I do all day? WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE???

I don’t think this is a kid-away-at-college thing. I think this is a Mir-is-a-somewhat-disorganized-dumbass thing. I do a certain amount of work each day, of course, but then I also find myself saying things like “Oh, I went grocery shopping!” like that’s some sort of major achievement. Um. Yay me? Yes, we have orange juice and a fresh loaf of bread! TRULY I AM A MARVEL! And if I manage to both do laundry AND put it away, well, I don’t require a standing ovation or anything, but if you must….

Summer was flying by the seat of our pants. Now that school is back in session, I’m trying to get us back on schedule. I’ve found that making dinner sacred again (you know, around marching band and everything else…) is usually a good anchor, so to that end, I’m over at Alpha Mom sharing my 10 Commandments of Drama-Free School Night Dinners. If you must know, last night we had chicken chili (made in the crock pot, natch), the leftovers of which will be nachos later this week. Tonight we’re having savory (gluten-free) cheddar buckwheat waffles topped with sautéed mushrooms, spinach, and onions in a white wine reduction. I can’t swear that cooking dinner is the reason my family still puts up with me, but I have my suspicions.

Tonight when Otto asks how my day was, I’ll reply with grace and love, “It was delightful. Shut up and eat your fancy waffles.”


  1. Otto

    Om nom.


  2. Jodi

    Can you post the waffle recipe?

    • Mir

      Lemme make sure it works, first. But yes, I will.

  3. 12tequilas

    But grocery shopping *is* a major accomplishment. It IS.

    Please don’t take this away from me…

    • Carol Eldringhoff

      I agree with 12tequilas, grocery shopping is a major accomplishment. It’s the one bit of shopping I hate to do every week! Underrated!

  4. kimmie


  5. shan

    Second request for the waffle recipe, please. :) Sounds delicious!

  6. Mom24_4evermom

    I know what you’re saying, and trust me, I get it. I get really tired of my daily accomplishments being listed as laundry, keeping little people alive and usually making dinner. Groceries are a bonus. BUT, those are the things that truly make our loved one’s lives easier. Where in the world would we be without someone doing the laundry, figuring out dinner, grocering? I don’t love that it feels like anyone could do it, but I try to tell myself the important thing is that i am. Yeah, sometimes I have more success than others with that. Hang in there. Personally, I think you are awesome.

  7. Jeanie

    What time’s dinner again?

  8. TC

    As someone whose work schedule rarely permits her to do real grocery shopping and almost never during the week allows for a real homemade dinner that takes more than 10 minutes of prep AND cooking time–much less the strength to insist we eat it together given all our insane school/golf/theater-rehearsal/etc schedules–do not underestimate these things. They are awesome. And hearing about them makes me motivated, if just a wee bit inadequate. (But then again, sometimes hearing that other people do ANYTHING else–like garden or craft or BREATHE–does that! ;-p )

  9. D

    Mir, I’ve been a follower since your East coast days, since the car accident, since before Otto. As you send your oldest off to college and I send my almost-youngest to college, I’ve just begun acknowledging the aspie traits in my 18 yo as they come out in full light. Thank you for your authentic journey which is only NOW, so many years later, becoming a marked and guided trail for me to follow. As I’m also starting all over again with a little one, I just want to say I hope you are forever writing so I can keep being motivated! I used to write at a different blog but I had to take it down during a messy divorce, I’m writing again after long years away and would love it if you came to visit. You don’t even have to bring a treat! lol! with love and respect, D

  10. Becca

    Another cry for the waffle recipe from a Celiac!

  11. fluffy

    Completely off topic. I just read an article on Minnesota Public Radio about the first ever woman director of UMinn’s marching band. Great phot6os of band members

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