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Hey, remember how my kid came down with something flu-ish on Christmas? Because of course she did? And then a week went by and figured it was just her, so on New Year’s Eve Day when we were making vision boards and I wasn’t feeling so hot, I figured it was no big deal… right up until it became clear that yes indeed, I was going to be ringing in the new year with a fever and a lot of grumpiness. Oh well.

I don’t know what sort of virus it is (was), but I finished up my board in bed, yesterday, and today I am up but moving kind of slow. That’s fine. While I go drink a whole lotta water and work on putting Christmas away, I have three things for you.

Thing the first: A really hard question over at Alpha Mom, which you may find interesting if you have younger, dating teens.

Thing the second: My vision board for this year (click to embiggen).

Thing the third: Chickadee’s board for this year (click to embiggen). (Shared with permission and my favorite, favorite one of hers ever. 2016 may just be amazing, friends.)


  1. Aska

    Those vision boards are beautiful. :) What a nice tradition.

  2. Karen

    Both are awesome – I wish you all of the above and then some – Happy, Healthy 2016 to All –

  3. Chuck

    Great vision boards, and a very well-written and thought-provoking column. Thanks for sharing, Mir!

  4. Chris

    Where do you find such great photos/material for your vision board? My daughter and I tried to do this last year but didn’t feel like we could find much that inspired us (perhaps not helped by the fact we only have two magazine subscriptions and I usually throw away right after reading)

    Nice work on both boards!

    • Mir

      After years of trial and error, I make sure to pick up some free/cheap subscriptions throughout the year so I have a stockpile ready to go when it’s board time. Although both magazines annoy the crap out of me, we find lots of great visual material in Martha Stewart Living and O, in particular. Seventeen and GL both have a lot of good visual stuff, as well. This year we also had a subscription to The Atlantic and The New Yorker, both of which had a lot of good words but not necessarily as many good visuals.

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