Lessons learned (veggie/college edition)

We returned from our whirlwind campus touring trip with the realization that yes, Virginia, this college thing is truly right around the corner and Big Decisions need to be made. That is both exciting and unnerving. And every time I try to remind myself that everything will work out just fine, I remember that once we get Chickadee through this process I have to start it all over again with Monkey, like, immediately.

Needless to say, we came home and I said “Oh, we don’t have any food!” and went to the store and promptly purchased All The Ice Cream. I think that’s reasonable, under the circumstances.

Also while we were gone, it rained a ton (on the heels of it having been approximately a billion degrees), so my garden is… experiencing growing pains. Specifically, all of my beautiful nearly-ripe tomatoes proceeded to split and in many cases, fall right off the vine. Still, I’m not complaining. Even ugly tomatoes can be turned into delicious tomato sauce.


This morning’s haul. Those are three types of tomatoes plus Japanese eggplant (and yes, I’m happy to see you, har har).

There was the matter of discovering HALF a tomato dangling from a vine, one day, and that was bizarre (my beds are in a fenced area), but then later that night we let Licorice out and she came back smelling VERY TOMATO-Y and the other half had vanished and, well, SOMEONE is now answering to “rotten tomato-faced thief.”

So clearly I’m no help on the gardening front, but if you’re curious about my take on questions to ask while touring colleges, I’ve got you covered over at Alpha Mom.


  1. Jami

    I swear your Licorice is the reincarnation of our Lily. Black shi-tzu, Completely ridiculous And tomato thieving – she stole right off the vine. She’d come back with seeds stuck in the fur around her mouth! Be aware it can cause bladder/ kidney issues because of the acidity? Can’t remember what the vet told us, but we ultimately had to be a little careful about her intake. When she died at age 16, we buried her in a spot where she can eternally oversee the tomatoes during the summer. That dog was a big mess! Thanks for the smile.

    • Mir

      Awwww, this made ME smile. I guess I know where Licorice is going when her time comes. ;)

  2. Daisy

    I swore up and down that a deer was eating my bean plants because no rabbit could reach that high and my neighbor had a picture of a fawn walking down our street one day. Nevertheless, my dear darling husband sent me a text message the day he found a rabbit bending the bean plants down so it could reach the newest, tenderest buds. When I asked for photo verification, he claimed it was impossible due to the menagerie he had scared away when he came close enough with his camera. Rabbit, two crows, and at least one other critter (squirrel?) had gathered to partake of the buffet.

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