It’s beginning to look a lot like…

… I have possibly lost my mind. But hey, it’s hard to tell. That’s the joy of living life just on a knife’s edge of sanity. Woooooo!

We’re counting down the days until school lets out, and I have been baking as if there’s no tomorrow. Or as if there’s a tomorrow BUT only if you have a LOT of decadent treats with which to meet it. Whatever. I have been back to the store for more butter THREE TIMES. My garage is filled with various containers of dozens and dozens of cookies, and an entire shelf of the fridge is covered in fudge. (Um, in appropriate receptacles. I did not just slather fudge on the shelves.) Tonight I’ll put goodies into festive buckets and soon all of these treats shall be delivered and perhaps the children will stop complaining that I didn’t make THEM any cookies. Maybe.

I both love and hate this time of year. It’s frantic, which I don’t like, but I get to do a lot of giving, which I very much like.

In fact, yesterday was Christmas. Sort of. I got to do something super-duper fun, and you can read about it on Alpha Mom. I’d tell you more, but I have eighty gazillion cookies left to frost and portion into containers, so, um, I’ll seeya later.


  1. Lucinda

    I’ve been doing the same but still am not sure I have enough for my planned goody baskets since my family has been eating it as fast as I can make it. Grrrrr……

    • Mir

      I store stuff in the garage and threaten the children with bodily harm if they touch. Also, I feed them the ugly/slightly burnt ones as I go (which helps).

  2. Meg

    Go you!!!! I am very impressed and also now hungry, dammit.

    Also, I’ve been meaning to say, I really appreciate that you always put something more chatty than just “please go read my post”. I know you’re not obliged to, same as you’re not obliged to post anything here at all! I don’t mean I’m an entitled shit who thinks that people should always pander to me. But it’s nice when they do!!

    …, I’m not sure that makes sense. Um, you’re really pretty?

  3. Genevieve

    Hooray, Mir!! Love your Alpha Mom post. How lovely to get to be the hero/Santa/amazing gifter, and to know that you waited for good reasons and now they are so delighted.

    And I agree with the commenter over there who said that your kids have been working so hard and made great progress, but also you have been working so hard and facilitated that in so many ways. Take some pats on the back/high fives/cheers for yourself.

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