Also, Halloween is coming

By Mir
October 29, 2014

Once again, the kids’ social studies teachers are offering extra credit to kids who dress up in themed costumes for Halloween. This year Monkey is in the Government class his sister took last year, and Chickadee is in US History. I both love and hate this idea; I love it because it’s (supposed to be) fun and gets the kids engaged, but I hate it because who ends up doing all of the work, I ask you? (*AHEM* Exhibit A.) (Please also note that SOMEONE is refusing to let her little brother borrow her Bill costume this year EVEN THOUGH he doesn’t have the same teacher she wore it for last year.)

If they let us grab some pictures, I’ll show you their creations later this week. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked Chickie out of being William Howard Taft stuck in a bathtub. (“YOU CANNOT WEAR A BATHTUB TO SCHOOL” = an actual thing I said.) You know us, I pull for punny/easy any time I can, so the end results should definitely be groan-worthy. Will they get extra credit? (Maybe!) Will anyone have a giant meltdown? (PROBABLY!) Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’m pondering teenagers and Halloween over at Alpha Mom, because apparently I’m supposed to have a lot of feelings about it. (I mean, beyond the whole “don’t wear a bathtub to school” thing.)


  1. Beth

    Oh wow, I think William Howard Taft stuck in a bathtub is a genius idea! She just has to figure out how to convey the idea of a bathtub without the actual tub. Something attached all around the edges of her body (styrofoam? white pool noodles?) and then she could carry/wear various bath accessories…back brush, shower cap, towel…

    I’m sorry. Please feel free to banish me from the Moms Who Stick Together club. :-D

  2. Ruchi

    I am also a fan of Taft in the bath. In my head I’m thinking of some pool floating device that could be spray painted white, construction paper bubbles and a rubber duckie glued on.

  3. Lisa

    a hula hoop with fabric hanging down or a plastic tub with the bottom cut out would work great – just sayin’

  4. StephLove

    I remember that chick magnet costume. Genius.

  5. Karen

    I hope you do the tub. Awesome.

  6. book lover

    Outside of costume s, there is a great picture book called “President Taft is stuck in the bath”. She should take that to class someday.

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