Happy Halloween! Everybody sing!

By Mir
October 31, 2013

She’s just a bill, yeah she’s only a bill…

… and she’s sitting there on Capitol Hill…

Me: That is not so much “sitting” as “laying there like you’re dead,” you know.
Her: I am SAD and DEJECTED. I am depressed that I’m not yet a LAW!

(Clearly she’s committed to the role.)

And even though we were up late figuring out how to attach Bill’s sash (stitch witchery to the rescue!), I think the final product is more than worthy of the extra credit promised to students who dress up as “an important part of history.”

P.S. Thanks to Lisa at Condo Blues for providing great instructions!


  1. Sara

    I love this in ways I cannot begin to express.

  2. Mama Bear


  3. Therese

    That’s absolutely awesome! I hope her teacher is of the right age bracket to recognize the Schoolhouse Rock theme.

  4. el-e-e

    So clever!

  5. Eileen


    • Mir

      Well that is just awesome.

  6. Angela Arnett Stone

    Super cool though I have to wonder if your photo albums at home are also all faceless pictures….kind of creepy to think about. ;)

    • Mir

      Yes, we belong to a religious cult that believes cameras can steal your soul if they capture your face.

      Oh, wait. Actually we belong to a religious cult that believes God created ice cream because He wants us to be happy. My bad.

      • RuthWells

        Is membership open to your cult, or does one need a sponsor? Because me likey.

        • Mir

          Open membership. Come on over! Bring whipped cream.

          • Sarah B.

            Can I bring whipped cream flavored vodka instead? That is a spectacular costume, by the way.

          • Mir

            Vodka? You’re in!

          • RuthWells

            Sarah B., I was gifted a bottle of whipped-cream flavored vodka a year ago and have no idea what to do with it. Seriously. Suggestions?

  7. Nancy R

    Brilliant! Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls At The Party FB page is collecting images of smart girls in smart Halloween costumes. I’d say this qualifies!

  8. JennyA

    I… want to steal this.

  9. Brenda

    I definitely first thought of Mr. Bill from SNL. Because I have only seen a brief snippet of Conjunction Junction as far as Schoolhouse Rock. I love the costume, though! Very creative and fun. :)

  10. Arnebya

    Chickie makes me happy.

  11. Nancy R

    P.S. I like your costume better – Bill’s face is cuter on yours, lol.

  12. Joan

    Love, love, love, love it!

  13. carrie on

    Your daughter is awesome! I love it! And now she has a super awesome towel to use at college!

  14. Corey

    this costume > awesome

  15. Jenn

    This, in my mind, is the perfect costume: not scary, no special make-up or wigs, not “sexy,” I can wear regular clothes and extra layers if need be, and it’s still clever. I will make one and keep it to wear every year. Plus, my husband’s name is Bill so there’s an extra joke in there. (The costume would be too mild-mannered for my husband to wear himself.)

  16. Jean

    I love this so much!!! I give you extra credit Chickie!!!

  17. Carrie

    I LOVE this! And my 7 year old (whose Social Studies teacher is clearly educating her well with SHR videos) now wishes she were a bill for Halloween :)

  18. Frank

    Top Notch! the worst part, though, is that this is lost, I am sure, on most of her classmates and friends… and maybe a good portion of the younger teachers…

  19. Darcie


  20. RuthWells

    LOVE. The parents opening doors are all going to have earworm for the rest of the night…which is a great trick, when you think about it.

  21. RL Julia

    What a great costume!

    • Mir

      We looked at that one, but foam is expensive and seemed rather uncomfortable for a day at school. Also, while the directions we used stitched the face, I’m lazy—hers is puff paint!

      • Bob

        Well, that was too easy! You aren’t trying hard enough if you don’t spend hours and hours and dollars and dollars on it.

        It is cute, though. Chickie should save it for a future visit to DC.

  22. Beth

    Wow! Great idea and impressive execution, Chickadee!

  23. kapgaf

    I believe to a religious cult that believes if you take a picture of someone’s face, their head will explode. After watching the video, my head might explode if I tried to understand how you get laws passed in the US. Poor old Bill!
    P.S. the costume is fabulous and very Chickie. Have fun trick or treating (did you see the Jimmy Kimmel video challenge ? Very mean but very funny http://fr.search.yahoo.com/search?p=jimmy+kimmel+trick+or+treat&ei=UTF-8&fr=moz35)

  24. Midj

    The Playground music station on Directv plays all those songs from SHR, so I hear this one occasionally. What a great costume! That could be her fun costume (add a zombie face for a bill that doesn’t pass) and her extra credit costume!

  25. diane

    Awesome. AWESOME!

  26. Genevieve

    I love this SO SO SO much. This is one of my favorite costumes I have ever seen. Go Chickie and Mir!!

  27. The Other Leanne

    This is so great! I wish I had seen it a couple of weeks ago so I would have something to wear to the party at work today besides a Red Sox ballcap.

  28. Beth S

    That is awesome and I am so stealing this idea for tonight. DS (11) still has no clue what he wants to wear but he has to dress up to take his baby sister out with some friends. I’m thinking between towels “borrowed” from the gym and random crap we have, I can pull it off today without even having to go out to the store. Yay!

  29. liz

    That is an amazingly awesome costume!

  30. Practical Mama

    Awesome costume and Happy Halloween!

  31. Little Bird

    That is a perfect costume! Good for that extra credit AND fun!!

  32. Lisa

    Best. Costume. Ever!

  33. Chickadee

    My teacher took my picture and gave me a giant KitKat. Om nom nom. THANKS MOM!

    • Donna

      You have a really cool mom. Even when you don’t think so. Lucky girl.

    • Chuck

      Way to go, Pork Rind.

  34. Jen

    I just love this costume. Love.

  35. meeshie

    Damn I love this. I passed my history classes solely due to Schoolhouse Rock back in the day. Go you ;)

  36. Donna

    OMG you SO rock…

  37. Jeanie

    So clever!

  38. addy


  39. Chris

    Awesome (and I can still sing most of the songs). We the People – a favorite as well – but this is great

  40. Amanda

    I think laying there dead is presently historically appropriate.

  41. karen

    How clever!!!.. and I remember that skit well on School House Rock. Great, smart program.

  42. jp

    Love it! And as a Canadian growing up in PEI (mostly), I can assure you that we managed to get Schoolhouse Rock. I loved it so much as a kid that I bought the cd version for my son (ok, really for me!). The costume is fabulous, Pork Rind really pulled it off!

  43. Condo Blues

    I love how your Bill costume came out. I’m flattered you used my tutorial!

  44. Liza

    You and your daughter are clearly both ingenious. Did she get the extra credit?

  45. Jenne

    UTTERLY phenomenal! I want to share it on Facebook, and she’s not even my kid :)!

    Totally original!!!!! Nicely done :)

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