Band, band, band, band, and band

But first… a scintillating Duncan update: He is very much enjoying his hobbit meal schedule. Where he used to just sleep in my office all day long (presumably due to his low blood sugar and being mostly dead), he now hops up and follows me around the house. Bathroom break? Duncan is there! Grabbing a snack? Duncan is ready! Someone at the door? PERHAPS HE HAS KIBBLES! Duncan now believes it is his birthright to have a handful of kibble in his face at all times, and he’d be happy to follow you around to remind you. He is forgiven, because 1) he’s adorable and 2) this newfound energy came with a bonus in the form of Formerly Cantankerous Dog now being downright cuddly. After dinner he paws at my leg until I pick him up and let him sit on my lap at the table. He leaps up on the couch and curls up against the nearest human. He GIVES KISSES. I don’t know who this dog is, but I guess I’ll keep feeding him all day long.

In non-Duncan-y news, we are deep into marching band season. This means Otto has gotten to make his favorite “our kids are the ones in the funny hats” joke multiple times. And it also means I am thrilled to see both kids enjoying the anchor of a great activity, surrounded by good kids, led by amazing staff. Over at Alpha Mom, someone asked how you know if a band program is a good one, and I’ve tried to offer some guidance. If you have kids considering marching, definitely give it a read.


  1. LizD

    PUPPY KISSES! The best thing ever!

    • Karen

      So happy for Duncan. And I will say this here before I scoot over to Alpha Mom to read your post. Marching band was the greatest thing in the world for my son. In these parts, (Houston, Texas area) you have to have a group to hang with when you enter the big world of high school Marching band was just that for my son, and I will be eternally grateful to the band director at the high school as well as the middle school for getting him to reconsider and join the marching band!! Love, love band, and I was so proud to be a “Band Mom!”

  2. Jeanie

    Oh, Duncan! I’m so happy that you’re feeling better!!

  3. Chuck

    Glad to hear that Duncan is doing better. Any dog would be lucky to have you be their Mom.

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