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By Mir
July 1, 2014

I actually had this whole funny little post planned about The Day Of The Mystery Puddle—it appeared in the middle of the kitchen and we started playing Dog, Garbage Bag Leak, or Oblivious Child Spill—but before I had a chance to write it, Duncan commenced peeing all over the place and generally behaving unwell. At that point the puddle seemed less amusing and more like something I should’ve been more alarmed by in the first place, y’know?

Anyway. Duncan is also kind of lumpy and bumpy (“Age!” said the vet, the first time I pointed it out. “Or maybe something else! Who knows!”) and checking him over revealed one of his bumps had significantly expanded. No bueno. Off to the vet he went, first thing Monday morning, and now he’s in surgery. We’re waiting to hear whether this is a small expensive annoyance or a big expensive heartbreak (or something in-between).

So! I’m working! And shopping! And not thinking about my smushy babykins having dubious lumps extracted! It seemed like a perfect time to share some shopping tips for hard-to-fit-teens over at Alpha Mom as a distraction. You could come read it, and then we could be distracted, together.

[Edited to add: Duncan came through the surgery just fine, and other than an abscess and couple of fatty deposits the vet found nothing we need to worry about. He (the dog, not the vet) spent the night fairly confused and this morning is mighty angry that we won’t let him eat his stitches. We lucked out.]


  1. Karen

    Sending best wishes for the best possible outcome!

  2. Jeanie

    Hugs and kisses to Duncan, and you, if you’d like. I hope the lumps are simply lipomas. I’ve had a few dogs with them. My springer had one on his chest that grew and grew until it was almost the size of a baseball. The vet said not to worry about it unless it bothered Harley. They’re nothing to worry about, is what I’m saying. Good luck!

  3. Sheila

    We had a big expensive heartbreak this weekend/yesterday. Lost our sweet cocker to unexpected liver failure after three days in the hospital/ICU. I sure hope you get better news about D. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

    • Mir

      Oh, Sheila. I am so sorry for your loss. :(

  4. Brigitte

    Hopefully they don’t claim it’ll be $50 a day for three days, then hit you up with a bill for over $800. BEFORE the over $200 prescription medicine. Not that that’s happened to us recently, *cough, cough*!

  5. Jamie

    Hugs and kisses from my 3 boxers – Kingston, June and Tanker, our foster boxer. We all hope Duncan’s lumpies are nothing to fret over.

  6. Alice

    Having been through recent lump-stress of our own, I’m sending Duncan and you all good thoughts and ear scratches! (Mostly for D, but especially as they’re symbolic, they’re available to any who’d find them enjoyable.)

  7. not supergirl

    So glad it was good news! Also, poor Duncan. That just has to be ridiculously confusing.

  8. Mary K

    Good of Duncan to find a way to alert you. Glad the problem was small and fixable.

    Aren’t we all glad humans – children AND adults – don’t resort to peeing on the floor when they don’t feel well?

  9. Daisy

    I’m glad to hear Duncan came through the surgery well. Many times it’s not the surgery or procedure itself that scares me; it’s the result, or what the doctor will find. That goes for the human family members, too.

  10. Chris

    Glad to hear Duncan is ok

  11. Jeanie

    So glad your adorable Duncan is okay! My bay-bee labradoodle will be neutered probably in August. I know I’ll be a wreck, both during surgery and after, trying to keep him from licking his stitches. And then there’s the cone of shame. Sigh.

  12. addy

    Yay Duncan! And ya the lumpies are usually nothing. We been dere done dat. No worries.

  13. 12tequilas

    As for Duncan: whew! relief.

    I have the opposite problem with one of my boys (though they aren’t teens yet): chubby-ness of my 11-year-old makes finding clothes tough.

  14. Lindsey

    So glad to hear Duncan is bumpy in a treatable way!! Hooray. :)

  15. Kirsten

    Glad that Duncan let you know he wasn’t feeling well. And I’m another for watch the bumps and they should be ok. When we first moved here to AK 7 years ago, we noticed a rapidly growing lump in our Wrinkles’ “armpit”. Rushed her off to the vet, who took a biopsy and told us it was cancer, too close to blood vessels, and it might be in our best interest to put her down. 7 years later, the lump is the same size, she’s still with us, and I am so glad I didn’t listen to that emergency vet.

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