Gravity sucks

I’m having one of those “Oh, we are getting older and saggier and falling apart” sorts of weeks. To wit: I finally got my hair cut! It looks great! But I’m astounded anew by how gray it is. (Does that seem weird? I didn’t so much get my hair trimmed as I had it… de-bushed. Thinned/textured/layered, so that after the cut it was the same length as before but there was half as much of it. And for some reason the gray seems more prominent now. Because OLD.

Fortunately I am saved from feeling completely decrepit by the fact that Otto just got a new pair of glasses, and for the first time he’s gotten progressive lenses. His new frames are adorable—he’s always adorable, so that wasn’t hard—but he’s still getting used to to the lenses, so he spends a lot of time adjusting his head this way and that, and somehow watching him do that (okay, fine, laughing at him while he does that) is helping me to feel less old. Because at least I don’t have confusing glasses.

If I were smoother, now there would be a great segue here to encourage you to check out this this round-up of healthy dessert recipes I did for Alpha Mom, but all I can say is that there used to be a time when I could just eat an entire box of cookies and not gain an ounce, and that time… is long past. So now I have to be a little more judicious with my choices (without giving up dessert).


  1. Amy

    Jeremy makes a buttermilk sorbet pretty much weekly in our fancy pants Cuisinart ice cream maker. It’s our favorite. And when we have guests over for dinner it seems super fancy. We’re basically gourmet chefs. Or at least he is.

  2. Lucinda

    I hear you on the getting old. The past couple months I seem to have had multiple doctor visits dealing with issues that stem from nothing more than age. So irritating.

    • Jan in Norman OK


      I was just thinking about this today. Taking medicine used to mean I was sick. Now, it’s just maintenance.

  3. Rocky Mountain Woman

    I have the gray hair and the progressive lenses…


    oh! and a bad knee

  4. Little Bird

    I expect progressive lenses next time I get glasses. I’ve already got the grey hair.
    As for desserts, I made pizzelles for the first time yesterday.

  5. Bryn, Isle of Anglesey, UK

    My sympathies are with Otto re. the lenses. My optician persuaded me to try bi-focals once; I suffered through 24hrs of motion sickness before saying “Enough!” and going back for separate reading and normal-use spectacles.

  6. Lynda M O

    Progressives saved my life; I used to have two pair and they hung around my neck like a ball & chain. constantly switching between them and then picking up a baby or hugging a friend and they’d get the worst treatment. Yikey crikey, do I love my progressives and it took me only a couple days to stop looking stupid figuring out how much tilt I needed. Our brain figures it our relatively quickly.

  7. My Kids Mom

    I did the progressives too. The first pair, a great bargain at Costco, made me so dizzy I felt sick and had headaches. I had to turn my head back and forth just to read a paperback. I was popping Tylonol and going crazy. I finally returned them and went to Lenscrafters. Lenscrafters made a different style of progressive that uses the full space of the glass. There was no “window” to see through. I put them on and forgot to take them off, with never any dizziness or sickness. Just an FYI if Otto is having trouble adjusting to them.

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