Thawing out

By Mir
February 13, 2014

Questions on my mind today:
1) Will the kids ever have school again?
2) Will Duncan ever stop being perplexed by snow and ice?
3) At what point do I have to stop eating potato chips and resume regular living?
4) How is it possible that we’ve been holed up for days and I’ve still accomplished absolutely nothing productive?

Truly, my mind is a deep philosophical well.

While we continue with storm clean-up, I have a great vegetarian stuffed pepper recipe over at Alpha Mom that even the resident carnivores love. I made it last weekend, before the storm hit, because once you’re iced in, you can’t be expected to cook anything more complicated than hot dogs. That’s the rule.


  1. My Kids Mom

    I’m having the same reaction. All the time in the world, and I choose something for dinner that takes no more than a few minutes to make.

  2. Emily

    I am feeling the same way. In order to maintain my sanity after staring at the wall of my house, for the last couple of days I went out and shoveled the driveway while my husband took the girls sledding. What? Why? It was therapeutic to some extent but now I am so exhausted, I think I need a nap. Either that or another package of Swiss Cake Rolls? Dinner, haven’t even thought of that yet…ugh!

  3. MargieK

    Tell that to my friend Jenn (in the Raleigh are) who has planned a day of baking (she grew up in New England, though). Nothing like fresh muffins, rolls, or gluten-free goodies if the case may be, on a cold snowy day. Except for hot chocolate, spiced cider, or wine (any temperature).

    OTOH, if your power’s out, that might severely limit your ability to cook.

  4. Mary Fran

    Green peppers ruin everything they touch. You just don’t know me at all, do you?

  5. Melissa M.

    Answers to your questions:

    1) Not until April (That’s what I’m expecting in NY).

    2) Dogs have inborn perplexities, so no.

    3. Not until you can walk on your sidewalk without fear of cracking your skull.

    4. Because you have had a SNOW day. From the snow day handbook, I read, “A snow day preempts all other activities, no explanations necessary.”

  6. Daisy

    Random questions are a way of life. Right? Right. We had a thunderstorm today – in Wisconsin. In Green Bay Packers country, a thunderstorm, when we’re usually having several inches of snow. Shh: don’t tell Mother Nature, or she’ll take the Minneapolis St. Paul storm and throw it our way next.

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