While we prepare for the Icepocalypse…

By Mir
February 11, 2014

… I’m over at Alpha Mom, realizing that Duncan is teaching me a lot about what Chickadee needs.

[In case you don’t live in the south or haven’t seen the news, we are about to be slammed with an ice storm “of historical proportions.” This is alarming, of course, but also comes with a side helping of my-parents-were-supposed-to-visit-but-ICE-STORM and a dessert of our local production of The Vagina Monologues was supposed to open tomorrow night and now we are delayed at the very least, if not canceled. In other words, I’m cranky, and after a morning of storm prep (firewood! batteries! charge all the devices! move the trampoline! bring the grill in to the screen porch!) I’m kind of freaked out, too. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, please send gluten-free cookies and trashy novels.]


  1. TC

    I’m assuming autocorrect, but what was “a dessert of our local production…” SUPPOSED to be?

    I’m not in the slightest bit jealous; god, I hated major storms when I lived back east. Stay safe, stay warm, stay trashy. ;-)

    • Mir

      Nah, that was on purpose. Side order of parents not being able to come, capped off with a dessert of the show maybe being canceled. Crappy metaphor of a terrible meal.

  2. jana

    Well, if you paid attention this morning, you now have coffee prepared, so there’s that. Just don’t drink it all at once. I have 90 oz. Boom.

    • Mir

      I was going to do what we discussed and brew ahead, but then we realized we could just take the french press out of the camper and heat the kettle on the grill. We did pre-grind a bunch of beans, though.

  3. Sharon

    It sounds like you are prepared, or as ready as you can be. My friend is hoping to beat the storm and making fast tracks to Maryland from Georgia in anticipation of a grandchild due to arrive on Friday. Will this winter ever end?!

  4. Debra

    …..move the trampoline? What? In addition to pre-brewing coffee and splitting firewood, now I have to move the trampoline?! ;) Um….why do I need to move the trampoline?

    • Mir

      We put it in the shade (read: under some big trees) and with the impending ice we are likely to lose a lot of branches if not entire trunks. I’d rather the trampoline not be crushed, so we moved it into the middle of the open part of our yard. (Klassy!)

  5. Brigitte

    Like you don’t have enough on your plate (no meal pun intended).

  6. Tracy B

    I am sick of this winter. I live in Central Louisiana and we’ve had 3 winter storms and heading to our 4th one tonight. The first one was awesome–4 inches of the white stuff. The last 2, ice and tonight likely ice again. Schools closed, day care closed….it’s a mess! I live in Louisiana because I dislike cold weather (and I was born here but really because it’s warm)! Stay warm!

  7. macwade

    Looks like you are already in the middle of freezing rain turning to snow. I would happlily send you all that you need but am afraid that by the time the USPS truck got it to you everything would be fine again and you could get it on your own. Even here in Chicago (where you would presume we would be used to winter weather) people get freaked out and start clearing store shelves when it looks like it will be a superstorm.

  8. JMH

    YUCK!!! we had a horrible ice storm here (Central OH) about 10 years ago. It was awful. Our town was down and out for a solid week. The damage was so bad and wide spread that the authorities said a tornado touching down would have caused LESS damage. So, please make sure you are prepared…we were not and it was rough :( Prayers for you!!

  9. Janet

    I was reading about ice storms in the south and branches breaking and whatnot. It made me wonder how there are any branches left to break. In the north, our power companies trim branches away from power lines–which makes for some pretty funny looking trees but fewer downed lines.

  10. Daisy

    You sound prepared. Stay safe, stay warm, and we’ll look forward to pictures and stories when the storm is gone.

  11. gilli Anna

    with the ice storm the landscape becomes exquisitely beautiful but extremely dangerous and excrutiatingly devastated

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