Let’s make life more complicated!

By Mir
November 18, 2013

So, uh, remember how I was all, “What we really need while everything is going wrong and ending up more expensive than we planned is another dog?” That was dumb, right? I mean, who DOES that?

Even Licorice knew it was stupid, and she’s cute, but not exactly a MENSA candidate or anything.

“You want a what, now? NO.”

Dumbest idea I ever had. Yep.



Look, sometimes I’m just MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS and an adoption listing ATTACKS. It happens, okay?? And we all know I’m a sucker for a sob story and a cute face.

Also, an underbite.

Meet Duncan. He’s five, and he needs a new home, and WHAT A COINCIDENCE, we have a home with a smallish dog-sized hole in it.

He’s moving in tonight. Licorice was tolerant but unimpressed during their meet-n-greet, and at one point he bowed and barked (trying to get her to play) and she bared her teeth at him because she’s a grumpy little snot.

Chickadee: It doesn’t seem like she’s too jazzed about having a little brother.
Me: Neither were you. Too bad, so sad. They’ll work it out.
Chickadee: Maybe.
Me: You and Monkey did.
Chickadee: Maybe.
Monkey: HEY!

Pictures and stories and completely annoying amounts of MAH PRECIOUS NEW BABY, LOOK AT HIM gushing to come, I’m sure.

“I’m not speaking to you. Also I’m thinking about pooping where I shouldn’t.”


  1. Brooke

    Oh goodie! Can’t wait!!!! :)

  2. LisaKay

    Yay! Can’t wait to hear about The Adventures of Duncan and Licorice!!

  3. Megan

    I think it’s your blogging biology speaking up. Chaos makes for FAB blog-fodder!

    Also? Duncan, underbite and all, looks like an old soul who can cope with a stroppy Liquorice until she realises that brothers are awesome.

  4. Megan

    D’oh! Sorry – autocorrect autocorrected your dog’s name! I do know better, I promise.

  5. Schmutzie

    Yay, puppies!

  6. Hally

    Congratulations on the latest addition! He now needs a new stocking at Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza.

  7. Pip

    eeee, new doggie!

    I am both coherent and adult.

  8. Jean

    SQueee puppies!!! Love that last picture of Licorice. You will have to give her extra love so she doesn’t feel left out.

  9. Stimey

    The underbite! How could you possibly say no? Obviously you couldn’t. And evidently Licorice is immune to doggy underbite cuteness.

  10. Katie in MA

    HOORAY! My mom has a motto that I love: Don’t question the happy things! Pretty sure Sir Master Duncan is going to qualify as a definite Happy Thing. No matter what Licorice says. ;)

  11. Tanis Miller

    I love new doggies. You’re inspiring me to see if any adoption listings jump out at me. Because you know, 230 pounds of dumb puppy love and an ill-trained chihuahua is not enough dog for me.

  12. RuthWells

    Congratulations! Is she part Shi-Tzu?

    • Mir

      He’s a Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix (which is sort of silly, as just about all Tzus and Lhasas are mixes at this point).

  13. Chuck

    Hooray for doggies!

  14. Little Bird

    How is Otto taking the news?

    • Mir

      He is in reserved agreement. (Of course, I’m not convinced he wanted Licorice, and now they are best buddies. I’m not worried.)

  15. Nelson's Mama

    He is adorable!

    This tzu owner/lover would have called him all shi tzu…

    • Mir

      He’s a little large to be all Tzu, but he’s also currently overweight and under-exercised. We’ll see how he looks in a few months.

      • Nelson's Mama

        Can’t wait to see more pictures of him!!! I think Licorice will warm up and enjoy him soon :)

        Nelson is 16 pounds. My Mom’s tzu, Gary (don’t you love that name) is nearly 20 pounds. The tiny ones that you see are actually in-bred and the standard calls for a dog that is “solid and carries good weight and substance”.

        But, in the end all that matters is a sweet puppy heart…

        Would love to know where you rescued him, I follow several shih tzu rescue groups, we’re always trying to network dogs out of local kill shelters. Seems like you have found a great organization. Message me if you don’t mind :)

  16. Zuska

    Awwww….congratulations! I’m sure everyone/dog will adjust in no time. When we brought Gracie home, Caramel was spectacularly unimpressed and did everything he could to ignore her (kind of how Isabella reacted when Zach was born. Hmmm….). Now, we all coexist wonderfully!

  17. Sherri

    And my husband thought I was the only crazy person who, while life is throwing curve balls, thinks it’s a great idea to add another dog. He has not caved yet… I’ll show him your pictures.

  18. Em

    Congrats on the new addition! I love his name! Duncan is the name if my daughter’s goto teddy bear since babyhood (therefore I named him. Duncan Heinz the German Bear for long). May your Duncan bring you as much comfort!

  19. Leslie in Toronto

    So exciting! Yay for rescue doggies, and yay for doggie buddies. Is Duncan the name you are giving him, or is he coming pre-named and you might change it? Personally, I love it. Congrats to all :)

  20. Rasselas

    Duncan is such a dignified name for a dog. This development makes me happy. :3

  21. LizD

    Oh, yes, the unhappy pooping. We once had a dog who only liked to be boarded in one place. If he ever stayed anywhere else, he would wait until we were in the living room and poop right in front of us. Silly me, it took twice for me to figure it out.

    Looking forward to many more puppy pics and tales.

  22. Andrea

    So handsome! :) I keep thinking that our Pumpkin needs a puppy friend, but my husband is sure they’d just be twice as destructive. I’ll keep working on him.

  23. Alison C

    So cute!

  24. Atlantagirl

    Aw, I somehow knew when I read yesterday’s post that there would be a new furry creature introduced soon. My parents got a female border collie after having their male border for a little over 7 years, and they love each other (and to keep that love from creating more puppies, the female has been spayed). Hopefully Licorice will accept Duncan! I have read that a male/female combo is the best one.

  25. dad

    Too cute to be legal.

  26. Kelly


  27. Elizabeth

    I’m iving vicariously through you, as apparently my husband’s strong preference is that only one inhabitant of the house have continence issues at a time. As soon as the best urologist I could find in NYC fixed the issues of my father-in-law-who-lives-with-us, we got pregnant! Apparently baby diapers count as incontinence. Although, I’ll take the baby any day…and I hope one day he will have a fur brother.

  28. Jeanie


  29. Jeanie

    Well, not sure how my comment posted, because I wasn’t FINISHED! I’m in love with Duncan. I think he may have just been the deciding point for me on what type of dog I want. I already have a shih tzu but lost my pointer a month ago and have been trying to decide what kind of dog to get next. Duncan is absolutely adorable! He looks very much like my purebred Kenzie, except she’s black and white. She also happens to be a big girl at 20 lbs. She’s not fat, just big. I can’t wait to hear all about your new love!

    Hi, Nelson’s Mama!

  30. Kristen

    SO cute. We just adopted our first dog ever from a local rescue (shar pei/shephard mutt) It is just as much work as everyone said it would be….but we are MADLY in love. (the two cats, well, not so much…but I can tell they are coming around)

    Although, I’m not sure why people who live in Wisconsin would adopt their very first dog ever at the beginning of winter. It is damn cold for that 6 am morning wake-up run/walk/leash-pull exercise….Oh well. I am convinced that dog people are just not logical. (but have VERY big hearts!)

  31. Cheryl

    He’s adorable.

    Are you going to let the vet clean his teeth or will that never happen again?

  32. Heather

    Congrats on the new addition ;)

  33. ~zandra~

    He is adorable! Our second dog was also out of the blue and just one of those things that kinda happened. Enjoy your new baby :)

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