Sunrise, sunset, and the days in-between

By Mir
November 12, 2013

This is where I tell you all of the fascinating things I’ve been doing lately which have kept me from writing here. If only I’d been leaping tall buildings in a single bound or rescuing kittens and babies from flaming buildings, or something.

In truth I find the days have been slipping away from me. Not in a bad way; after months of feeling like time was creeping by while I hated everyone and everything, I’m feeling better. Yay! And when I’m feeling better I cook and bake and volunteer at school and clean things and take the dog for walks. Good for living, not so interesting for writing, necessarily. (“We took the dog for a long sojourn. She seemed to enjoy pooping on the neighbor’s lawn, and then watching me carry a bag of her feces on our route.” POETRY!)

Today I tried a new cookie recipe and the cookies came out seriously ugly. But then my house filled up with teenagers and all of the cookies got eaten, and no one cared that they were ugly. Meanwhile I looked around and realized that some of these teenagers are mine and they’ll be leaving before I know it and then who will eat my ugly cookies? It’s enough to make a person want to write stories about carting around dog poop, instead.


  1. Amanda

    I legit teared up at “then who will eat my ugly cookies?” …something in my eye, I guess.

  2. Summer

    Dog will eat your ugly cookie, then make ugly poop. Circle of life.

  3. Kim

    I was a little annoyed at that comment. Hell, you’ve been pretty upfront about what you’re going through lately, we can all go a few days without hearing from you. won’t lie, though – I clicked through as soon as I saw the link. ;-)

  4. Daisy

    I’m with you. A coworker asked how we did it – that is, how our home became a hangout for the high school kiddos. It took two steps: One, we enjoyed them and made sure they knew it. Two, I baked. Often. The other moms of these teens would ask me for my banana bread recipe, among others. Ugly cookies? Probably perfect.

  5. Stimey

    It sounds like an okay bit of time. Here’s to more Yay!

  6. Celeste

    We like to make gingerbread cutouts. And when we’re sick of making them and there’s a blob of dough left, we form it into a snake, coil it I the cookie sheet, and it looks just like a poo. Family traditions of the weird.

  7. Bob

    Or….they could still be living there, post college, when they’re 10 years older. But I wouldn’t know anything about that……

  8. Mary K. in Rockport

    Well – feeling better is seriously important and worthy of recording. (P.S. Circle of Life comment is very, very funny.)

  9. not supergirl

    I love interesting writing, but good living is so much better. Enjoy feeling good; the writing will come. And frankly, I get a kick out of your entries, even the quick ones.

    So glad you’re getting a break from the shitty feelings.

  10. Debra

    Yes…that’s the best reality check to bring you back into the moment….house crowded with starving, noisy pre-teens and teens, making a mess, leaving shoes from one end of the house to the other. A flash of ‘goodness, it won’t be long before they’re not all here!’ makes me want to grab them all and hug them. Sometimes I do. Most of them don’t mind. Much. :)

  11. Karen

    I have found the baking helps the gathering, and you know… who cares that the mess if being made at your house or the food ($$) is being consumed at an alarming rate… the idea that the kids feel comfortable with their friends right there at home, where you KNOW their whereabouts!!… is a great thing. Good work, mom… and who said cookies have to be pretty? It’s all in the flavor :-)

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