While I was peeing

By Mir
August 22, 2013

(Wouldn’t that be a good name for a sitcom? Or a novel? I think it has a certain ring to it.)

Mostly today I have been busy drinking all of the water in the world and then, you know, flushing it out of my uncooperative bladder. But saying “I spent all day peeing” seems a little crass, even for me.

So here! I made you some delicious gluten-free multigrain pancakes! I did not make them WHILE I was peeing, of course. That would be gross. I made them for you earlier this week, and given how busy I am with my bladder today, it seemed like a good time to share the recipe so that I would stop talking about peeing. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be done with this particular bit of life experience.

Until then: pancakes. Much better than pee. Yay!


  1. Jeanie

    I woke up in the middle of the night last night having to go to the bathroom so bad, but I didn’t want to get up and go. Then I thought of you and your infection from “holding it.” So thanks for my interrupted sleep. :)

    • Jessica (the celt)

      Ha! I did the same thing last night! I was lounging after waking up, thinking that I didn’t want to get up. What really woke me up was the blog post from Mir, as I recalled the warning to go or forever have been forewarned of the dire consequences. (Not like I shouldn’t have remembered anyway. My sister ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection from “holding it” when she was in junior high or high school. She had a bladder infection, but she didn’t tell my mom, so it traveled, um, up. She would literally hold it all day from when we left home until we got back home. Did I mention our one-hour bus ride TO school and back FROM school in addition to school? No? Well, yeah, there was that… I had completely forgotten the whole thing until reading Mir’s blog. Thanks for the memory, Mir!)

  2. missmaegan

    So first of all. I have been reading often. What I wasn’t expecting was my boyfriend reading over my shoulder. He thought the title was hilarious. And then asked what types of blogs I read… I’m also 32

  3. timberdawn

    So this morning I was sending out an e-mail to a friend and referenced a pre-school teacher I’m meeting tomorrow. Spell check did not like that, but did offer me the option of pee-school. I’ve been around awhile and I had no idea, so thought perhaps I should share that with you in case you think you might still have something to learn?

    • Mir


  4. Andrea

    I had a pool party with some 8 year old girls last weekend and made the GF chocolate (black bean) cake into cupcakes. Except for the parents that told their kids there were black beans in it (really, why do that?) the treats were a hit. I say this all by way of getting to the point…thanks for another new GF recipe you recommend.


  5. Pharmgirl

    In my dispensing days, my patients with bladder infections went immediately to the front of the line.

    I even kept AZO standard behind the counter to offer with the antibiotics and I took a cold 8oz bottle of water with me to the register so they could immediately begin therapy.

    It only takes one UTI to make a much more empathetic health care provider.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • Lynda M O

      Pharmgirl, thanks for your compassionate nature and the way you lived what you believed. My faith in pharmacists has once again been validated.

  6. ~annie

    Nice to know that people like Pharmgirl exist. I once had a UTI with NO symptoms – except blood in my urine. Of course I had no idea what was happening to me, freaked out and took myself to the ER where the Dr. promptly dismissed my concerns because I happened to also be menstruating at the time. He thought I was confused as to the source of the bleeding. Really?! (I was over 40 at the time.) When it turned out that I had a raging UTI, someone else came in and supervised me taking the first dose of the antibiotice, while also reprimanding me for letting it get this bad.

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