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By Mir
April 17, 2013

Back before it became clear that we were all supposed to spend this week pondering the fragility of life and/or the enigma that is the human brain (with its capacity for both great evil and kindness), I wrote some other stuff. I’ll grant you that it doesn’t seem quite so important right now, but it’s what I’ve got. (Other things I’ve got: a sick kid, an almost-birthday-kid whose only request is a flourless chocolate cake, no groceries or ingredients for said cake unless I get off my ass and out of my pajamas, seven OMGSOITCHY fire ant bites, and several real-life pseudo-crises I wasn’t planning on having this week which are demanding my attention. Considering the options, a couple of other posts seemed like the nicest thing I could give you.)


Did you know that Friday is the 2013 Day of Silence? Your favorite teen may clam up for the day, and on BlogHer I’m telling you why.

Although I don’t expect it to strike quite as many chords as my first post (you people have strong opinions about marching band!), this week on Alpha Mom I’m suggesting low-tech solutions for teens managing anxiety. (Psssst! They work for adults, too.)


  1. Heather

    I need the tips for managing anxiety, we’re dealing with that right now!

  2. RuthWells

    I’m sorry to hear you’re back in crisis mode. Hugs from here.

  3. Little Bird

    Perhaps a few origami books and metric ton of appropriate paper would be a good donation for the hospital Chickadee stayed in for awhile. Sort of a continuation of Tampon Lemonade.

    • Mir

      Y’all sent some puzzle books. To this day I wish more items arrived with people’s NAMES on them so I would know who sent what. Someone sent an entire case of word search books.

  4. Aimee

    My niece is 13 and is all-in on the day of silence. She and my sister had a long talk about how to approach her teachers since it’s on a school day.

    I am going to check out the tips on managing anxiety now.

    As for news this week, I am doing my best to focus on the way crisis tends to bring out the best in people: the police running toward the explosions; the runners who finished the marathon and kept running right to the hospital so they could give blood; and even the New York Yankees playing “Sweet Caroline” at their home game last night.

  5. Chris G

    Loved your post at Alpha Mom and enjoy reading what you have to say and you do have interesting things to say. I will be a regular reader. You are such a regular person admitting your flaws and CDO . My son and I have anxiety and he went through a particularly tough time. I helped him through keeping him busy and setting limits and always following through with things because his was a trust issue. Now he is 18 and knows he gets anxious and tells me what he is doing that helps him. I always told him when he was anxious that he needs to keep in mind what helped him to the other side. We also make things to look forward to whether it is our favorite Indian or Mexican food or going to the beach we find everything looks better when you have something to look forward to. keep up your writing you are an inspiration…

  6. Kathie M

    Put lavender oil on your bites (or tea tree oil – but it’s far more stinky) and it will take the itchy right out. Bonus if you use lavender oil is that you smell good. :D

  7. 12tequilas

    A good, inexpensive source for origami paper: outdated calendars.

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