All she wanted was a romp in the pond

By Mir
April 14, 2013

Is this really necessary??

I am so peeing in your bed as soon as I get out of here.

Not kidding. NOT SORRY.


  1. Korinthia Klein

    Where do you keep getting pictures of my dog?!?!

  2. LisaKay

    LOL! How cute! She’s just the perfect size, isn’t she?

  3. The Other Leanne

    Babuschka dog visits from Old Country.

  4. The Other Leanne

    “In Old Country, we had no kibbles…only bits.”

  5. The Other Leanne

    “In Old Country, vodka would mask this humiliation.”

  6. The Other Leanne

    I’ll stop now.

  7. Jeanie

    Licorice looks so cute in her bright-colored towel!

  8. Cheryl

    Why do you torture the poor doggy like that? She is obviously misunderstood.

  9. Michelle

    I love your dog – mine gives me the same look whenever she has a bath. Doesnt matter that she is used to it after 10 years and twice a week baths… haha! Exact same look. So cute.

  10. Audrey

    so cute !

  11. Ali

    PLEASE put Licorice on dogshaming .com (aka a secret guilty pleasure of mine). I think she deserves worldwide fame.

    • Elizabeth


  12. Katie in MA

    What, only a scarlet towel? No sign hung round her neck that says “I tromp through muddy waters and then pee on my mama’s bed”?

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