Licorice declares it best Christmas ever

By Mir
December 28, 2012

Q: Mir, are you totally phoning it on your blog while you soak up the good moments with your girl and weather the rest of the emotional storm that is a still-not-entirely-well kid with a wicked case of homesickness who isn’t dealing well with the fact that she has to leave again in a few days?

A: Yes. Yes, I am. Sorry (I’m not sorry).

Oh, look, it’s a very happy doggie on Christmas morning:

And this is what I just found while packing up the Christmas stuff:

Moral of the story: Sometimes love hurts.


  1. Varda (SquashedMom)

    Big hugs to you friend, hope you get through the next few days without too many tears. xoxoxo

  2. Brenda

    If anyone deserves to take some time off and soak in family time, it’s you. Hope the rest of Chickadee’s visit is great!

  3. amy


  4. bonuela

    sorry kid, you have to send her back. if not, all of your struggle to let her go will be in vain. it is what’s best for her right now even if she doesn’t see it today.

    sometimes it just sucks being a good mom, but that is what you are.

    that being said, please do not chew her eyeballs off. that is just a dog thing. :-)

  5. Alison C

    Love to you all

  6. Heather

    Well, we all have our coping mechanisms when dealing with the holidays! Lots of good wishes to you and yours — if anyone deserves a break (or 10) it’s you!

  7. Cheyenna

    Hugs to you and your family. Soak it all up.

  8. Pamela

    Don’t be sorry. We’ll all be here when you get back.

  9. Arnebya

    It’s hard out here for a chew toy.

    Come on, 2013 (blowing on, shaking, rubbing against my — never mind, good luck life di.)

  10. Lucinda

    Hooray! You are doing what you need to be doing. Good for you. We’ll still be here.

  11. RuthWells

    You said a mouthful, there.

    Don’t be sorry.

  12. Heather


  13. Jessica

    Oh my lord! Someone finally did shoot their eye out, didn’t they?

    By the way, just wanted to mention that I haven’t heard The Little Drummer Boy once yet. We normally hear it in stores and (definitely) at my MIL’s house when we’re there for the holidays, but none of the albums she played (constantly, on repeat) had that song on there. I think I’ve gone an entire year without hearing that song!

    (If you’re going to have a day where you phone it in, pet pictures are the sure way to make people not even care about it one whit.)

  14. Jen

    In a sick twist, directly under that photo is a link back to your previous post. So under the dismembered dog toy eyeball it says “No one shot their eye out.”
    Soak up the good times, scrub off the bad ones, hugs to anyone who breathes. Three days left of this hellacious year.

  15. Chris G

    The back and forth is exhausting for them as we’ll as you. They get excited to come and you are so excited to see them and because of an illness you weren’t sure it would happen. All is well for a bit then it’s the anticipation of saying goodbye and she has the added concern that she is going back and what that will feel like and you are left feeling empty. My heart is with you on this journey

  16. laura

    My crew has left. So I am way ahead of you in heartache. However, my ‘leavers’ are perfectly healthy and able to make decisions on their own as to their coming and going. So I will be sad for awhile (maybe till Monday) and then I’ll start looking forward to the next homecoming.
    take care!

  17. Lynda M O

    May the new year bring health and hope to you and your family, Mir. I hold you all up to the Universal Healing Power.

  18. LizD

    More Licorice, please.

    Liz D

  19. brigitte

    Now I have Nazareth stuck in my head.

  20. Katherine

    I hope that you have some good times together in the few days you have left this time. And I imagine there will be lots of snuggles for licorice in there too.

  21. addy

    Soooooo, what would the cost be for you to come take down my Christmas “stuff”? Cuz, I don’t feel like doing it. Not at all. Love Hugs and Doggie kisses for you – and we are prentending the toy is not missing an eyeball. Really – try it.

  22. Therese

    Ack, you said nobody shot their eye out! This one looks chewed out! Someone still lost an eye!

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