Scintillating coffeemaker update!

By Mir
December 8, 2012
Category Detritus

So first of all, thank you for all of the coffeemaker feedback you left on my last post. It was very helpful, and I was over on Amazon, comparing and contrasting, and in the meantime I was drinking expired espresso made in my Tassimo (because once I won Otto over to the dark side and he started drinking coffee with me, I pretty much retired the Tassimo because I’d rather just make a whole pot). I was hovering over the “BUY” button when Otto said he wanted to try cleaning out the pot lid before we gave up.


He soaked it in some stuff. Things did not look promising. BUT THEN he poked around in the lid with a Q-tip and soaked it again. (This is our pot lid; it has a “floating” ball inside there that magically lets coffee drip in but then settles to seal the pot and keep the coffee warm, after.) On the post-Q-tip soaking, about a half a pound of powdery coffee grounds floated down out of the lid. MAGIC. It’s like the lid was its own coffee-laden clown car.

This morning the coffeemaker worked perfectly. Order (and caffeine) are restored. Phew.


  1. Diane

    “Coffee maker clown car”. I cannot get that image out of my head…congratulations!

  2. Jamie

    Yay for the clean-out savings!

  3. Rita

    So you’re saying that cleaning is actually beneficial? Darn.

  4. bryan

    Really, you’ve been Down South long enough that you should be taking your caffeine via coca cola.

  5. Crickett

    Try running some vinegar through it. A pot of vinegar followed by two pots of water to clean out the vinegar. Works wonders!

  6. Mir

    Crickett, we’ve done that multiple times (hence me sort of chuckling to myself when people suggested we clean the coffeemaker before giving up, because OF COURSE), but apparently even the vinegar was unable to penetrate whatever Otto managed to dislodge with the Q-tip!

  7. Kay T

    This might actually inspire me to clean mine out. Or… maybe not.

  8. Brenda

    Yay coffee! I, too, sometimes feel the urge to take things apart, clean them, put them back together. Glad it worked out! Plus it was faster than waiting for the package to arrive.

  9. Diane

    Yep, my pot has the little stopper that regulates the drip and it got totally clogged once which caused the coffee overflow disaster. Good work. Otto!

  10. Angela

    Yeah for a “free” fix!

  11. Little Bird

    Yaaaay caffeine! And the bonus? You don’t have to try to learn the quirks of a new one!!

  12. Mary K. in Rockport

    Good news is always welcome, right?

  13. Lynda M O

    set the emergency brake so it stays on the counter…

  14. addy

    huh men……

  15. Mara

    I told you! I TOLD YOU!!!

  16. Cheryl

    Yay for working coffee! (Out of curiosity, which coffee maker would you have ordered if Otto hadn’t worked his magic?)

  17. dad

    Just one more, on a long, long list of reasons to keep that guy around.

    I’ve always admired people who can fix things…fix anything, even if they have no previous experience with it or it is from a parallel universe. It’s mind boggling.

    And on another more personal note, thanks for having a working coffee maker in preparation for our invasion. The absence of coffee makes me cry.

  18. kapgaf

    Your Dad said what I wanted to say about Otto.

    And I’m a fixer of things – in my case, an over-developed sense of curiousity and a refusal to be beaten by a simple home appliance are the essentials of this capability.

  19. Peg

    Commercial coffee makers come with a small diameter pipe cleaner outie thingies. (My coffee is still dripping, you don’t wanna mess with me.) If you can get to a restaurant supply place, definitely pick one up for future. Like a mini plumber’s snake. Metal.”… (need caffeine)

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