Beware the paparazzi

By Mir
June 1, 2012

“You know, I’m just catching some waves, enjoying some time with the family, sneezing for pieces of banana, and the cameras still follow me wherever I go. This isn’t even my good side! And my tail was all tangled! Hmph. I need a drink. Hey, is that bacon grease?”


  1. Jill W.

    I think you mean the puparazzi… What a cutie!

  2. Karen

    Mir, I forgot to mention…. I FOUND ME A LICORICE!!! I admired her so since she’s come to live with you.. the breed/mix seemed to make up a very decent family dog… and a shelter dog in need of a home happened to come across my path just like her as far as the mix, he’s just a cream/tan color instead of black. Frasier! I tried giving him a haircut… HA!!!! looked terrible…and he wouldn’t look at me for a I gave in and took him to a friend who is a groomer. Much better.

  3. Em

    Your dog’s thoughts are so articulate! Mine just looks like, “duh”.

  4. Megan

    Dog+water=happiness for everyone*

    *of course the corollary is that wet dog+bed/sleeping bag/bunk = misery. With the good also must come the bad…

  5. Aimee

    Oh Licorice… if I can be a member of your entourage I’ll bring you bacon grease every day and reassure you that your tail looks FABULOUS!

  6. Angela

    Aw such a sweet pup, she looks so happy!

  7. Stimey

    Living the dream!

  8. mamaspeak

    couldn’t resist.

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