In case you want some flowers of your own

By Mir
May 24, 2012

This isn’t a real post, because if it was, I would probably be telling more vacation stories, none of which (thankfully) involve further car wreckage.

Nope, this is about the many comments left on yesterday’s post about the flower my dad is sporting on his blazer. When we first learned we would potentially be having an on-the-spot wedding at the Grand Canyon, I felt certain that flowers were required. But real flowers in the Canyon seemed… complicated. So I went to Etsy—as one does—and it was there I discovered the awesome folks at Muncle Fred Art.

I was able to get my stepmom this lovely bouquet, and the coordinating flower for my dad (in my defense, yes, it’s a giant boutonniere, but when I first ordered it I thought it would be attached to a t-shirt, not an actual blazer) (Dad kept asking if I’d forgotten the tubing and squeeze mechanism so he could use it to squirt people with water), and they let you customize the whole thing, from the flowers to the colors. And thanks to all of the wires in the flower stems I also got some Special Time with TSA on the way here, because apparently a carefully-packed felt bouquet looks a lot like a bomb when it goes through a scanner. Whoops.

Anyway, I have no affiliation with this seller other than that I am an incredibly happy customer, so I thought I’d tell you about that. Felt flowers travel well if you don’t mind having TSA assume you’re trying to blow them up, and they make a good keepsake, and the nice folks at Muncle Fred could not have been more helpful or kind when I contacted them and basically said ACK I NEED SOMETHING IN A HURRY FOR THIS IMPROMPTU WEDDING CAN YOU DO THAT?? (Their response: Of course. No problem. Also, your parents sound adorable.) (See? SO NICE.)

So there you are. If you need some custom felt flowers, now you know where to go.


  1. Tenessa

    I am in love with that bouquet.

  2. Genevieve

    Gorgeous! And perfectly matched with your (adorable) stepmother’s dress and necklace. And the boutonniere looked fabulous on your (adorable) father.

  3. MichaelB

    Your dad’s flower reminded me a lot of the poppy’s that the English wear on Remembrance Day…

  4. Damsel

    I LOVE those flowers!!!

    PS Don’t fly through Germany. That TSA (or whatever they are there) was having FUN – hands in the waistband, thorough tactile inspection of every inch of my bra, and stuffing her hands in ALL my pockets.

    At least I got to keep my shoes on.

  5. yasmara

    I love these! I passed on the etsy shop to my brother, who is a wedding photographer. can you imagine the glee of a little flower girl or jr bridesmaid who got to keep her flowers? I ADORE them, fabulous!

  6. Karen

    That is sooo very cool. And so is your Dad. I just love him. And Otto… you have two awesome men in your life, Mir. (three counting Monkey) Most of us are lucky if we ever find ONE…lol…

  7. Grace

    That bouquet is AMAZING. What a great idea.

  8. CJ

    Just catching up after a couple of days offline…Glad everyone is OK (so scary about the crash); LOVE the felt flowers; and it’s a good think your dad is now married and that I am also because, after that photo of him yesterday, I think I’d want to marry him if I could. Starting now: living my life with a full glass!

  9. Megan

    What a brilliant idea! And it will truly keep forever (unlike ‘preserved’ fresh flowers)

  10. Annette

    Good for you… Thinking outside of the box and all:))))

  11. Daisy

    This story will become part of the memory of this day.

  12. Cele

    Oh mi gosh how incredibly sweet, except the shortage of pictures. thumbs up!

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