Poor, poor little bunnies

I was feeling pretty good yesterday, which was surely my first mistake. Sure, the pollen count is SO HIGH (how high is it?) that no one can breathe, but whatever. Details.

Yesterday evening Chickadee commenced falling into giant chunks of woe and sickness, and the FANFUCKINGTABULOUS thing about the combination of 1) chronic illness and 2) TEH DRAMAAAAHZ is that it can be very difficult to suss out what is a real crisis and what is merely a teenage crisis. It took the threat of a trip to the ER and about an hour on the phone with various doctors to determine a course of action and decide she was okay for some watching and waiting, and eventually she was better and Otto and I were left to do some late-night adrenaline management (“I’m just going to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS before bed!”) once she was finally asleep.

We went to bed at about 12:30. At 2:00, one of our smoke detectors started beeping. Not a fire, thankfully, but even low batteries kind of suck when you’ve only been asleep for an hour. At 3:15, Monkey—the polar opposite of Chickie when it comes to illness—materialized at the side of the bed to say that he couldn’t sleep. He was directed to go back upstairs and lie down, and after a minute my mama-senses started to tingle and I went up to investigate further. Yep, burning up with fever. But “no, I feel fine, I just can’t sleep.”

Is it 2013 yet?


  1. Angie McCullagh

    “I’m just going to clean all the things before bed.” That made me spit out my scrambled eggs.

  2. Jill W.

    At the rate you are going, I’s say skip 2013 and jump right into 2014…

    I am recovering from three weeks of bronchitis. There are all sorts of fevery sinus things going around over here in Louisiana (Oops- I mean in the computer where I live…). I think it is because we did not have a proper winter to kill anything off.

  3. Little Bird

    Do NOT tell me this coughing is gonna last three weeks! I just got it yesterday!

    How is Chickie today, how is Monkey? I thought they were supposed to take turns?!?

  4. Arnebya

    There goes the balance in you get sick, you stay well, you get sick, and you stay well. UGH. Wishing you all the strength you need to make it through (to 2013 and beyond (I will stop short of wondering what else can go wrong b/c lo, do I know — you ask in jest and your damn grill flies off as you do 80 on 395. Don’t ask)). And cleaning supplies. I wish you all the supplies you need to clean all the things.

  5. Brigid

    Like how my daughter got a little tiny, invisible to the naked eye scratch and was all DRAAMMA and my son literally had blood running down his ankle and skin hanging off and DIDN’T NOTICE? You mean like that?

    Hope yours are both better quickly.

  6. Tracy B

    I blame the pollen….and the rain! Feel better soon! Oh –we change our batteries in our smoke alarms when the time changes (not that that means anything).

  7. Megan

    Yes, I clean all the things before bed. And sometimes I even wake up thinking, huh, I need to SAVE THE WORLD but as I can’t do that, maybe I should just go clean all the things again, just in case. Bad news – stress level ginormous. Good news – house is spotless.

  8. Jen

    My God sweetie, whose Cheerios did you pee in? This has to end! But you know what they say…that which doesn’t kill you makes you…crazy. ;)

  9. Lynda M O

    May the Sandman find you using the homing device in your latest IGadget and bequeath you several 12-14 hour blocks of good quality sleep. After which you will be pretty pretty pretty. Why is still being analyzed.

  10. Annette

    You should have called me….the favorite one has had me up all night the last two nights:(
    Good thing she is so cute! All stress cleaners are welcome in my home at any time, BTW! Hope you are all germ free soon!

  11. jwg

    Maybe the fever set off the smoke detector. Fourteen year old girls are full of drama in any case. I just can’t imagine normal drama plus scary illness. Try and take care of yourself every once in a while.

  12. RuthWells

    BLEH. Hope it all blows over soon…

  13. Aimee

    For realz, 2012. What is your PROBLEM?

  14. Maricris @ SittingAround

    Still be thankful it was not fire. Hope things get well for you and your family.

  15. kate


  16. victoria

    I recommend reading this lovely entry about Dr Zebra. And the one about shopping in the wee hours of a Saturday with your husband.
    I recommend all your blog entries in which no teens were ill :)
    (They perk me up…)

  17. Daisy

    It never rains, but it pours.
    Could be worse; could be raining.

    Oh, no, I picked the wrong platitudes.

    Well, I’m still wishing you the strength to survive.

  18. Carrie

    Sorry. I’m thinking of you.

  19. addy

    uhhh ya…. So how’s ’bout those Dodgers (or insert favorite sports team here)? Ick and more Ick

  20. Valerie Hartman

    Buck up little trooper. A few batteries, a fever, whatever. You can still laugh about teenage drama, this is nothing you can’t handle. Besides, you have little choice but to keep on trucking. I am thinking a glass of wine with lunch might be a good thing, just this once. Hang in there, you have a whole lot of people rooting for you.

  21. Ann from St. Peter MN

    Here’s to all of us stress cleaners!! While going thru my divorce, I found myself on my hands and knees, dressing all the Barbies in the Barbie Dream House (that was AFTER i had taken the Dustbuster to all Barbie’s dirty floors first). My life was falling apart, but if all our shoes were lined up neatly by the door and the fingerprints were washed off the woodwork, then things must be OK…

    P.S. – It’s been fifteen years and I am much less of a stress cleaner. OR perhaps I finally have less stress. Here’s hoping your levels go down soon! :)

  22. Kim

    I blame the Mayans.

  23. Angela

    Poor babies! (Sidebar: I wonder if I’m the only one that got the reference to the Hyperbole and a Half blog “CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!” :-p I love to use that one! That was a hilarious post on being a responsible adult and I totally feel like that sometimes, although I haven’t seen anything from her in a long time so I wonder if she’s okay? I think she had a book coming out…) Anyway…I hope everyone is healthy soon and definitely make sure you try to keep yourself healthy!

  24. Scottsdale Girl


    I usually just clean the kitchen. ALL THE THINGS would make me tired, and render my back muscles useless. Also it would make me tiiiiiired.

    Here’s to a non draaaaaaaamz, non feverish male child DAY!


  25. Katie in MA

    I hope in the bunker that you are surely building by now (just don’t use the fence guys) that you are stocking plenty of wine and chocolate. Hang in there, kiddo…

  26. Brigitte

    Ha, Little Bird, my bronchitis made me cough for 6 months!

    I wish I were a stress cleaner. Unfortunately, the need to Clean All The Things is a source of stress that makes me curl into a ball and AVOID cleaning. Come to my place!

  27. Cele

    When you say something to the effect of… “I’m so done witj 2012, is it 2013 yet?” doesn’t it irk you that the idiot you said it to responds,


    I’m soooo ready for 2013!

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