Five good things on Friday

By Mir
September 2, 2011

1) Two days into the NEW Toxic Med That May Or May Not Clear Up The Rash, Chickadee is feeling fine. It remains to be seen if it does anything for her rash, but after the last med pretty much made her want to die, this is progress.

2) The new med causes birth defects, so “standard protocol” is that you have to go on record with the “two redundant forms of birth control” the patient will be using for the duration of treatment. While the jokes this has spawned are ongoing (she’s 13! she still thinks boys are icky!), I still think Otto wins for his suggestion of “fear and loathing” as her two chosen methods.

3) I gave a fun talk at the University last night. My slide deck featured a picture of Licorice. I popped it up and half the room went, “Awwww!” and that made the entire thing worth it to me. (MAH BAYBEE!)

4) Yesterday I lent my ice cream maker to Hippie School so that they could have a project and a treat. I included all ingredients, necessary tools, and written directions. They… never plugged it in. (The cord sits in a recessed well in the back, and I guess they didn’t see it. The maker employs a frozen cylinder, so they just let the mixture sit in there, I guess, which means it eventually turned into… something kinda slushy.) This is both A) hilarious and B) a relief, as everything has been so completely wonderful over there I was starting to think the teachers were a perfect alien species come to Earth to assimiliate us. Knowing they’re fallible is oddly comforting to me. (Also: When I emailed—after Monkey told me about it—to say, “Really? You couldn’t find the plug? How was the ice cream soup?” Teresa mailed back, “That’s ice cream milkshake, Missy, and they all loved it.” Heh.)

5) I don’t really have a fifth thing. Except for this: the days are starting to blend together, again. Not in the it’s-too-frantic-make-it-stop kind of way, but in the life-is-proceeding-and-it-feels-about-right kind of way. And I am grateful for every single uneventful, lovely moment of it.


  1. Em

    Hooray for uneventful!

  2. Edd Fear

    Way to turn five potential “I’ve lost my mind” items into positives. I’ll attempt to employ the same strategy when I get home to my boys (Look! They haven’t killed their mother! And she hasn’t killed them! Yay!).

    +1 to you! (Or is that +5?)

  3. Liza


  4. Aimee

    I love this.

    Who doesn’t love a milkshake?

  5. Kate

    Just out of curiosity, DO they make actually provide the two forms of birth control the patient will be using if she’s… thirteen and disinterested?

  6. addy

    so – milkshakes are good. and teachers are human and “fear and loathing” wins! Good week!

  7. Beth R

    “Fear and loathing” – love it! And she shouldn’t be putting any extra chemicals into that poor hormone-raddled brain anyway! (Don’t forget the side order of “cooties”!)

    Is it weird to pink puffy heart someone else’s kid’s teacher? This gal sounds like somebody I’d like to have a beer with :)

    And finally, three cheers for life proceeding in a non-horrible way!!!

  8. Megan

    Fear and loathing are fantastic forms of birth control! All three of my kids use the first (only directed towards babies) and my youngest claims to have the second as well. It’s worked beeyewtifully so far!*

    *Note: I have been lecturing the poor things for YEARS about ‘always always ALWAYS 2 forms of birth control’ so I suppose now I need to up that to 4.

  9. Brenda

    Love every single word!

  10. LizD

    I wanna see the ‘Awwww’ picture. Pretty please?

  11. Carolyn

    YEA! for uneventful.

    Sounds like you have found a wonderful place for Monkey. If only all educators could have a “milkshake” attitude.

    Will the school be able to provide for him through high school?

  12. Little Bird

    If you do the birth control route, be prepared from some interesting phone calls from parents of friends. My mother was shocked silly to find out that my 15 year old best friend was on them. After about three days of thinking about she asked me if I thought I should be on them. I declined. She was ecstatic.
    YAYYYYY!!! For the uneventful! And I second the request to see the Licorice picture!!!

  13. dad

    Great job of hanging in there.

    So beside fear and loathing who are the other members evil triad and the four hosemen of the apocolypse?

  14. Tracy B

    I simply love “uneventful” times. ;o) Have a great Labor Day Weekend. We are going to be sitting on the backporch and watching it rain. It’s been months since we’ve seen it. I’m hoping it’s “uneventful”, too!

  15. Midj

    “I” want to go to hippie school. “That’s ice cream milkshake, Missy.” PRICELESS!!!!! Love, love, love Teresa. Glad you found her.

    My own Teresa (also no ‘h’) has been my friend for 18 years; she is the nurse practitioner at my pediatrician, I watched her kids in my daycare, and she has been instrumental in helping with my daughter’s PANDAS…. Teresas ROCK!!!

  16. EmmaC

    Some friends gifted me their ice cream maker saying that “the ice cream never got hard enough.” I can only imagine they were eating it right after churning without freezing it further? In any case…more for me!

  17. Sherri

    Enjoy the calm!

  18. Susan

    Love the gift of the ordinary day!

  19. Daisy

    Fear and loathing? Love it. La Petite was nine when the movie Titanic came out, and she told me the nude scene was “disturbing.” I told her to hold that thought for many, many years.
    She’s 24 now. Never mind.

  20. Karen

    When I took meds that may cause birth defects around 16, I’m not quite sure I filled in my own “fear and loathing” in there. I just remember having to sign waivers by me and my dad. Mine was probably “socially awkward”. That must be it.

    Can we see the picture of Licorice? I would like to feel just as special as those that listened to you talk. Haha

  21. The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

    The uneventful moments are often the most memorable. Lying on my back on a blanket in our backyard with my 8-month old eating my left cheek while my two-year old laying next to me watching the sky go by.

  22. Anna

    Are you allowed to skip the birth control? I don’t know why it never dawned on my that I’ll be dealing with this issue someday. Since she’s turning seven this month, I hope it will be another seven years. heh

  23. Beverly

    “Fear and loathing” is maybe the best thing I’ve heard in weeks. Oh, how I love a witty man. :)

  24. Sandra

    I was one of the lucky students able to hear you speak at the university! My roommate invited me since she knows I want to start a blog about our sweet town and I ran in a little late. I looked around, couldn’t find her so I sat down and enjoyed your talk! I took your suggestions to heart and I am currently on Day 1 of my “Write Everyday for Thirty Days” personal adventure.

  25. All Adither

    You deserve some bland but satisfying days! Glad things are going well with the hippie school, and I’m sorry Chickie’s rash came back this summer. :(

  26. Katie in MA

    I am going to live vicariously in your perfect blending together of Routine and Life-Is-Lovely. The only blending I’ve got to help me through my days is the kind that involves ice, mixers, and hard liquor. Not that I’m complaining – things could be worse and I might not be able to afford my ingredients. :)

    But! Point = huzzah and living viciously through your lovely week!

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