Wait-and-seeing and being seen

So we have good news and we have bad news today.

The bad news is that the new, potentially miraculous medication Chickadee finally agreed to try is making her sick as a dog. I stupidly started her on it on Friday, figuring it would give her the weekend to adjust, not realizing it meant we’d have to go the whole weekend before I could call the doctor if she had problems. Now I’m waiting for a call back and my kid probably should’ve stayed home from school today but was all, “I HAVE TO GO BECAUSE I CANNOT MISS MARCHING BAND OR I CAN’T MARCH AT THE GAME AND I’LL BE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE AND P.S. I THINK I’M GONNA BARF.” Not fun.

The good news is that Monkey had a superfantabulous first day at Hippie School and it certainly seems that he has found His People. He had a doctor’s appointment this morning and he kept saying, “Can we GO? I’m missing SCHOOL!” So the children are sticking to their time-honored tacit agreement with me that I can only deal with one crisis at a time, in other words.

While I worry about my girl and dance in little victory-laps around the house about my boy, you can hop on over to Off Our Chests today to read about how the injustice of not being seen clearly started early in my life, and it’s still something I struggle with even today.


  1. JP

    Yay for Monkey, and boo-hiss for Chickadee’s meds! Hope it all evens out for her and it is indeed a wonder drug. I am glad Monkey has “found his people”. Is it weird that we all sit here cheering for your kids and we’v enever met you?

  2. Megan

    Woot for Hippie School!

    But yeah, barfing-while-marching sounds really not fun. Really not fun at all. But Chickie totally gets points for commitment!

  3. Cheryl M.

    Oh I’m so happy for Monkey!

    And cheers to them both for wanting to be at school so badly!

  4. Crista

    Kinda along the lines of what JP (first comment) said–I got the biggest smile on my face when I read that Monkey had a superfantabulous day. You sure elicit a lot of emotion from me, considering you are fake people inside my computer ;).

    Poor Chickie! I hope she makes it thru the day alright.

  5. karen

    Sooo happy for Monkey.

    Hoping they find a live-with-able solution for Chickie.

  6. Anna

    Oh, I’m sorry about the meds. UGH.

  7. bonuela

    as long as there’s a tuba in the band she should be fine. what? too soon? :-)

  8. Jackie

    Woohoo for Monkey. Supper sorry for your baby girl.

  9. pam

    Could the world just calm down for one moment? Please??? For you and me???

  10. Victoria

    Hi, I’m sorry to hear that your daughter’s meds are off to a bad start, but I’m soooooo glad about your son’s beginning to his new school year going so well! Hope it just gets better!

  11. Victoria

    I’ve just read your article (link)…I don’t know if this goes ”here” but I didn’t find a comment area in the other article…..Anyways, I think (at age 41) that one knows one’s self the best. We can spend time trying to show others who we are, which is fine, but I suspect in the end, we get ourselves best. We can show the world who we are through actions and words…..but only a few can ever see any one action, and words, well, have their limitations. Perhaps, though, through our efforts to show others who we are, we may discover more about ourselves. So, the effort is not a loss; at least one (the me) person learned. Sorry, I’m not sure if that was what you were looking for in the line of commentary…..

  12. Crysta Rieve

    Being a therapist myself, I appreciate your blog post. Thanks.

  13. Debbie

    My son went to school sick as could be – 104 fever, aches, etc. Found out after two days that he had swine flu. Why did he go? Marching band. Can’t miss, you know. It was going through the band, and all the kids were still out there at practice each day. The marching band dedication these kids have is incredible. Happy to see that C is really becoming a full-fledged member of her marching band, though it would be nicer if she weren’t sick.

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